Rebuilding of the Cinderella Castle stage continues at Magic Kingdom

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Cinderella Castle stage refurbishment - March 15 2021

Here is a quick look at the progress on the stage refurbishment at the Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle.

The old stage has been completely removed, and the new stage is now being installed. Despite the work, the ramps either side of the castle remain open to allow access through the castle and into Fantasyland.

Framing to support the stage is being built, along with channels to install the under-stage heating system. If you look closely you can see back PVC piping being laid throughout the platform.

While we don't yet have any information when any entertainment will return to the stage, Disney is taking the downtime as an opportunity to restore the stage to be ready when conditions allow.

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Article Posted: Mar 17, 2021 / 11:18am ET
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harryk17 days ago

I recall when the cast of 'Riverdance' first came to the U.S. they checked out all the floors they were to perform on to make sure that there was enough give in them so that the dancers would not end up with wrecked ankles and knees, especially in New York and Boston.

harryk17 days ago

Back in the '70's we were able to walk through the Castle and see the mosaics on both sides of the entrance. Then when they began to run more shows they blocked the right side mosaics for costumes and cast changes(?). Well anyway, they kept the screens in place preventing the viewing of the mosaics. For some reason they have not considered having cast rooms below the stage or in other areas so that guests could enjoy the designs in the castle while going though it and having the show go on at the same time. So we get to pay admission to the park and just suck it up and stop complaining that we can't see all the mosaics. Are they still there?

Minthorne24 days ago

It's for the churros.

JoeCamel24 days ago

Look upthread

SpectroMagician24 days ago

Anyone else curious why they heck they would need a heating system in the stage? It's not like it gets cold in Florida or snow needs to be cleared. Could it potentially be a cooling system? I don't think it would radiate up to the actors though, only keep the black surface of the stage cool to their feet I guess.

Giss Neric26 days ago

I was hoping the castle stage would have a lift where the characters would pop up like the ones they have at Shanghai but I guess it's too low for that.

JoeCamel26 days ago

Sure it will, the anchors are being incorporated in the new structure

mnelson326 days ago

Have a feeling the stage is coming back as it was with those arches. I’d love to be wrong though.

Bocabear26 days ago

Fountains in the Castle Moat would not attract more visitors, but would allow a better, wider show...

bpiper27 days ago

That looks like pressure treated lumber.... No rotting there. Also, with the notches, it looks like the PEX tubing is coming back.

mm5220028 days ago

Nothing new here.

DCBaker28 days ago