VIDEO - Bollywood Beats debuts at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Mar 04, 2019 in "Bollywood Beats"

Bollywood Beats show

Disney's Animal Kingdom debuted new entertainment this past weekend - Bollywood Beats.

The show takes place multiple times each day on a newly built stage just across from UP! A Great Bird Adventure.

Bollywood dancers perform on the stage and in the audience, giving guests a chance to learn a routine during the 15 minute show.

Check out the video below for a look at part of the Bollywood Beats show.

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Article Posted: Mar 04, 2019 / 9:01am ET

BoarderPhreakMar 04, 2019

I miss the Bhangra Dance Party...,medium_large.1514987623.jpg

Cmdr_CrimsonMar 04, 2019

Which is interesting to see that the majority of past shows that the US Channel had now have their own versions out in India...

Cmdr_CrimsonMar 04, 2019

Oohhh, Okay...I know where this is now..Last time I was there was early 2018 it was still A stroller corral before they moved it to the former M&G area was and it had a snack stand...I'd get a hot dog there every now and then while I was back there...

MisterPenguinMar 04, 2019

Nice. But shouldn't there be 40 girl dancers on one side and 40 boy dancers on the other amplifying the dance and romantic tension of the two lead dancers?

FlynnwriterMar 04, 2019

Bollywood.... animals... hmmm?

wdwmagicMar 03, 2019

And video

JohnDMar 02, 2019

Fair enough.

FigmentJediMar 01, 2019

Try to imagine Fantasmic without Mickey or any other costumed characters. Like the opening sequence is just a bunch of lights projected onto the mountain, an empty series of canoes during Pocahontas, the dragon dying for no reason, and a Ghost Steamboat at the very end. The Shamans aren't just shadow puppeteers, they're actively conjuring and conducting the animal spirits throughout the whole thing. Boats with shadows cast from nowhere don't really cut it. They were the glue holding it all together.

Amused to DeathMar 01, 2019

LOL! I originally read this as going to Bollywood beats going to Animal Kingdom. 🤣

Prototype82Mar 01, 2019

What's cringy is shadows with no one casting them, shadow projections not connecting to missing props, sequences of empty spot-lit boats set to music where it feels obvious that something should be happening. Yes. I stand by what I said. I saw it once without them and that was enough. They gave it heart. They transitioned the scenes beautifully and gave it that extra wow factor. They made the "ceremony" happen. Without them, it's a bunch of pretty things with no story. But that's just my opinion.

jaxonpMar 01, 2019

Two characters that made shadow puppets missing makes the show cringingly bad now? hmmm

Prototype82Mar 01, 2019

Agree to disagree. The show is cringingly bad now. Before the cut it was my favorite nighttime experience. It lacks any kind of kinetic energy or context without them. Just my opinion though.

jaxonpMar 01, 2019

Maybe it's just me but I personally don't miss the Shamans on the boats... I liked their preshow but don't truly miss them floating around out there.