PHOTOS - First embellishment added to Cinderella Castle as part of the 50th anniversary makeover

Mar 11, 2021 in "Cinderella Castle"

Posted: Thursday March 11, 2021 9:16am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Imagineer Zack Riddley has shared on Instagram a look at the first of the embellishments to be added to Cinderella Castle as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

The first piece is located on the western side facing Liberty Square, and features a royal blue jewel with gold detailing and shimmering draping.

The new-look Cinderella Castle will be completed in time for the 18 month "World's Most Magical Celebration' that begins October 1 2021.

After dark, the castle will become a Beacon of Magic with nighttime illumination.

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Vinnie Mac1 minute ago

Was just showing my parents that video to show them the insanity of the crowds. That one poor cast member... She literally had to talk to them like they were school children saying "walk don't run" LOL!

Cesar R M21 minutes ago

Lol at those crowds. also.. cavaaaageees.. in spaaaace

montyz8125 minutes ago

Wouldn't it be great if they brought back the old-time pictures? The ones where you are standing at the back of a steam train with period-correct cloths. I had one of those pictures taken in 1981. I can't remember where that was. It may have been down Main St a bit more.

Wngo90535 minutes ago

Here is a novel concept of an idea…. How about they convert this space to….. I dont know…. A CINEMA?!?! Lol. I know, i know… going back to showing cartoons in this space takes away from Uncle Bobs master plan of Merch, Merch, Merch. I still remember the cinema as a little boy. I also remember the day I was waiting for MK to open past the hub and going in the Magic Shop on the other side of Main Street. I purchased a fake cast for my arm.

aladdin200753 minutes ago

more generic mannequins....would it have hurt them turn this into a 50th exhibit instead?

wtyy211 hour ago

They rumored to have a plan to close the Magic Kingdom to the general public due to a media event of WDW 50th anniversary in September 30, similar to Disneyland 50th anniversary Press Event in May 4, 2005.

BaymaxFan2 hours ago

What time does everyone plan on arriving at MK on the 1st? They open at 8 so I was thinking 7 but that might not be early enough. Also, have any plans been released or rumored regarding a ceremony that morning?

Heath12 hours ago

More banners lol The Garish Kingdom is like an overstuffed Christmas tree with no greenery left. “Let’s add some more Pepto pink” 🤮

DCBaker20 hours ago

It's available in the parks, just more $.

jpinkc20 hours ago

I guess since we are staying at Swolphin this trip we dont get them :( and cant purchase them :(

DCBaker20 hours ago

It's here for Resort Guests or APs (if you are an AP holder and already ordered one this way, you'll have to wait until you renew) -

jpinkc20 hours ago

Ok want that but I dont see it on shop disney or the website?? UHM

note200120 hours ago

What is it with Disney and that desire to have pink everywhere for their birthday events? Let's make the castle a giant pink cake! Let's put giant pink banners up around the castle... okay, so they're "rose gold", but in pics they're pink. Us: "I see you're a fan of pink." Disney: "Salmon. Salmon. Thats obviousthly salmon."