PHOTOS - First embellishment added to Cinderella Castle as part of the 50th anniversary makeover

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Disney Imagineer Zack Riddley has shared on Instagram a look at the first of the embellishments to be added to Cinderella Castle as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

The first piece is located on the western side facing Liberty Square, and features a royal blue jewel with gold detailing and shimmering draping.

The new-look Cinderella Castle will be completed in time for the 18 month "World's Most Magical Celebration' that begins October 1 2021.

After dark, the castle will become a Beacon of Magic with nighttime illumination.

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Article Posted: Mar 11, 2021 / 9:16am ET
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MandaM1 hour ago

We love it, too. But I've read in a couple of places that it's now gone completely. I know at one point recently, it was moved to channel 70-something, but reports are that it's not there anymore at all. I'd love to know if anybody has seen it lately.

mnelson32 hours ago

Wouldn’t it be something if DL gets more entertainment back before WDW does lol. I could see it happening around the same time though.

castlecake2.02 hours ago

I can verify, friends were asked at work a week or so ago to confirm spelling of names and hometowns

HauntedMansionFLA2 hours ago


MansionButler844 hours ago

And tourists can go everywhere else until 6/15.

JoeCamel4 hours ago

So DL still only opens to locals.... but low case rates and high vac rates.....

MansionButler848 hours ago

And, to be fair, DL was closed 13 months. I think we can assume any nametags are long gone or damaged. It’s just easier to make new ones.

MagicHappens19719 hours ago

I’m sure WDW CMs will be receiving new name tags for the 50th.

YodaMan10 hours ago

WDW is almost 100% getting nametags. All working CMs were asked to verify that their hometown is correct and spelled properly from a master list.

mnelson311 hours ago

I get their theme songs are a bit more pop ish, if that’s the correct wording to describe them. Not everyones cup of tea. The better of all the foreign parks is HKs Love The Memory. Maybe its the clock ticking sounds in it that makes me immediately think of Tapestry 💔.

wdwfan2212 hours ago

If we do get a theme song I hope it’s done right. The foreign parks have horrible anniversary theme songs.

MansionButler8412 hours ago

I think you’ll be safe. CA’s tourism office mouthpiece has this to say: Coronavirus: With one of the nation’s highest vaccination rates and lowest case rates, nearly all of California is open to welcome visitors. All restrictions except those for conventions of more than 5,000 attendees are scheduled to lift statewide on June 15. California has issued a travel advisory that recommends caution and suggests self-quarantines for visitors from out of state and Californians returning to the state, but those steps are not mandatory. Public health officials have directed everyone in California to continue to wear face coverings in congested indoor and outdoor situations.

mnelson312 hours ago

I hope Harmonious gets a worthy ear worm original theme song. Not holding out to much hope for the entire soundtrack but we will see. The different languages has me extremely worried. I’m totally expecting to feel like I’m in a overseas Disney park watching a castle show with a mixture of English and non English lol.

mnelson314 hours ago

Have to agree. And their more likely to have a nighttime parade during WDWs 50th lol. 😂