FastPass+ reservations now available for Pandora - The World of Avatar

Mar 24, 2017 in "Pandora - The World of Avatar"

Posted: Friday March 24, 2017 7:05am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

My Disney Experience is now showing FastPass+ as available for Pandora - The World of Avatar.

FastPass+ is available for both Avatar Flight of Passage and Na'Vi River Journey, although only one can be selected as part of the initial three FP+ selections. 

Guests at Walt Disney World Resort hotels can reserve FastPass+ selections for the two attractions up to 60 days prior to check in, beginning today. For all other guests who have pre-purchased valid park admission, reservations will be available starting 30 days prior to their visit, beginning May 27, 2017.

Pandora - The World of Avatar opens May 27 2017 at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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becca_Mar 25, 2017

Looking at the app right now, you may only choose 1 pandora ride (River Journey OR Flights of Passage), and then 2 other experiences such as Everest, Dinosaur, Lion King, Nemo, It's tough to be a bug, Kali River, Kilimanjaro, Meet Favorite Disney Pals, Primeval Whirl, and ROL. So, you can pick ROL, River Journey/FOP, and something else from the lower tiered experiences.

travellermanMar 25, 2017

Are fastpasses for the Pandora rides the same teir as Rivers of Light? Or could I get both a Pandora ride and ROL?

nickysMar 25, 2017

The Pandora rides are a special tier 1. Your options are to chose 1 of these plus any other 2 non-Pandora fps OR any 3 non-Pandora fps.

doctornickMar 24, 2017

What would happen if all of the FP+ are taken for them ahead of time? Would other people only be able to pick 2 FP+? Could they pick 3 tier 2 options? (I'm posing a hypothetical question, not that I expect anyone to know...) When the 30 day window opens, I expect we'll find out the answer to this question because they will run out of FP+ for the two rides for the days right after the land officially opens. I'm just surprised they don't toss in some relatively worthless option in the tier just to give people an choice if the other run out.

RSoxNo1Mar 24, 2017

Fastpass+ site is very unstable right now. I could only book Fastpasses for myself on Firefox, but could book for others on Internet Explorer. I do not have a hotel reservation for Memorial Day weekend, so I can't confirm that it's only Na'vi River Journey and Flight of Passage in tier 1, but it does appear that's the case.

Jon81ukMar 24, 2017

Your 60 days opens on Tuesday 28th March for a stay commencing 27 May. Thats why its not working. You can book for April as that is the 30 day window.

donsullivanMar 24, 2017

Ah. That's different. When I connected It showed me and my AP as the Primary Guest but registered guests was 0 and unchangeable. If you are logged into your MDE account that looks like a bad link.

djdan888Mar 24, 2017

Man, no email for me either. I also have a resort stay booked for the weekend of May 27 and it won't let me fast pass past the end of April.. grr. Time to make call to Disney I guess.

tissandtullyMar 24, 2017

Yeah, this is all I see when I click on the link that ITM provided in their post.

donsullivanMar 24, 2017

These things always seem to have all kinds of issues with the registration process. Lots of people don't get the emails (I never do) and then the site is all kinds of wonky. I'm getting flashbacks to the mess for the Passholder Preview of New Fantasyland when the registration site simply did not work. Whole classes of Passholders like Premier were unable to register at all. This one seems a little better but the fact that some are getting email confirmation and others are not worries me. I made the mistake of not creating a PDF of the confirmation screen and with no email I'm not 100% that it's actually booked. The only confirmation I have is that if I retry, it fails.

lentestaMar 24, 2017

Woo! Me too.

tissandtullyMar 24, 2017

Yeah, I know how that works, looks like the site is just broken now, have confirmed with multiple people. I haven't got my e-mail yet, so maybe I have to wait for that.

donsullivanMar 24, 2017

The language in the registration says "you can only add Guests from your Family & Friends list who have opted to share "All My Plans" with you. Only one reservation per Passholder is permitted." Apparently if that is set up in your MDE profile, they all show up there and you can just go forward, or delete them as needed.

tissandtullyMar 24, 2017

This pass holder link isn't letting me add guests or even myself, so weird.