Donald Duck meet and greet on the move again at Disney's Animal Kingdom

May 29, 2014 in "Character Meet and Greets at Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Thursday May 29, 2014 10:57am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The character musical chairs continues at Disney's Animal Kingdom this weekend with Donald Duck on the move again.

Starting June 1 2014, Donald will be leaving Daisy at the Character Landing on Discovery Island and will be heading back to the Cretaceous Trail in DinoLand U.S.A.

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The Empress LillyMay 30, 2014

I wish there were a meet&greet with a botanist at the Cretaceous Trail. :) It's such a fun little area. Fine but small, it could use some help. Donald painting dinos pink it is it then, I guess.

The Magical Genie 123May 29, 2014


FerretAfrosMay 29, 2014

I wonder if splitting the two of the up will be used as a way to add another FP+ experience to the park's roster, to make it look like there's more going on. Is FP+ currently available at the Dinoland location, or just Discovery Island?

asianwayMay 29, 2014

Makes sense to me-they spent money to add props to his greet at Cretacious. Doing that and moving him out right away made no sense

DVCPlutoMay 29, 2014

Where is Daisy? Is she by herself?? Not much of a "character landing." We were there in Jan and saw King L and Baloo on a dock instead of on the path where we have found them in the past. Is this where Daisy is? I feel bad for that high maintenance duck!

Tip Top ClubMay 29, 2014

He was in his Safari outfit yesterday, and all the props and such were still there. We were surprised to see him and then confirmed that Daisy was meeting at the boat dock by herself. It's a curious move.

MMDDGPCDCMay 29, 2014

Is he in his Safari outfit out just his sailor suit?

Tip Top ClubMay 29, 2014

Donald was back at Cretaceous trail yesterday.

Cmdr_CrimsonMay 29, 2014

Geeze...Make up your friggin mind Disney! One Spot or the other...You know no will even know Daisy is down there with this move..hopefully they will add another character for a good reason to go down there..