Blizzard Beach closed tomorrow due to cold weather

Oct 31, 2014 in "Blizzard Beach"

Posted: Friday October 31, 2014 11:32am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Blizzard Beach will be closed tomorrow, November 1 2014 due to cold weather in the area.

The forecast for tomorrow indicates a high of just 61F, with a low of 42F. Not ideal for waterparks, but should be a great temperature for a day in the main parks.

Typhoon Lagoon is already closed as part of its annual refurbishment.

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wdwstateofmindNov 05, 2014

Come on and admit it. You know once you live in Florida for at least a year that anything below 60 is cold...I'm not saying it's not welcomed, but it's cold. I can't imagine that standing there in the cold having to listen to the millionth person lie at a fastpass+ entrance about something you told them an hour ago when you weren't even working just to get on isn't making things much warmer.

mergatroidNov 02, 2014

Likewise there's not many times in England that shorts are an option, so when in Orlando I'm wearing them come what may! I'll always remember December 25th 1999 and my first ever Christmas day in Disney. Got up early at our place near Haines City and the sky was blue with the sun coming up but it felt cold. "It'll warm up later when the sun rises" I told myself "look at the lovely blue cloudless sky, shorts and a t-shirt will do". Well I got to the MK and felt a very cold breeze as I first travelled on the tram from the parking lot. I then enjoyed that lovely feeling of cold air whipping against my bare legs and arms as I stood on the monorail station platform noticing not one other idiot was wearing shorts. By the time I'd hit Main St I'd been approached by two strangers, one asking me "Are you ok dressed like that sir" and the other saying "Are you expecting a heatwave today buddy" whilst laughing at me. By Tomorrowland I was wondering whether you could buy jeans or long trousers in the park and thinking "It's not going to warm up is it you moron" and it didn't. I got some comfort by standing near heaters they'd put out in the shops in Tomorrowland it was that chilly, again still not seeing anybody else stupid enough to wear shorts. By 10:30am with the crowds crazy and my body telling me it was going to shut down and stop working if I didn't warm up, I decided to leave and go home to some warmth. My one comfort as I left was I did indeed spot somebody else wearing shorts walking into the park. I actually shouted to the guy "Yay shorts too" and went to high five him as we passed and guess what, he was British also :arghh:

Tom MorrowNov 02, 2014

Part of this is its an excuse to wear clothes we normally can't wear.

mergatroidNov 02, 2014

:D I'm a Brit and we're a 'hardy' bunch I can tell you. I'm always amazed in Florida to see guests and cm's in Disney wearing jumpers, coats, hats and gloves etc when the temperatures drop to what we would call warm. I'll be wearing just shorts and a t-shirt stood in line with people wearing jeans, jumpers and jackets thinking "What is it with you people" whilst no doubt they're looking at me thinking exactly the same thing :rolleyes: One year in December (I'll admit I'd underestimated the weather slightly that day) I stood wearing shorts and a t-shirt having a conversation with a man wearing a balaclava at one point :)

mp2billNov 02, 2014

Oh the irony of this headline! :p

fugawe09Nov 01, 2014

The general rule of thumb is that the water parks don't open when the daily high is predicted below 70. A couple of years ago they upped it from 50 because there would only be 4 British families in the whole park. My understanding is that 70 is the air temperature that the pool heaters can keep up with. With the wind today it wouldn't be much fun anyhow. But a little "winter weather" is OK, right? Since tomorrow is the start of "Christmas."

wdwstateofmindNov 01, 2014

It's not so much inclement weather as we have a high of 62 with 25 mph gusts today in sunny Central Florida. It's suppose to start dropping to the 40s before the sun goes down. That's some pretty great weather...if it was December or January. I think that speaks for itself. However, that being said they do heat the water to like 82 degrees and if not for the wind gusts it'd probably feel awesome until you got out of the water. We live in FL but we're from NJ; We've gone to TL when it was like 72 degrees out in March when they first open, there is only like 20 other people there and I highly recommend it.

ford91exploderNov 01, 2014

Not I, but there are "Polar Bear Clubs" who DO go swimming when it's below ZERO F.

Next Big ThingNov 01, 2014

The park closes fairly often this time of year when temps get down that low. Nothing new really.

Tom MorrowNov 01, 2014

but you still wouldn't go swimming in that weather (I hope)

1023Nov 01, 2014

Thanks Steve, I'll stick to MK tomorrow... *1023*

ford91exploderNov 01, 2014

Where I live people are wearing shorts when it's 44 and sunny out...

HakunamatataOct 31, 2014

Park management makes the decision to close based on predictions of inclement weather. ~HH~

Donald RazorduckOct 31, 2014

So, what are the usual guidelines for the waterparks to be closed?