Guests may be carrying fewer tubes when Blizzard Beach reopens from its current refurbishment

Aug 09, 2022 in "Blizzard Beach"

Posted: Tuesday August 9, 2022 9:14am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The latest refurbishment work at Blizzard Beach may be bringing some improvements that could significantly improve the guest experience.

The latest aerial photos of Blizzard Beach from @bioreconstruct appear to show a new conveyor belt system being assembled on the ground alongside a mobile crane which will presumably be used to assemble a tower crane on the new concrete pad to lift the new conveyor into position inside the park.

Conveyor belts are already used in some areas of the park to transport tubes from the bottom of the slide to the top, but some slides still require the riders to carry their own tubes.

It isn't clear if the new conveyor will be a replacement for an existing tube transport, or if it will be an addition to improve another slide.

The crane is close to Runoff Rapids, which consists of three slides and could benefit from a tube conveyor system. Adding further weight to Runoff Rapids being the new location for the conveyor system is recent construction at the edge of the splash down pool, which looks like it may become one of the anchors for the conveyor belt.

Blizzard Beach is currently closed and does not yet have a reopening date. Typhoon Lagoon is available as Walt Disney World's only operating water park at this time.

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AidanCKY3 days ago

Cool to see theyre making a visit here a bit nicer - Guessing theyve done this for liability reasons, I recall it was a bit tricky going up those stairs with a 2-person raft. Shame the conveyor looks awful, is unthemed and is highly visible. Blizzard Beach is a waterpark I really love, would be good to see it get a new slide or two.

DCBaker4 days ago

Disone13 days ago

Nah. The boat leaves about every 15 seconds at Epcot. I think they're doing okay.

Tbone172313 days ago

Does anyone think theyre missing the boat by not adding a "Frozen" attraction?

HauntedPirate14 days ago

Add some video screens and some contrived backstory and you can have the Wish's Aquamouse on land! You just don't get the 45 seconds of water ride after arriving at the top, you're just dumped on the ground and wished a magical day.

ToTBellHop14 days ago

Also, the barges are FAR worse than painted show buildings. One thing is in the periphery and noticeable when you look for it. The other is front and center, drawing attention. While I’m WS, I notice the tacos far more often than the Soarin building. It would be like replacing Cinderella Castle with an oil rig.

castlecake2.014 days ago

Something made them think the barges were bad or they wouldn’t be removing the show already

egg14 days ago

I ask you the same. I’m not the one saying something has changed. What would make them suddenly think the barges are a bad idea now vs. when they first brought them out… or built Tron, or Guardians, or Ratatouille? They repeatedly have demonstrated over the last 5 years that they do not care. That’s my “source.”

JoeCamel14 days ago

Why is a conveyor belt on a beach in a Blizzard?

eddie10414 days ago

How is a conveyor belt suppose to be themed ?

castlecake2.014 days ago


egg14 days ago

It did not teach them anything and no theming will be added.

Henry Mystic14 days ago

I love infrastructure improvements but I’m surprised they aren’t also adding an attraction on the same scale as Miss Adventure Falls.

JoeCamel14 days ago

I knew it! Plumbed for liquid nitrogen and sprinklers! Send Joe the intern up to break the ice off so we can get the belt running like a boat in the Bearing Sea