Pandora - The World of Avatar now in soft opening

May 26, 2017 in "Pandora - The World of Avatar"

Posted: Friday May 26, 2017 10:16am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Pandora - The World of Avatar has soft opened today for all guests ahead of its official opening on Saturday May 27.

As always with soft opens, there is no guarantee of how long the land will be available, and attractions may stop operating at any time.

Wait times are currently around 60 minutes for both Flight of Passage and Na'vi River Journey.

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ravenMay 28, 2017

Maybe that naive CM needs to learn their job for their new role? The role that they started his 10 minutes before he encountered them? They could've asked a GS manager to check on it but they didn't. Don't shoot me for simply posting their story. A member here who jumped down my throats sent me a PM saying they had early EMH this morning as well. He said that I knew nothing about the current operation and that he knew everything about this weekends activities. Guess people are to quick to prove someone wrong, eh?

roj2323May 28, 2017

I'm still convinced they should paint it Go away green.

ScuttleMay 28, 2017

It's really really bad. I don't think it will ever be hidden. It's a good 20-30 feet above the tree tops.

ScuttleMay 27, 2017

Glad you enjoyed River Journey. I found the screen usage to add depth brilliant.

RSoxNo1May 26, 2017

Na'vi River Journey has layers and depth. From that standpoint alone it's better than Frozen Ever After. I do like how the scene doesn't end at the screens, that's a better use of them instead of going 3D glasses all the time. Having said that, I can see why people are saying it's boring. It's interesting to look at, and a solid C. If it had something else to elevate it (length, emotional attachment, thrill) it could easily be a D. Also, the Shaman of Songs was bigger than I expected. Flight of Passage is the best simulator only attraction in Florida. I'd like to experience it a few more times, but it's going to be tough for me to say it's as good as Spider-man or Forbidden Journey. The queue is very well done and the changing environments may help with boredom during the inevitable long waits. Also, from door opening (admittedly we didn't go right in) to getting off the ride was 10 1/2 minutes. That needs to improve. Flight of Passage is a solid E ticket and I wouldn't begrudge anyone for saying it's better or worse than Everest for the #2 or #3 ride in that park (Safaris is #1). I liked the snack and non alcoholic drink at pongu pongu, but I might order it without the boba balls next time. The cheeseburger pods were ok, but the bowls look good. I may try one of the bowls tomorrow. Overall, the land looks great, and I look forward to seeing it at night. I will say that they need to build up the vegetation around the show building though because it's far more visible than Everest ever was from the parking lot. Hopefully that's addressed within the next year.

simba2May 26, 2017

We were there just after Noon today and the area was slightly crowded but not crazy. Had no problem with ordering lunch via the app and service was quick. Windtraders was crowded but we were still able to adopt a banshee without any problem. No discounts on the Banshee but AP/DVC/CM discounts on everything else. The lines for the 2 rides were at 70-ish minutes each so we didn't bother. They do have a test seat out for Flight of Passage and while I am 5'3" and more than a little fluffy, it would have been borderline if I could ride or not. Glad to see they do have the test seat available. There are 2 photopass opportunities - one by the waterfall has a magic shot. They had rope lines ready for tomorrow's opening and I'm not going anywhere near AK the rest of the weekend ;)

roj2323May 26, 2017

They are still doing the preview for the boys and girls club of Florida from what I could tell and overhear but that's it. They have this place locked down like Fort Knox

gorillaballMay 26, 2017

And?? You can't drop that without a little feedback/review...

RSoxNo1May 26, 2017

Got on both today during exams previews. 45 minute waits for both in the morning.

francismMay 26, 2017

Just got back from Animal Kingdom having gone to the soft opening. I arrived a bit before noon and went straight to Pandora and the Flight of Passage. Standby wait was listed at 100 minutes, it looked like they were sending parties with wheelchairs and scooters into the Fast Pass line. Overheard a conversation between Disney employees saying they were likely not going to utilize the single rider queue any time in the near future. The line kept moving and it took an hour to get to the pre-show. I'm a bigger person and they had to 'click' me into the seat which was a tight fit but I was able to ride. Unfortunately, the ride broke down while we were on it, I'd say about 70-80% of the way through. The announcements made it seem like we were going to be taken out the way we came in so they could reset it but instead we were ushered out and they asked for tickets and magic bands to put a Fast Pass on it. They also said to check back in about 30 minutes. So I went over to the Safari and it was a walk on. The only type of animal I didn't get to see today were the lions. While on the ride, we got stuck for a bit and someone else who was riding mentioned that Pandora was closing at 2 and it was about 1:50. So as soon as we got off the ride I booked it over to Pandora and I think I just made it back in. They also cut the queues off for the rides at 2 but I didn't realize it at the time. Thankfully, my Fast Pass still worked for Flight of Passage. This time there were no technical issues. It's a great ride and I have little doubt it's going to be very popular. But that standby line is going to be brutal when they start accepting Fast Pass tomorrow. The line kept moving today and the queue is amazing but I can see 4 hour waits easily and that's going to make for some not so magical situations. On the way out I stopped over at the Navi River Journey where they told me the line was closed off for the day as they were having a special event in Pandora for the rest of the night. Glad I went over when I did instead of waiting for the evening, as I had considered going tonight to see the land in the dark. I have Fast Pass for the Navi River Journey tomorrow night but am waiting to see how bad the crowds over there look before venturing over. If the parking lot is closed to capacity it would definitely impact my going over.

LAKid53May 26, 2017

Wow, safari only a 10 minute walk on? Other than first thing in the morning, I've never experienced that.

Clyde BirdbrainMay 26, 2017

I didn't think it was that crowded. Could walk up to order right away at the restaurant and only a couple of people in front of us to get the pineapple lumpias (yum). FoP queue was almost entirely filled, yet it only took us 55 minutes. Line for NRJ was very long and extended way outside the regular queue area and the shop was very crowded with lots of people buying stuff. Rest of AK was definitely less crowded. Wait for safari was only 10 minutes when we left Pandora at 2pm.

LAKid53May 26, 2017

Was the land pretty crowded? Based upon the wait times I saw on the app, it must have been packed. Glad some of you got to experience it today - it's pretty amazing. I'm with both @wdwmagic and @Jones14 - tomorrow is going to be insane...and a holiday weekend. I'll wait to ride again when I return in November for the Wine & Dine Half. Hopefully, the crowds will have thinned a tad.

Clyde BirdbrainMay 26, 2017

Correct ... I just asked a CM and they are now closed.