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Cinderella Castle stage refurbishment - February 23 2021

Work is moving quickly on the Cinderella Castle stage refurbishment at the Magic Kingdom.

Since the work began last week, the raised platforms and arches have been totally removed. This has been done before during refurbishments, and they have been returned.

Much of the surface has been remove down to the wooden support beams.

It remains unclear to what extent this is a refurbishment vs a removal. Recent concept art for the 50th anniversary celebrations shows a very minimal stage with no arches.

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Article Posted: Feb 23, 2021 / 2:!3pm ET
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mitchk1 day ago

The other day

Goofyernmost4 days ago

Probably for no other reason then I was 67 years old and I felt like a fool. I don't know what I was expecting inside it, but it turned out to be nothing much. I guess I never cared much for the Alice franchise anyway. Just a personal "I don't understand what is so great about this" type moment. The same reaction I had to Mr. Toad.

cjkeating4 days ago

Interesting that you didn't like the labyrinth, was it anything specific? It's often a favourite of international guests visiting the park.

Touchdown4 days ago

Don’t forget the squeegee duo who frantically sweep 5 min prior to the performers coming out.

donsullivan4 days ago

That pattern has been happening over the last 5-8 years. You can see it happening when 2 performers come out and walk the stage to review conditions. And then a few minutes later comes the announcement the next show has been canceled.

Crazydisneyfanluke4 days ago

Curious to see when this was installed, was it during the last refurb? How recent was the moisture event prior to the start of the show? It may take 30+ Mins depending on how much water is there.

Goofyernmost4 days ago

I still have a problem understanding how Alice's Curious Labyrinth can be considered an attraction. Just one of the memories that I took away from Paris. Might just be me though.

donsullivan4 days ago

I was surprised to see it even there since it doesn't seem to benefit the evening shows during hard ticket events like MVMCP when the stage shows get cancelled due to moisture conditions on the stage.

TDS4 days ago

The heat in the stage is not so much for the performers, but to quickly dry the stage after it rains so they don't have to cancel so many shows after Florida's afternoon showers.

RRV6 days ago

It most certainly is! Great way to evenly heat the entire stage area to keep the cast members warm during the cold December/January days and evenings. Have never seen this mentioned anywhere!

donsullivan6 days ago

Duuuhhh. I guess I shouldn’t look at these on the iPad since I never even noticed those. —— never mind…. I am curious why those are there and if they have actually worked recently. I say that because it’s not uncommon during cool/cold nights in DEC for the stage performances to be cancelled due to stage conditions during MNSSHP. If this system worked it would seem it could warm the stage enough to make it dry and safe.

note20016 days ago

Good question. We know work can't really begin until the red ladder shows up. Was it laid off? Last time we saw it was during the castle pathway expansion.

Nemo_mickey6 days ago

How long will this project really take?

Cruzin_PA6 days ago

Look at the yellow circled areas. You can see red PEX tubing looping through the metal channels. Much like what you would see for radiant heating in a residential home.