Churros return to Disney's Animal Kingdom

Dec 30, 2016 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Friday December 30, 2016 9:37am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Churros are back on the menu at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The popular fried-dough pastry snack is available at Dino Bites Snacks in DinoLand U.S.A., priced at $4.29 with chocolate sauce.

Churros were removed from Disney's Animal Kingdom back in February 2016.

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Cesar R MMar 01, 2017

You know, makes me wonder.. is there any place to buy fresh Mexican style churro roll with real cinnamon and browned sugar in Orlando or Anaheim?

disney4life2008Feb 27, 2017

Is it bad i have a Costco card just to eat in the cafe lol

dennis-in-ctFeb 27, 2017

You can always buy a 18" delicious churro at COSTCO for one dollar if you really have a craving :) !!

ford91exploderFeb 27, 2017

Yes but we must think of @hakunamatata whose metabolism is based on the regular consumption of WDW/DL Churros, Much like Zippy The Pinhead's race was dependent upon supplies of the preservative Sorbitol 80...

GoofyernmostFeb 26, 2017

I usually like most of the things that I get for snacks at Disney, but, have tried at least three times for the churro love and they reminded me of cardboard paper towel rolls scattered with Cinnamon Sugar and tougher then nails and dryer then a desert. I have officially given up on ever buying a churro at WDW.

Cesar R MFeb 26, 2017

Considering Disney's IT, they will probably deliver the churros to some dude in Disney Springs while you awaited yours at Magic Kingdom.

HakunamatataFeb 23, 2017

Its a tasty burden.

ford91exploderFeb 23, 2017

In other words 'another fine product of the plastics industry'... Apologies to @hakunamatata whose metabolism is based on churro consumption.

ford91exploderFeb 23, 2017

Amen brother!.

wdwfan4evaFeb 23, 2017

a little thread bump... Are the jalapeño pretzels still unavailable at any of the parks? asking for a friend :rolleyes:

HakunamatataDec 31, 2016

You should see me when I do my churro angels.

Goofyque'Dec 31, 2016

I'm all for food being delivered! (Maybe even here at home? ;)

LongLiveTheKingDec 31, 2016

"It's cinnamon sugar snow!"

Tavernacle12Dec 31, 2016

... so what're the chances my sweet baby jalapeño pretzels return next?