Donald and Daisy to begin new meet and greet at Disney's Animal Kingdom

May 10, 2014 in "Character Meet and Greets at Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Saturday May 10, 2014 8:47am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Donald and Daisy will begin a new meet and greet at Disney's Animal Kingdom tomorrow, May 11 2014.

Replacing the Winnie the Pooh and Tigger meet and greet that ends today, you will be able to meet Donald and Daisy at the Character Landing on Discovery Island.

Initially, only a standby line will be available, with no FastPass+ being offered.

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Matt_BlackJun 14, 2014

Or at the Crystal Palace meal or breakfast at 1900 Park Fare.

michael.fumcJun 14, 2014


cw1982Jun 14, 2014

I forgot about Pooh's ride lol... maybe that's why the line for them at Epcot was so short! I bet most people see them before or after the Pooh ride at MK. On a side note, watching them interact was so much fun at Epcot! The group in front of me was two teen girls, and one of them wanted her picture with each character separately. Tigger kept putting his paws up in the back of the picture with Pooh, and Pooh literally went over and jumped in front of the picture with Tigger, spreading his arms out as much as he could to make it clear he was "photo bombing." Hah! When it was my turn, Tigger wouldn't let go of my hand the whole time, and even kissed my hand while I was hugging Pooh. It was too cute :)

Cmdr_CrimsonJun 14, 2014

They do not do M&G's any more in AK. They were removed when Daisy went down to the Character Landing. You can still see them at MK by Pooh's ride and The UK Pavillion..

MOXOMUMDJun 14, 2014

The M&G at AK. :)

cw1982Jun 14, 2014

AK m&g? I was just in Epcot last week lol

cw1982Jun 14, 2014

The wait wasn't terrible either! They were kind of off the beaten path. Look for the outdoor stage area in the UK. Their meet and greet is back in there, just past the toy shop.

MOXOMUMDJun 14, 2014

It ended last month.

michael.fumcJun 14, 2014

Thanks, my family loves them

cw1982Jun 14, 2014

I don't remember seeing one for them, but we weren't exactly looking for them either. I did, however, have a blast meeting them in the UK pavilion at Epcot :)

michael.fumcJun 14, 2014

Does tigger and pooh still have their m&g in DAK

MOXOMUMDJun 13, 2014

Nice pictures. :) I like the background mural for M&M.

cw1982Jun 12, 2014

Gotcha. The more I think about it, the sign definitely looked just like it did in your picture when I walked by. Maybe that's part of the reason that the CM was trying to draw people in? No one knew there was anything in there because there was no indication of what that was lol. I thought the link in the OP said that they were moving as of May 11, though? Three weeks later and Donald and Daisy were both still in their old spots. I can see them appearing at more than one park, but having them for m&g twice in the same park doesn't make much sense IMO. I never saw the spot where they were supposed to meet together, but we weren't really looking for them either; we just stumbled on Donald lol. Hmm...

Cmdr_CrimsonJun 12, 2014

I was reading Orlando Theme Park News site and they had this picture in their most recent trip report...