Tickets now on sale for the reopening of Disney's Blizzard Beach water park

Jan 26, 2021 in "Blizzard Beach"

Tickets are now on sale for Blizzard Beach, the first of the two Walt Disney World water parks to reopen on March 7 2021.

A One-Day Water Park Ticket (without blockout dates) is now available for $69 + tax (Adult) and $63 + tax (ages 3 – 9). Other ticket options are also available. Tickets can be purchased online at and will remain valid through Dec. 31, 2021.

Both of Walt Disney World's water parks closed along with the rest of Walt Disney World in March 2020 due to COVID-19 and have remained closed despite the main four theme parks reopening. A reopening date for Typhoon Lagoon is not yet available.

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Article Posted: Jan 26, 2021 / 10:40am ET
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robhedin28 days ago

They've generally had one mini-golf open for a while now, the first up was Fantasia Gardens, then that closed and they opened Winter Summer Land (next to Blizzard Beach), now they're back to Fantasia Gardens again. We did Winter Summer Land in November.

techgeek29 days ago

I don’t have an inside perspective, but my guess as an educated outside observer is 2022. Too many factors at play with Typhoon. Likely soft demand for water parks this year. No new WP AP’s being sold yet. I think it’s the more expensive of the two parks to operate. Staffing shortage, since there’s been no push yet to bring on any PT / Seasonal / CP staff which is necessary to fill out the lifeguard roster. Likely only essential maintenance has taken place and it would be the harder of the two water parks to bring back online. Distancing and ‘mask zones’ harder to establish and enforce then at BB... the list goes on. Even if things flipped and demand was through the roof in early summer, they probably couldn’t flip the switch fast enough to bring it online before fall. Maybe if they take BB down for seasonal maintenance in the winter as was typical, it will wake up to take over. More likely I think both parks are dark again through winter 21/22, and return to some sort of ‘normal’ spring ‘22.

datbates29 days ago

Does anyone have any visibility as to when Typhoon Lagoon will open?

GoofGoof31 days ago

It re-opened mid-June and shut down for winter seasonality. It’s not closed due to Covid restrictions.

beefog31 days ago

Universal waterpark is not open I was just there 2 weeks ago

MansionButler84Jan 28, 2021

Chlorine and UV kill Covid. They’ll be fine!

note2001Jan 28, 2021

Kind of my point ;)

MansionButler84Jan 27, 2021

I doubt they will be. They’d need shot 1

GoofGoofJan 27, 2021

Universal has had their water park open since the summer without requiring masks in the lines for slides or in the pools. They still require masks when walking around in the theme parks. Not saying Disney can’t do something different than Universal and not saying this definitely won’t start the removal of the mask rules in the rest of the parks just that I don’t personally think it’s very likely. Just one person’s opinion.

beefogJan 27, 2021

This hopefully starts the losing of mask rules in the rest of the parks. I can walk around the waterpark to get on the next slide, and I am experiencing the water slide, why cant I walk from ride to ride in a different park without a mask? I already know this is a very unfavorable view on this board. So all you OMG you are going to die people for not wearing a mask need not reply, this is just one persons opinion.

ShookieJonesJan 27, 2021

Same here. We there in July and Universal handled everything amazingly in the US, IOA and VB. We honestly felt safe the entire time at VB. Social distancing was maintained, and the TapuTapu system was the bomb!

NeilHoytPAJan 27, 2021

100% SPOT ON!! BOOM!!

DznyGrlSDJan 27, 2021

I went to VB last fall before it closed and You needed to wear a mask coming in, locker areas, dining/retail locations, and that was it. Otherwise you're essentially going from ride-to-ride. Queues were all marked with distance stickers. I never felt "unsafe" because you're outdoors and relatively away from people.

GoofGoofJan 27, 2021

Yes, exactly. It would be easy to have a bunch of signs saying masks beyond this point. The way the park is laid out it’s pretty easy to do.