First spire ribbon installed at Cinderella Castle

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First ribbon installed on the spire of Cinderella Castle - April 7 2021
Posted: Wednesday April 7, 2021 2:28pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Overnight the Cinderella Castle transformation team installed the first of the ribbons that will cover each of the spires on the Magic Kingdom icon.

The first of the ribbons to be placed is located on one of the lower spires, on the western side nearest to Liberty Square.

Unlike the lower decorations that were added with a high reach boom lift, the ribbons are requiring the use of a full scale crane which is parked behind the castle and hidden during the daytime.

When complete there will be 113 pieces of new decor installed, and it all officially gets unveiled on October 1 2021.

Click the gallery to see more pictures of the new additions at Cinderella Castle.

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dreday31 hour ago

Love it!!! Love it all! :D

JoeJames1 hour ago

I think the size of the garland is designed to look in proportion with the forced perspective. If you look closely the upper garland is slightly smaller than the lower garland.

WillWrambles1 hour ago

Paint it to some off white color, and it would be literally perfect.

Bocabear2 hours ago

They photographed it at the optimal time of day for that I don't hate the decor... The Garland things are a little too small and fussy looking compared to the other decor elements... Overall aside from the pink castle, I like it... Just not pink.

SpectroMan933 hours ago

Blog Mickey also posted an update with the new additions.

JoeCamel3 hours ago

So just repaint with red and green and presto, you have the xmas castle - synergy!

jagiord13 hours ago

I don't looooooove these new garland additions. @MisterPenguin is right, they really look like Christmas decorations that have been spray painted. Hopefully the rest of the additions will feel more exciting and less recycled.

DCBaker3 hours ago

Several more added overnight -

kevlightyear4 hours ago

Touchdown4 hours ago

That pitch of that turret roof is far too steep for Sleeping Beauty Castle.

cmarten4 hours ago

Show this picture to a casual Disney fan and I guarantee they say that’s Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

MisterPenguin15 hours ago

Merry Palette-swapped Christmas!!

DCBaker16 hours ago

Don't think I've seen this addition posted yet -

JoeCamel17 hours ago

The mouse will sell you some high tech glasses to protect your eyes $149.95