Installation of the Disney World 50th anniversary crest completes the Cinderella Castle celebration look

Jul 23, 2021 in "Cinderella Castle"

50th crest added to Cinderella Castle
Posted: Friday July 23, 2021 9:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney installed the 50th anniversary crest on Cinderella Castle overnight at the Magic Kingdom, completing the castle's new look ahead of the kick off to the celebrations on October 1. 

Disney has installed 113 pieces of new decor for this 50th castle overlay, with work beginning earlier in the year.

Click the gallery to see more pictures of the new 50th crest on Cinderella Castle.

The 18th month Walt Disney World 50th anniversary celebrations begins October 1 2021.

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Disneyson9 minutes ago

Could the secret surprise be some announcement that could be displayed where Galaxy’s Edge was in Walt Disney Presents? That gives them a big display wall and a case to show something off.

monothingie12 minutes ago

Minnie’s Earadecent Mimosas $29.95 Glow cubes extra.

MansionButler8417 minutes ago


monothingie1 hour ago

Disney just announced pre-dawn breakfast parties for $129 to allow you watch the sunrise, but with more magic and more Disney! No refunds in case of clouds or rain.

HauntedPirate2 hours ago

Are rotten tomatoes and eggs included or are those an upcharge? Ah, who cares, I’d pay. Oh, you said “meet and greet”. My mistake.

MansionButler842 hours ago

Go tonight and just wait.

BaymaxFan2 hours ago

I was planning on arriving at the TTC at 7am, but now I'm thinking of going earlier. What time is everyone else going?

BaymaxFan2 hours ago

Could one of the announcements be related to Typhoon Lagoon...?

Cesar R M2 hours ago

Cesar R M2 hours ago

GOLDEN benches.

jrhwdw8 hours ago

I doubt DPB is gong to change anyone's plans on the 1st. Plus if Surprises are coming No one would skip out I'm thinkling

SoFloMagic9 hours ago

Remember that enchantment has projections on main Street for the first time. So even vloggers who go to media night will likely go day one for an alternative view. Think hub on media night, main Street on opening...

Touchdown9 hours ago

Could that maybe mean, bloggers won’t stick it out at MK or Epcot all day Oct 1? Could things in fact return to some normalcy in the late afternoon?

MansionButler849 hours ago

Gotta get the poor people cleared out before the Disney Channel stars show up.