AVATAR land likely construction locations

Sep 20, 2011 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Tuesday September 20, 2011 2:55pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff
With today's massive announcement of an AVATAR-themed land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom, speculation is now turning to where exactly the land will be built.  Since opening day, Disney's Animal Kingdom has had two main areas reserved for future expansion.  Firstly, the area to the west of the park, and currently occupied by Camp Minnie-Mickey, is a strong contender.  Originally planned for Beastly Kingdom, this area was largely put together as the park neared opening as a somewhat temporary "stop gap" until the next wave of construction could begin. 

The second likely area that has been cleared and prepared for expansion is the area to the north of the park, just beyond Asia.  This plot of land was prepped around the time of Kali Rapids for future expansion.

Click on the thumbnail below for a satellite view of the area, and the two areas mentioned above boxed in red.

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