EPCOT Candlelight Processional Dining Packages and Prices

Oct 15, 2021 in "Candlelight Processional"

Posted: Friday October 15, 2021 10:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that dining packages for the 2021 Candlelight Processional at EPCOT will go on sale October 26 2021.

This year there are only four restaurants available, and all are located inside EPCOT.

Each package includes:

  • An appetizer, entrée and dessert or one (1) full buffet (where applicable), along with a non-alcoholic beverage
  • One (1) guaranteed seat per person to the Candlelight Processional held on the same day

2021 Candlelight Processional Restaurants and Pricing

Biergarten Restaurant - Germany Pavilion
$62 ages 10 and up, $35 ages 3 - 9

Coral Reef - The Living Seas
$74 ages 10 and up, $25 ages 3 - 9

Garden Grill - The Land Pavilion 
$71 ages 10 and up, $46 ages 3 - 9

Rose & Crown - United Kingdom Pavilion
$63 ages 10 and up, $25 ages 3 - 9

2021 Candlelight Processional Narrators

  • Chita Rivera - November 29 through December 1
  • Jodi Benson - December 2 through December 4
  • Alton Fitzgerald White - December 5 through December 7
  • Lisa Ling - December 11 through December 13
  • Steven Curtis Chapman - December 23 through December 25
  • Blair Underwood - December 26 through December 28
  • Pat Sajak - December 29 through December 30

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Lands of Wonder5 hours ago

Nope, I would love to see some Light of Winter music being used in the beacon lights tho. Would be nice to see some new Lights of Winter accompany this. Who knows they actually made a lug show for Spaceship Earth maybe they will add something in. It’s easier to make a show like that now more than ever. Until 5 years when half these lights are working or flickering 😂🤣😂🤣 look at how those Epcot 94 gadgets and gizmos held up.

drizgirl7 hours ago

I wouldn't hold your breath.

Lands of Wonder7 hours ago

They better not be teasing me with the images of Lights of Winter on Spaceship Earth like that. There giving me the impression that they will be back when constructions done. Correction, I know it’s just a tease.

MichWolv7 hours ago

Package. Standby line was fairly long two hours before it started, but I could not tell how many (if any) were left waiting when the show started.

Nick_A7 hours ago

Did you have a dining package or did you do standby? Curious as to how long the standby lines are and how many people are being admitted. Looking to go on Monday.

MichWolv8 hours ago

Caught a few minutes of the new SE holiday light sequences, without having previously heard it would be happening. While I can’t say they reminded me of the LoW, the sequences were very nice and made good use of the lighting system.

MichWolv8 hours ago

Saw the first Candlelight Processional show last night. VOL was in the center dressed in red, and the choir on the sides was just the cast choir. Show went well, I think, even though it was the first of the season. Auli‘I Cravalho did a pretty good job, although I’m not necessarily the best judge, as this is only my third time seeing the CP.

Nick_A23 hours ago

Not this year. Expanded cast choir.

cmarten1 day ago

So no high school choirs?

Nick_A1 day ago

Yes, VOL are in the tree this year, cast choir is on the risers.

jrhwdw1 day ago

Harmonious Fountains are on. Work related or for Festival Of Holidays?

jrhwdw1 day ago

Watching Candlelight on RTV1. It doesn't look like the VOL are beside the narrator. And the whole Singing Tree has hand held microphones. Could they be VOL?

Nunu1 day ago

Courtesy of @DCBaker :

jrhwdw1 day ago

Saw on Twitter that there's a new SSE Holiday Light Show! Along with the 50th Beacon Of Magic! I'm guesting We won't see the Reg Epcot Show till NYE? Also, are there any Cavalcades this year? I haven't seen any on YT Streams this morning.