Runoff Rapids water slides at Blizzard Beach closed for refurbishment

Jan 31, 2017 in "Blizzard Beach"

Posted: Tuesday January 31, 2017 10:31am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Runoff Rapids water slide at Disney's Blizzard Beach is closed for refurbishment.

Disney is yet to confirm a reopening date, but the work is expected to run through March 2017, with the slide expected to return to operation in the first week of April.

Runoff Rapids consists of three individual waterslides, with both open and enclosed tubes.

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ObobruNov 11, 2018

Does anyone know if the third slide will be fixed this winter? They never removed it when they fixed the other 2 and just left it overgrown and visible like they ran out of time.

HauntedPirateJan 14, 2018

My son and wife were at Blizzard Beach on Thursday. He said that only two of the three tubes at Runoff Rapids are open. Can anyone else confirm or deny this?

davis_unoxxJan 10, 2018

That's very unfortunate that they decided to do this!

ToTBellHopJan 10, 2018

No. Just tube slides that used to have the option of doubles and triples. They’ve physically scratched off the labels in the queues where you used to line up for a double or triple and have completely removed mention of the option from Not sure of the reasoning. We were more than a little frustrated though as our kids are too old for the toddler area, too young for the tween area, and too little for most of the other slides. They were daring enough for the downhill body slide, but otherwise it was the (awesome) family raft ride for us, wave pool, and lazy river. We had fun, but with the splash pads at many resorts now, we aren’t eager to return until the kids can swim well.

wdwmagicJan 10, 2018

Is that across the board? Including Crush n Gusher?

Walt dJan 10, 2018

Go to you tube put in kelly slater wave pool, thats what they need, but i no disney would never do it. I would never leave..

ToTBellHopJan 09, 2018


Mathew hJan 09, 2018

Is this for on the slides or in the lazy river?

davis_unoxxJan 09, 2018

Good point! Also cuts back on capacity a lot, does not seem like a good idea by Disney!

ToTBellHopJan 09, 2018

I went myself. Typhoon removed them, too. Sucks if your kids aren’t strong swimmers yet.

davis_unoxxJan 09, 2018

Did you see photos or a video where they did that?

Mathew hJan 09, 2018

Excellent! So excited!

ToTBellHopJan 09, 2018

Why did they get rid of the double and triple tubes?

THE Monorail LimeJan 09, 2018