Disney's Blizzard Beach waterpark closed Friday and Saturday due to forecasted weather

Sep 06, 2017 in "Blizzard Beach"

Posted: Wednesday September 6, 2017 3:21pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Blizzard Beach water park will be closed Friday September 8 and Saturday September 9 2017 due to forecasted weather.

Typhoon Lagoon will continue to operate as normal on both days.

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MisterPenguinSep 07, 2017

Low attendance, and, I'm guessing, low staffing. CMs need to baton down their own hatches. And they'll need to start employing whoever they have to do prep work in getting ready for a hurricane. If they can get one water park ready, then the next day, they can get the other one done.

DavidS1234Sep 06, 2017

Yeah, I'll take that bet! lol...I mean, I know Disney has a pretty good sense of humor, but the comedic irony of keeping it open would die as soon as the first guest took an "unplanned aerial adventure".

peter11435Sep 06, 2017

The hurricane will not impact WDW Friday or Saturday. This closure is related to expected poor weather from regular Florida storms (not Irma) and expected low attendance.

JWGSep 06, 2017

Well sure, Typhoon Lagoon is built to handle a Typhoon, and therefore by design a hurricane... ;) Maybe by closing one, they're able to get it prepped for a potential event while not completely disturbing current guests. And, will then close Typhoon Lagoon later knowing they have the Blizzard Beach staff to support prep efforts.

Tavernacle12Sep 06, 2017

Why wouldn't they close both? Is Typhoon someone better built to withstand the storm?

Dead2009Sep 06, 2017

I dont think it would take rocket science to figure out why the parks are closing, lol.

monothingieSep 06, 2017

As soon as the NHC official warnings and watches come out, you'll see closings announced in mass. Expect watches within the next 24 hours for Florida with warnings coming in 48.

danyoung56Sep 06, 2017

I betcha by this time tomorrow they close down Typhoon Lagoon too.

monothingieSep 06, 2017

Yeah the weather looks awful on Friday and Saturday. I wish they'd just would have said for Hurricane Prep or cost savings or whatever...