Walls down at the Cinderella Castle stage as refurbishment nears completion

May 04, 2021 in "Cinderella Castle"

Cinderella Castle stage refurbishment - May 3 2021
Posted: Tuesday May 4, 2021 1:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction walls are down around the majority of the Cinderella Castle stage at the Magic Kingdom as the new stage nears completion.

The bushes that were blocking the construction are now gone.

On the stage itself, there is an all new surface.

The anchor points for the arches and other set pieces appear to still be available should they be needed.

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Giss NericMay 05, 2021

They need stairs. It adds to the dramatic effect when singing a Disney song when they go up and down the steps LOL.

Father RobinsonMay 05, 2021

Hate the stage pieces. Keep the original look.

brb1006May 04, 2021

I hope the arches don't return. I vividly remember when they were added for the Cinderellabration back in 2006 (which was imported from Tokyo Disneyland). But Disney decided to keep them as long as possible (especially for Dream Along With Mickey) .

TouchdownMay 04, 2021

The platforms are fine, it’s the pointless arches that are the problem.

Disney AnalystMay 04, 2021

I sort of want them to not bring those back… I know they are great for the shows and adding levels, but I love that clean shot of the castle!

jrhwdwMay 04, 2021

Or when rehearsals start. If you meant that, sorry!

wdwmagicMay 04, 2021

Yep looks that way. Or maybe they will leave it until the imminent return of a show.

jrhwdwMay 04, 2021

So the Arches or something else could be put on the stage any day now?

BrianApr 21, 2021

Looks like the original platforms (and with them, likely the arches) are coming back, based on the markers on the stage.

The Lochness MonstaApr 21, 2021

It's weird at first I hated the new colors for the castle. Now I'm thinking man it's going to look boring when they go back to the originals.

jrhwdwApr 21, 2021

Looking Good! How close are we to Stage Pieces?

DCBakerApr 21, 2021