More jabots and swags arrive at Cinderella Castle as part of the 50th decor

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50th anniversary Cinderella Castle additions - March 23 2021

Installation of the 50th anniversary decorations at Cinderella Castle is continuing this week with more decor being added to both the east and west side.

The jabots are the long vertical pieces, and the swags are the more spread-out horizontal pieces.

Heading to the other side, there are 5 pieces installed on the eastern side facing Tomorrowland.

The work so far has all been doing using lifts that located in the drained moat below, but we expect to see a large crane be brought in to install some of the larger pieces that will be attached to the spires.

When complete there will be 113 pieces of new decor installed.

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Article Posted: Mar 24, 2021 / 11:00am ET
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SpectroMan939 hours ago

They’re moving quickly with ribbon installation. More photos are on that one site.

hosekiller1 day ago

So far, the ribbons don’t look bad.....most of the time. They kinda change color with the lighting, and when they look good, they look great. But there were a couple of times they looked kinda dull. After seeing it in person, I don’t mind the decorations.

brihow1 day ago

I agree - but I also appreciate that the ribbons are a completely different look and that they aren't just repeating themselves.

Brian1 day ago

I preferred the crowns, despite their "over the top" appearance, because each of them were unique. You can tell that they really put a lot of thought into the design of each of them, and into what they represented. Meanwhile, they wrap Cinderella Castle in some fake ribbons.

Brenthodge1 day ago

Agree. And the bedazzled Disneyland crowns look like a crafter went crazy with a glue gun and a few pounds of sequins.

hosekiller1 day ago

In person it definitely changes based on lighting conditions. Sometimes it looks okay, other times it looks pretty bad 🤷🏻‍♂️

G00fyDad1 day ago

That cannot be a glass shading effect. There are dark pink in both light and shadowed sections.

JoeCamel1 day ago

The light and shadow show as different colors, I think it has glass or something in it.

WillWrambles1 day ago

Am I the only one who sees two entirely different shades of pink on the castle in this picture?

dreday31 day ago

I'm pretty sure the concept art showed ribbons on most, if not all, of the turrets.

Edward Jackson1 day ago

They will keep going and going and going!!! Eventually, it will look like a giant ball of ribbon.

disreport1 day ago

Wait....what's going on with the pink in this pic?

cookiee_munster1 day ago

I'm glad the roofs have been painted a different shade now, but will always have an issue with just how shiny and plastic they look. I thought the fact that they were one solid colour just really emphasized the fact that it really is a fake castle. But I thought painting each shingle on the roof would be a ridiculous and arduous task! They'd never do anything like that! Far too much work! And then, last night I saw this - ho-hum... :confused: The Paris castle still remains the most beautiful Disney castle that's in any of the parks.

peter114351 day ago

Official photos are usually taken in the morning light because they are generally taken before or after park opening