Blizzard Beach will be the first Disney water park to reopen in March 2021

Dec 22, 2020 in "Blizzard Beach"

Posted: Tuesday December 22, 2020 3:54pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that Blizzard Beach will be the first of the two Walt Disney World water parks to reopen on March 7 2021.

Disney had indicated back in September that one of the water parks would reopen, but did not specify at that time if it would be Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.

Both of Walt Disney World's water parks closed along with the rest of Walt Disney World in March 2020 due to COVID-19 and have remained closed despite the main four theme parks reopening. Disney has said that its focus is on a successful phased reopening of its hotels and main theme parks.

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CSJORDANMar 09, 2021

I supervise a lifeguard staff for a recreation department, we also have our lifeguards wear masks when on duty. The expectation is they will rip it off (can be done in less than a second) before entering the water. In all of our trainings, we practice this with scenarios, I am sure Disney is doing the same.

Giss NericMar 09, 2021

I prefer Typhoon Lagoon cause of the wave pool, Water parks will be in demand for sure cause it's the only place where masks is not really required to be worn since you're on the water most of the time. I hope they open Typhoon by summer.

DznyGrlSDMar 08, 2021

Probably not in 2021 - we'll see - it depends on the demand for the water parks vs available CMs to staff them. I wouldn't expect to see both of them open at the same time. I also don't forsee them selling APs this year. Again, with only 1 park open + limited capacity it doesn't make any sense. I'm not sure about allowing APs to ugprade to Platinum either.

djkidkazMar 08, 2021

Any rumors as to when typhoon will open? I would guess probably towards May when kids start to get out of school and the summer heat forces people to water parks? Also, would like to see the water park AP make a return soon. $70 for a one day ticket as a local is just not happening.

wdwmagicMar 08, 2021

Think it would be safe to say in an emergency the mask on the lifeguard would be either left in place or ripped off rapidly.

GoofGoofMar 08, 2021

Right which takes the same or less time it takes to pull your sunglasses off or a hat.

twilight mitsukMar 08, 2021

They take the mask off first

GoofGoofMar 08, 2021

Do you think the lifeguards won’t jump in now to save a drowning person? That’s a really bizarre comment.

HauntedPirateMar 08, 2021

If we end up going, Summit Plummet is my first stop. 😁 Hopefully I can convince one or two of my kids to do that slide as well. I still have a general fear of heights but I can do these types of slides now.

NelleBelleMar 08, 2021

Does it really take the lifeguard more than a second to rip the mask off to jump in and save someone?

surfsupdonMar 08, 2021

Great step forward. They just opened the wrong park!! Haha

crawaleMar 08, 2021

Why is the lifeguard wearing a mask? Suppose he has to jump in - doesn't make sense. More risk if you are drowning then from COVID.

JoeCamelMar 08, 2021

'71 said he saw one lone soul up on the drop slide

ToTBellHopMar 08, 2021

Thanks. I’ll be curious to see once it’s back in the 80s later this week.