Crane on site beginning this weekend for Cinderella Castle Dream Light removal

Jan 09, 2015 in "Cinderella Castle"

Posted: Friday January 9, 2015 9:54am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

A large construction crane will be in position at Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom for removal of the castle Dream Lights.

The crane is planned to be on-site from January 11 through to February 21 2015. The Dream Lights are featured as part of 'A Frozen Holiday Wish' which can be seen through to January 12 2015.

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tcoolJan 11, 2015

Or magic.

dstrawn9889Jan 11, 2015

just drive it down from around mermaid...

Nick PappagiorgioJan 11, 2015

How do they bring the crane in? Is it as simple as wheeling it in from backstage?

Arthur WellesleyJan 10, 2015

That is exactly what I've been saying for years. It's really quite simple. And if anyone has some castle pics of their own that need the crane removed, send me a PM. I will gladly do the same editing service (for a small fee of course) and all your castle pics will be forever crane-free! (p.s. I can also edit out any undesired family members for an extra cost, or replace their image with that of a celebrity of your choice.)

heath.sneydJan 09, 2015

Time frame sounds perfect. Crane out the 21st, I leave the 22nd, and arrive on the 23rd!

wdwmagicJan 09, 2015

The projections aren't anywhere near as bright and effective as the LEDs. That was visible in 'A Frozen Holiday Wish'. The projections are great, but when the LEDs kick in at the end it is significantly brighter.

EdCJan 09, 2015

I wonder if they'd be able to projection map the lights on to the castle. Although, I'm sure running those projectors isn't cheap.

GoofyernmostJan 09, 2015

Not to mention that if one blows the pixie dust out of the eyes it is really easy to see the netting that the lights are attached too. Does anyone really want to stare at that all year when just a couple weeks at each end of the holiday season and it is all clear. It is too bad, but a necessary evil if we want the castle to be decorated during the Holiday season. With the easy way of photo-shopping pictures now anyway, it is no problem to take out the crane from those shots. I know it's a FantasyLand that unfortunately is located right in the middle of the real world. Some concessions have to be made to take care of the "magic" stuff.:)

BoltJan 09, 2015

Correct - lasted longer since the moat was drained.

Sage of TimeJan 09, 2015

Wasn't it retained a little longer for the refurbishment work that Cinderella Castle got, last year? Don't think they'll be doing that, this time around... right?

Vipor51Jan 09, 2015

Doesn't the Crane being around until all the way to Feb 21 seem a little long to anyone else? Over a month?

DznyGrlSDJan 09, 2015

True. and i think the question gets asked every yet but still :)

wdwmagicJan 09, 2015

The lights won't survive 365 days in the Florida weather.