VIDEO - Imagineers preview some of the new decor coming to Cinderella Castle for the 50th

Mar 10, 2021 in "Cinderella Castle"

Posted: Wednesday March 10, 2021 3:49pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineers show some of the first pieces of the new Cinderella Castle decor package coming for Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration.

Imagineers Chris Beatty,  Colleen Meyers, and Ben Van Beusekom discuss some of the design aspects and the use of various unique paint finishes.

The 18 month "World's Most Magical Celebration' begins October 1 2021.

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mnelson31 day ago

I really want Disney to host a live broadcast event, or air it on GMA about what’s to come in October. Clearly they have things to announce from Decorations to whatever will happen with HEA. Also Harmonious.

trainplane31 day ago

Though, to be honest, most of their pictures are quite poor. Which I'm surprised since they're most likely using a modern phone with a good camera. Even forcing the site to load the images at full quality they still are somewhat bad. I'm glad here and BlogMickey know how to work a camera.

mnelson31 day ago

mnelson32 days ago

I agree on Shanghai’s show. And their theme song for the show, in particular the English version after the show is ridiculously catchy. No doubt not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a fun song!

SpectroMickey852 days ago

That was a good show! I do not know if many here follow the overseas parks but the other day I was watching videos of the show in Shanghai Disneyland and my mouth dropped! I would literally cry if Magic Kingdom received a copy or similar of this show. The Tron coaster is coming to Magic Kingdom so why not their firework show? hahaha.

Parker in NYC2 days ago

Clicks = revenue for them. So folks can call them what they want, they're still contributing to the coffers.

MansionButler842 days ago

Exactly. It’s nothing personal. He just has a lot of Death Eaters on the ground.

brb10062 days ago

Because pictures. ;)

brb10062 days ago

Doubt they would go the extra mile as Paris did where almost every Disney Characters besides Mickey & Friends were given anniversary attire. But a man can dream though.

The_Jobu2 days ago

MK is barely celebrating the 50th, why would DL?

jrhwdw2 days ago

LOL!!!! No Kidding!

wdwfan222 days ago

Don't be fooled that site is read by everyone here.

MansionButler842 days ago

They photograph a lot.

mnelson32 days ago

I mean Tokyo had colored lighting on their trees during Celebrate Tokyo Disneyland. So it’s possible HEA could get that add on. You can see the tree lights here from Tokyo: