PHOTOS - New names and looks for snack kiosks at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Jan 21, 2016 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

New look snack kiosks at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Posted: Thursday January 21, 2016 9:56am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Throughout 2015 the snack kiosks at Disney's Animal Kingdom have been undergoing a makeover as part of the updates underway throughout the park.

The kiosks have all received a new look, featuring earthy tones instead of the bright pastel colors of the past. The updates were concluded late in December 2015 with the introduction of all new names and updates to the menus.

Here is a rundown of the new locations.

Eight Spoon Cafe

Previously called Beastly Kiosk, Eight Spoon Cafe offers Mac and Cheese, Pasta, Pretzels and beverages. You'll find it in the walkway between the entrance of Tough to be a Bug and Adventurer's Outpost. Full menu.

The Smiling Crocodile

Previously called Gardens Kiosk, The Smiling Crocodile offers Smokey Cheddar Grits, Chicken Drumsticks and beverages, including beer. Full menu.

Caravan Road

Previously called Bradley Falls, Caravan Road is on the walkway between Asia and Africa, and offers a Teriyaki Beef Slider, Edamame, Asian Noodle Salad and beverages. Full menu.

Mr. Kamal's

Also on the walkway between Asia and Africa, Mr. Kamal's has a new look, but no change of name. It continues to serve Samosa, Falafel, Hummus and beverages. Full menu.

Terra Treats

Previously called the Allergy Kiosk, Terra Treats is the place to go for gluten free and allergy friendly items. On offer is a Chicken Salad Sandwich, Hummus, Gluten Free doughnuts, bagels, muffin, cookies, cupcakes, fruit and beverages - including a gluten free beer. You can find it located just before the entrance to Africa on Discovery Island near Starbucks. Full menu.


Previously named Harambe Popcorn, Mahindi continues to offer popcorn and beverages. It is located across from Tusker House in Harambe. Full menu.


Originally called Maharajah Pretzel, Chakranadi is located near the entrance of the Maharajah Jungle Trek in Asia. The kiosk offers pretzels and beverages. Full menu.

The Feeding Ground

Back on Discovery Island near the entrance to Tough to Be a Bug is The Feeding Ground, previously called Discovery Island Popcorn. you'll find popcorn, frozen lemonade, margarita, and Island Punch, beer and soft drinks. Full menu.

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mm121Jan 22, 2016

anyone have any "before" pics of these?

matt9112Jan 21, 2016

also wanted to add that EPCOT is my wow park visually for some reason...if it can be whole again....

matt9112Jan 21, 2016

keep in mind EPCOTs numbers are inflated to the moon with festivals. in its current shape i dont think it holds a candle even attendance wise if you subtract all dates when a "major festival" is going on...we can leave Christmas in because MK gets a buff there too. but food and wine,flower, ect

Coaster LoverJan 21, 2016

Truly (arguably) the most beautiful stateside Disney parks! It surprises me that this park's attendance numbers are closer to Hollywood Studios and nearly a million guests below EPCOT... well, hopefully with the new major lands at AK and HS, it will push EPCOT to last and they will finally give that park some much needed attention...

Timothy_QJan 21, 2016

Just a reminder of how beautifully designed those kiosks at AK are. Especially love Caravan Road. And these new colors are stunning. Very mature choices

DManRightHereJan 21, 2016

The new food sounds AWESOME. I am definitely going to try the lobster mac and cheese. Teriyaki beef sliders and edimame sounds good too!

Jon81ukJan 21, 2016

Animal Kingdom does seem to be the best park for getting savoury items that are snack credits

jmmcJan 21, 2016

Nice to see anything at the parks "freshening up", but I will say I'm glad that even though they're toning down some of the bright colors, the stands are still colorful. Just more subdued. I still am not completely on board with Discovery Island going that route.

dupacJan 21, 2016

Just a quick question, and nothing too major. I was looking at the Smiling Crocodile full menu and didn't see the specified "Smokey Cheddar Grits" or the chicken drumsticks. Just curious!

wdwmagicJan 21, 2016

This is certainly the case for DAK, but Epcot is still falling badly behind. Studios is hopefully turning a corner.

Goofyque'Jan 21, 2016

Great update!! Would totally rather eat at Eight Spoon than Beastly kiosk! Updated looks are great, and the newer menus in the last year may require a whole week to get through!

DVCOwnerJan 21, 2016

For those that disagree with me that Disney is trying to improve the parks, this shows that they are putting money into the little details. These details are what made Disney great and shows that Disney has returned to that Standard at Walt Disney World.

wdwmagicJan 21, 2016

Yeah DAK just keeps getting better and better. :) Great to see.