Tarzan joins the meet and greet lineup for the holidays at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Dec 08, 2014 in "Character Meet and Greets at Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Monday December 8, 2014 9:25am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom is testing a couple of revisions to its character met and greet over the holiday period through to January 3 2015.

Tarzan is now appearing daily on the Discovery Island Trail at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 1:50pm, 3:40pm.

Daisy is no longer appearing at the Discovery Island Character Landing, with Pocahontas moving into that location from 10am daily. Daisy will be back from December 20 to 31 at another location.

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SnarkyMonkeyJan 09, 2015

Ah man! I was just going to say how excited I was thwt Tarzan returned. I love seeing less popular characters and I have yet to meet him. (Am sorry about his loin cloth operational issues though. :) ) But now I see that, as quickly as he swung in, he swung back out. Sigh.

The Magical Genie 123Jan 08, 2015

Wow all these character changes at DAK are confusing:confused:

wdwmagicJan 08, 2015

Character meet and greets at Disney's Animal Kingdom have now returned to pre-holiday line-up

Walter Elias DisneyDec 17, 2014

In addition....Sleeping Beauty is looking rather odd at the Magic Kingdom with all of the extra make-up too.

Walter Elias DisneyDec 17, 2014

Possibly assigning a spot where Tarzan can be in the sun would be helpful. Tone down the extra application of stage make-up looks rather odd. The birds in the area help pass some of the excitement too. Nice job overall. PS....bring out Jane

MatamanKrungleDec 16, 2014

I've noticed this too. As an adult who really likes to meet characters- and who isn't really a princess fan- I kind of resent not having much variety. I guess I should just be happy with what's available since I am in the vast minority as an adult who likes to do M&Gs and it's in no way catered towards me (or ever will be)... :geek: I also don't understand how there isn't more of a Lion King presence. Maybe it's not as popular as it used to be... but I always thought it was pretty timeless. I've heard some people mention that it's because the lions' costumes are harder to make/justify since they'd have to stand on all fours, but this makes no sense to me since there are tons of other furs that would normally be on all fours (Marie, Pluto, and Dug to name a few).

MMDDGPCDCDec 15, 2014

Daisy may be moving next to Creature Comforts but due to Park Operations could be else where. The Main Point is Daisy will be back at Animal Kingdom this weekend.

wdriveDec 09, 2014

The recent trend in multiple characters has decreased the variety I believe. I think that there's 2 Ariels , Cinderellas, Rapunzels, Annas, Elsa, Tinkerbell's, Belles and 4 Mickey meeting constantly in the Magic Kingdom alone, then you also have to double that number for breaks. So at any one time there is 8 Mickeys currently at work in the Magic Kingdom. And they aren't working all day either so there's probably at least 16 Mickey's a day. Compare this to Snow White or Mary Poppins in the Magic Kingdom and there's one cast member a day. What I'm trying to get at is the trend to having characters out constantly and trying to raise capacity at these meet and greets has caused the variety to become lower as there is a higher cost having multiple of the same characters out at once.

Matt_BlackDec 09, 2014

Yes, I AM ignorant, which is precisely why I asked for citations and sources, so I could learn. That's how learning works.

asianwayDec 09, 2014

Your ignorance is astounding - should've blocked you long Ago

Matt_BlackDec 09, 2014

And don't expect me to believe statements without any sort of citation or source or link. When pressed to back up your claim, you couldn't do it. Simple. I think we can drop the issue now.

asianwayDec 09, 2014

Send me $500 and I'll put together a PowerPoint - I don't work for free

Matt_BlackDec 09, 2014

Which doesn't mean anything without hard attendance figures and, using the precise terms you used, actual money spent.

asianwayDec 09, 2014

Tokyo counts first click in their stats and they're in the annual report for OLC so verified. THEA uses all clicks in their estimates so Tokyo and MK are closer than you would think. Go pull up a Tokyo entertainment schedule. Mickeys House is it. Everything else is random a few characters a few times a day in each land. There's no such thing as Pluto at the flagpole continuous for 6 hours. They usually have 4 parades a day though- that's how they spend the budget