PHOTOS - Artists begin the 'Raya and the Last Dragon' sand sculpture at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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'Raya and the Last Dragon' sand sculpture - Day 1

Earlier today at Disney's Animal Kingdom, artists began working on a 40-ton sand sculpture celebrating the new film 'Raya and the last Dragon.'

The display on the Discovery Island stage across from the Flame Tree will feature Raya, Tuk Tuk, Sisu the last dragon and the Ongi, all set in the fantasy world of Kumandra.

It takes a team of two sand sculpture artists over 24 hours to build and carve the display made entirely from sand.

Guests will have the opportunity to watch the artisans at work February 19 through 21 and the carving will remain on display at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a limited time through the end of March.

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Article Posted: Feb 19, 2021 / 11:22am ET
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GimpYancIent5 hours ago

Sure. Let's see the box office results and merchandise sales numbers.

Cmdr_Crimson6 hours ago

I'm sure down the road Raya will become a face character but I do question if they will have Sisu or Tuk Tuk...

aliceismad9 hours ago

Raya isn't based on Chinese lore. It takes inspiration from Southeast Asian cultures. Also, even if it was, not liking one story because you didn't like a completely different story about the same culture seems, uh, a bit much.

DCBaker14 hours ago

MrPromey15 hours ago

Yep, someone else kind of pointed that out, earlier. My bad. :)

Piebald19 hours ago

That's like saying Coco was made to appeal to Uruguayans or Chileans. Raya doesnt seem to take much from Chinese culture at all from what I've seen in the trailers. Its also getting pretty good reviews.

GimpYancIent20 hours ago

Great sand sculpture KUDO's to the artist! As for the movie MEH not enthused to see it. The live action Mulan took the shine off stories supposedly based on Chinese lore. Kung Fu Panda is more interesting at this point.

Dizmentia1 day ago

Animal Kingdom Asia McDonald's Happy Meal coming soon...I mean, Raya and the Last Dragon.🐲

Touchdown9 days ago

It’s actually not, this film borrows elements from Southeast Asia (countries south of China) and is not Chinese in the same way Coco isn’t an American inspired film.

MrPromey9 days ago

Got the impression from the start, which seemed confirmed by the trailers that this movie's main purpose was to appeal to the Chinese market. Having watched the live action Mulan, I feel the exact same way about that one. Just doesn't seem like the primary focus of either of these are the US which would explain why Disney's so cool with releasing them this way. They probably weren't expecting huge things over here for either of them so they're good projects to use for experimenting with release formats.

DCBaker9 days ago

Touchdown10 days ago

I feel like PatF-Moana represented an era “the revival” but ever since (the totally justifiable) departure of John Lassiter Disney movies have lost a step and are not of the same quality. I am hoping Raya reverses course (it is after all the first original film since Moana) but I’m not sure it will.

tcool12310 days ago

I would say we our in the midst of a modern animated Disney Renaissance, much like the 90's one every WDAS film starting with Princess and the Frog has been a financial success. Just like the Renaissance in the 90's not every film is a critical darling (Pocahontas and Hercules), and we already have a sequel that's frequently forgotten about (Winnie the Pooh is this Renaissance's Rescuers Down Under).