PHOTOS - Refurbishment scrims around Epcot's Canada Pavilion

Jul 15, 2019 in "Canada (Pavilion)"

Canada Pavilion refurbishment - July 2019
Posted: Monday July 15, 2019 8:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Canada Pavilion is currently undergoing a major exterior refurbishment.

Much of the building is covered in a refurbishment scrim, and the water is shut off from the rocky area around the O Canada! entrance.

The show will be receiving updates to the film, along with an all new projection system.

During the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, the theater will be home to an indoor festival marketplace.

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aladdin2007Apr 21, 2020

your not alone, I completely agree, and feel the Hall of Presidents is the same way. This is what Imagineering does now unfortunately. I wish they would get back to how they use to.

Cmdr_CrimsonApr 21, 2020

I agree it's very abrupt. They just go saying "We'd Love to have you!" I think if you listen closely you can hear them get their checks and drive off before the music starts..😉. The 07 version on the other hand at least travels you back to Niagra going "Full Circle" Which is one of the other minor chuckles I get being it a Circlevision film and no one catches said joke.. Speaking of awkward endings...Awesome Planet....It just gets reaaalllly quiet after the #epcotawesomeplanet ad at the end of this film with no dramatic build up ending score or nothing...Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees this..

OmnispaceApr 21, 2020

I saw this just before the parks shut down and I agree. The hosts said their goodbye and everyone decided it was time to leave the theater. It's a real shame since the closing segment not only has a fantastic score, it's also one amazing Circlevision scene right after another. Disney needs to rework the presentation so that the closing remarks are after this part of the film and guests don't miss what is essentially a spectacular finale.

trainplane3Feb 08, 2020

Just got out of this. It was surprisingly packed.

The_JobuFeb 08, 2020

Gotta get the Centennial in there some how

WondersOfLifeFeb 07, 2020

Hey, updates are always welcome (if done correctly). I enjoyed the Lion King version of Symbiosis for its run as well. That's not much different than realizing that Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage's attraction system was 20,000 leagues.

Rich BrownnFeb 07, 2020

Some of the footage goes all the way back to 1967! :D

marni1971Feb 07, 2020

You sing it I’ll play it :)

WondersOfLifeFeb 07, 2020

I’d say 12 years for a travelogue film in Epcot is a good run (as controversial as that opinion tends to be on these forums for some reason). A change would have been welcome if they didn’t take out the fun and personality. Now it’s just about as bland as China’s film. I’m fine with one bland film. But I can’t stand (Or, lean) for TWO bland films.

WondersOfLifeFeb 07, 2020

You’re quite the literal user aren’t you.

Epcot82GuyFeb 06, 2020

I personally really liked the Martin Short version - as I did the original. I think I always knew it wouldn't have as long a shelf life, but it still felt very in the spirit of Epcot (well... Real Epcot). I would take time to see it and Reflections of China most every trip, enjoying them both quite a lot.

marni1971Feb 06, 2020

Not everyone

WondersOfLifeFeb 05, 2020

Oh, sure. NOW everyone is defending the Martin Short version. I'd like to state that I was defending it before it even closed. Much more entertaining by ma boi Short.

MisterPenguinFeb 05, 2020

I sang along with the final song just so I wouldn't hear how flat it was. Hey, Disney. Learn2autotune.