First spire ribbon installed at Cinderella Castle

Apr 07, 2021 in "Cinderella Castle"

First ribbon installed on the spire of Cinderella Castle - April 7 2021
Posted: Wednesday April 7, 2021 2:28pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Overnight the Cinderella Castle transformation team installed the first of the ribbons that will cover each of the spires on the Magic Kingdom icon.

The first of the ribbons to be placed is located on one of the lower spires, on the western side nearest to Liberty Square.

Unlike the lower decorations that were added with a high reach boom lift, the ribbons are requiring the use of a full scale crane which is parked behind the castle and hidden during the daytime.

When complete there will be 113 pieces of new decor installed, and it all officially gets unveiled on October 1 2021.

Click the gallery to see more pictures of the new additions at Cinderella Castle.

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wdwmagicMay 17, 2021

@danlb_2000 spotted the permit for the medallion over the weekend.

MisterPenguinMay 14, 2021

They were unhappier with the cost of repainting.

cookiee_munsterMay 14, 2021

Yes. it's this -

AmidalaMay 14, 2021

Really? This is so disappointing. I remember hearing a while back that TDO were unhappy with the way the pink turned out, had my fingers crossed the color would be painted over at some point after the 50th decorations had been taken down.

BrianMay 14, 2021

Considering that last time they let the blue roofs fade to virtually grey, I wouldn't put it past them.

LittleMermanMay 13, 2021

The proper term for me is "mess" but to each their own. Like I said before, it looks to me like they just threw a bunch of multicolored stuff on it, which they actually did.

MansionButler84May 13, 2021

Not until the 100th.

JoeCamelMay 13, 2021

Never ever?

MansionButler84May 13, 2021

They’re not painting again.

BocabearMay 13, 2021

I think the roof change helped a bit... It is still Golden Girls Mauve which is wrong for the whole character and idea of the castle....If this were being done for Disneyland's 50th, making all the castles worldwide look like Sleeping Beauty's Castle, it might make sense, but when it is the 50th Celebration for WDW's original castle and park it seems like it was just a bad idea. Maybe for Disneyland's 70th they will paint Sleeping Beauty Castle gray look more like the WDW Castle. With Advanced imaging and computers, they could have had a better idea of what it would look like before it was done... Get rid of the peeling rocks in Tomorrowland and bring back the Gull-wing waterfalls from 1971... Give Tomorrowland it's WOW entrance.

JoeCamelMay 13, 2021

They changed the roofs, I think that's all we get

Giss NericMay 13, 2021

I don't think it's a mess. The proper term is it look busy. Maybe taking down the buntings will solve it. The gems and the gold wraparounds are lovely.

DoleWhipDreaMay 13, 2021

Didn't an insider here say that the paint job didn't come out as they expected and they weren't all that happy about it? I think it was alluded that it might get changed.

Parker in NYCMay 11, 2021

God willing. But in a world where Disney allows the rocks at the Tomorrowland hub entrance to continue flaking...