PHOTOS - A last look at Cinderella Castle repainting from inside the Magic Kingdom

Mar 16, 2020 in "Cinderella Castle"

Cinderella Castle painting - March 15 2020

We shot these pictures yesterday of what is likely to be the last look from inside the park at Cinderella Castle during its repaint.

These latest pictures show the new gold accents, the new pink color for the upper areas of the castle, and the finished blue turrets. Painting crews are continuing their work today, despite the parks being closed.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Cinderella Castle repainting.

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Article Posted: Mar 16, 2020 / 9:44am ET
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tirian15 days ago

At least the Castle Cake fit into the aesthetic of the time (mid-90s) and wasn’t intended to be permanent. Also, social media didn’t exist, and Disney didn’t have lifestylers praising the ugly thing to keep their free cupcakes. After the Castle Cake backlash, Disney returned to the classic castle paint job. Too bad today’s leadership doesn’t understand that you learn from past mistakes to avoid repeating them.

Otamin15 days ago

So execs aren’t happy with it? That’s good news at least. Hopefully we’ll see this vile paint job disappear sooner rather than later.

Stevie Amsterdam17 days ago

Giss Neric17 days ago

Jojo (the vlogger) started in DCP. He works as a custodian in the parks then ventured into vlogging. A lot of his vlogs are just fillers but he is always first in line when it comes to new stuff park wise so I do watch him for that. I don't know why the need to mute it, just skip to the parts to you like.

Giss Neric17 days ago

You can watch it then there is an option of "not interested" or "don't recommend channel" after you watch it. It's on the three dots.

JustAFan18 days ago

Nah ... I still contend that's the worst they've done to the castle. I mean just awful!

Squishy18 days ago

Just think of it as a lite version of the 25th anniversary castle ;)

DisAl18 days ago

Silly us. Some of us thought the worst they would do to the castle is paint it pink and put gaudy gold trim all over it. Guess we were wrong.

MisterPenguin19 days ago

When I have marriage proposed to me, I truly want in the proposal photo tweens running a Disney+ Trials of the Temple game show behind me in front of the castle! This is how dreams are made!

JoeCamel19 days ago

Don't think it matters now with that background. Gaudi is a thang rite?

UNCgolf19 days ago

I feel kinda bad for anyone who is on their first trip (although that's probably not too many people under the current circumstances) and have that junking up the front of the castle.

Squishy19 days ago

My guess is Descendants

JoeCamel19 days ago

I see they caught up with Universal "American Ninja Warrior" staged in the parks. This is the "princess" version I expect?

MisterPenguin19 days ago