PHOTOS - Pandora The World of AVATAR construction

Sep 20, 2016 in "Pandora - The World of Avatar"

Pandora - The World of AVATAR construction

Today we have a look at construction taking place at Disney's Animal Kingdom on Pandora - The World of AVATAR.

Guests arriving by bus are getting a clear look at the backside of the land, with most of the trees lining the bus drop off area cleared.

The view from the bus stops gives an interesting look at what will mostly be backstage, although expect this view to change as the project progresses.

At the front of the park, guests are now getting a look at some beautiful floating mountains, which now look mostly complete.

Click the gallery for more AVATAR land construction photos.

Pandora - The World of AVATAR is expected to open in Spring 2017 with two attractions. The land's thrill ride is 'AVATAR Flight of Passage' is the centerpiece of Pandora, allowing guests to soar on a Banshee over the vast alien world. Na'vi River Journey is the land's second attraction, offering a D-Ticket class family river ride through Pandora's bioluminescent rainforest.

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Article Posted: Sep 20, 2016 / 12:17pm EDT