New name for Characters in Flight tethered balloon at Disney Springs

Jul 06, 2017 in "Aerophile: The World Leader in Balloon Flight"

Posted: Thursday July 6, 2017 4:!6pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The tethered balloon ride at Disney Springs now has a new name - "Aerophile: The World Leader in Balloon Flight."

A new balloon design was unveiled earlier this year, and changes have been made to the ticket kiosk to fit more closely with the new look the West Side following its transition from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs.

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jkpmacSep 18, 2017

Seems like a big waste of Helium! That would of filled one heck of a pile of balloons!

WDWtravelerSep 17, 2017

Photo update as of Saturday, September 16. In case you wondered what happened to the Characters in Flight balloon during the was deflated and laid out on the platform. When asked if the helium was "recovered" or "stored" the response was "no, just released into the air." They will have to purchase new helium to fill the balloon.

wdwmagicAug 03, 2017


RteetzAug 03, 2017

It's been there for a while at least. Maybe with the new balloon?

roj2323Aug 03, 2017

Whe did they add the neon to the bottom of the basket?

Mouse DetectiveJul 16, 2017

Without the characters on the balloon that the first two balloons had, the name "Characters In Flight" no longer made sense.

WhatJaneSaysJul 10, 2017

I think what they meant was Aerophile wanted to promote it under their own name.

MisterPenguinJul 10, 2017

What? Previously, Characters in Flight did advertise for Disney with images of flying Disney characters, but now, with the new name and look, there's nothing Disney about it.

mm121Jul 10, 2017

wonder if they threatened to close it if they couldnt use it as advertising for their brand

danlb_2000Jul 10, 2017

The balloon was never operated by Disney.

mm121Jul 10, 2017

Dumbest new name imaginable. Guess disney didnt want to pay for a new balloon, so decided to have it be branded instead.

Uncle LupeJul 08, 2017

Call it The Big A$$ Balloon ride

WDWFanDaveJul 07, 2017

And, if you have a Groupon account - they're often on there. Great discount, fun time - both times we've done it were windy-er days, but it still went well. First time the pilot was a bit 'Jungle Cruise Skipper-esque', added a bit of fun as well.

DfromATXJul 07, 2017

We've done it once. I wouldn't care to do it again, but I'm glad we got to experience it. It's one of those do-at least-once things.