Disney Teases 'Encanto' and 'Indiana Jones'-themed experiences for Animal Kingdom's big refresh

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Tropical Americas Encanto land concept art at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Posted: Saturday September 9, 2023 10:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

New experiences inspired by "Encanto" – the Academy Award winning Walt Disney Animation Studios film – and the fan-favorite adventurer Indiana Jones are being considered for the reimagined DinoLand U.S.A. at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The new land themed to the tropical Americas would replace the entire Dino-Land U.S.A. area, with Indiana Jones replacing the existing Dinosaur ride, and Encanto replacing Dino-Rama. This latest concept also suggests that Disney has abandoned the plans for Moana and Zootopia in this area of the park.

Imagineering Boss Bruce Vaughn said, "Imagine a land filled with authentic experiences from this part of the world. With all of the placemaking and storytelling you'd expect. Look, it's a beautiful region to explore and has been the inspiration for so many magical stories over the years. We're looking forward to bringing all of that to life"

Vaughn contninued, "Imagineering has been talking about stories from this part of the world; Encanto with Indiana Jones just rose to the top. They give us so much to play with. We have a long way to go now and a lot more to discover. But our team here in Florida is all over it."

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CheechChongy1225 hours ago

Hope you never touch a screenplay in your life

Mike S6 hours ago

I was born in 93 and always thought it was good. I also enjoy Crystal Skull more than Dial. It was actually fun and didn’t end with him whining to die. The only scene in that movie I could do without is the monkey swinging. Indy 5 should’ve been a role reversal of Last Crusade with Shia coming back. There, I said it.

Rhinocerous12 hours ago

Not luck. Ancient temple layouts were standardized. Aliens designed them that way. (Lazy imagineering transcends species.)

EPCOT-O.G.18 hours ago

Pre-1995 also had two of the greatest action-adventure films of all time, one of the greatest “point and click” pc games of all time, a pretty decent arcade game and console game. But the two eras totally the same.

DKampy20 hours ago

That’s what makes film great… it is all subjective… it all hits us different… if I were to rank the Indy movies… Dial would be in the middle at 3

rle4lunch20 hours ago

Dial was fine, but it felt slow and tired. It lacked the fun of the others (even crystal skull). It got rid of the cartoon antics of crystal, but lacked the enthusiasm that Indy naturally conveys. I know he's supposed to be depressed and down on his life, but even when he got excited in Dial, the Harrison Ford spark wasn't there. I also felt the musical score could've been done better to carry more excitement to certain scenes.

ToTBellHop21 hours ago

Shockingly, I formed my own opinion. If I cared about what was popular, I wouldn’t have spent $50 to take my family. It was…fine. But entirely unnecessary since they already made the “Indy is old” movie. Marion leaving him over their son dying was bizarre and it was clear this was caused by Shia being weird. Terrible reason for a terrible plot line. The female lead was extremely unlikable but we are supposed to suddenly like her at the end? And her hammer fist was laughably stupid. Shall I go on? I actually wanted to like it. That’s why I went in spite of the press. Villain was fun but Mads is always excellent.

Bocabear21 hours ago

really liked Temple Of Doom... it was fast-paced fun, and despite it not being the best film of the series , still holds up. Yes there were better ones, but it was still a fun installment. I wish they had built the original Indiana Jones treatment that included the ride, plus a roller coaster through the mines, walk-through exploration trails, and even a train pass-through. Sadly none of the iterations of the Indiana Jones have been fleshed out... I think if they did, it would be a smash hit...

JustInTime21 hours ago

Doom is my favorite 🫣

JustInTime21 hours ago

Pshhh Dial was good. It wasn’t mind blowing but way better than expected. Just popular to be a hater, honestly.

999th Happy Haunt21 hours ago

Dumb luck of Indiana Jones to come across three separate temples across the world with identical interior layouts

SomePixieDust1 day ago

Your opinion is more common than you think.

CheechChongy1221 day ago

Before Indy DL there already existed a bad Indy film, few so so novels and comics, a lackluster prequel show that ended quickly, and just 1 good game coupled with lackluster games as well. Not that much different than before. But again, rose tinted glasses

ToTBellHop1 day ago

Guests are invited to ride in wheelchair omnimover cars with Grandpa Jones?