New 'Winged Encounters - The Kingdom Takes Flight' macaw experience will open at Disney's Animal Kingdom this summer

May 07, 2014 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday May 7, 2014 9:17am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom will debut a new macaw experience this summer on Discovery Island.

Called 'Winged Encounters - The Kingdom Takes Flight,' the experience will give guests up-close encounters with the birds and experts, and a chance to see the macaws fly around the island. 

Rehearsals are underway now, so you may just see a few macaws taking flight around Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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onnianfageMar 14, 2015

Flights of Wonder is my favorite show on property.

WDWtravelerMar 13, 2015

Photo update as of Friday, Mar 13. Here is the new location on the left side of the Tree of Life plaza.

ratherbeinwdwMar 11, 2015

We saw this also during emh's in October. We use to have macaws and cockatoos so I know how intelligent they are. We thought they had "escaped". They actually landed in the trees. It was such a great feeling seeing these beautiful birds flying free. They can escape from just about anything unless it's made of metal. We had one that totally chewed the door jam around our patio doors off before we even realized what he had been doing. The jam was behind a curtain close to his perch, so we didn't notice it for a while.

sshindelMar 11, 2015

Yeah, now the Brookfield Zoo owns the Stink Palace.

FigmentJediMar 11, 2015

I hear that. Back when Lincoln Park Zoo had a Penguin house, I decided on referring to it "The Stink Palace".

backinactionMar 11, 2015

go to seaworld, they just added a great penguin exhibit, and also a trackless darkride.

wdriveMar 11, 2015

So are the Citizens of Buena Vista Street.

drew81Mar 10, 2015

I'm eagerly anticipating the day they announce the "Race of the Snow Leopards" around the Tree of Life.

halltdMar 10, 2015

Come on, the Citizens of Hollywood are hysterical!

wdriveMar 10, 2015

While you are very correct, Disneyland still blows WDW out of the water in terms of street entertainment.

Little Green MenMar 10, 2015

WDW has these still. MK has the Barbershop quartet, the piano player outside Casey's, the Mayor of Main Street. EPCOT has these in most World Showcase pavilions, from mariachi bands to Voices of Liberty and the Jammitors in Future World. While DHS has streetmosphere on Hollywood and Sunset.

J_CariocaMar 10, 2015

I saw the practice for this in October! We were walking through Asia just between Yak and Yeti and Flights of Wonder and saw the macaws fly over and towards the tree of life. It was great.

Figments FriendMar 10, 2015

This still takes place on a daily basis at a little Park out in California called *Disneyland*. :)

216bruceMar 10, 2015

Agreed. I have accepted Guano Joe as my personal saviour.