American Film Institute Showcase permanently closing at the end of this week

Aug 14, 2014 in "American Film Institute Showcase"

Posted: Thursday August 14, 2014 11:00am eDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The American Film Institute Showcase will be permanently closing on Sunday August 17 2014.

The exhibit, located at the end of the Studio Backlot Lot, features props, costumes and memorabilia from current and past movies. The collectibles gift shop at the exit will also close.

The Studio Backlot Tour will continue to operate, but guests will no longer exit through that building.

Disney has not yet announced any plans for the space.

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Can we go yet?Aug 22, 2014

So what happens to all that cool stuff? Walt's signature? This is upsetting. No reason to go on the Backlot tour now.

BoltAug 22, 2014

FYI - Backlot is closed for refurbishment all day.

omuriceAug 19, 2014

You're right about replacement, it's shocking when buildings sit empty. I'd rather believe in about 7 years, we could have more to do than now, in terms of attractions. What I'm concerned about is if they cut the human element out in favor "push-button" attractions. Live performers is what makes this park unique, and one by one all over the resort, except for a few M&Gs flourishing beyond all expectation, things that feature live performers are tending to get cut. I want some E-tickets like everyone else. But whether you call it Disney's Hollywood, or Hollywood Adventure, or whatever, hope they can remember - live performers are the soul of this park!

zooeyAug 19, 2014

I remember going on the backlot tour in 89 when the park first opened, but I didn't go on this as an adult when I started going back to the parks a few years ago. This AFI exhibit is something I would have really enjoyed. I had no idea it even existed! Everyone always said the backlot tour wasn't worth it anymore, but I didn't know a mini museum was at the end...

FrankLapidusAug 19, 2014

Disappointed to see it close, the Backlot Tour is a sad, pale shadow of what it once was and I thought the exhibit was one of the very few worthwhile things left. It feels too much to hope for a quality replacement at DHS these days but hopefully the end game for the park will be worthwhile.

wdwmagicAug 19, 2014

PHOTOS - A final look at the now closed American Film Institute Showcase

danlb_2000Aug 19, 2014

How are Star Wars land and LMA in anyway comparable?

Jon CoppingerAug 18, 2014

Disney bring the TV/MOVIES back to the studios. Don't bring Star Wars land you seen what happend to Lights Motor Action.

willtravelAug 18, 2014

If it is all behind glass that would work. If not, I would be concerned what would happen to the sets.

IgnohippoAug 18, 2014

I saw this news this morning as was completely blown away. So upset to see it leaving. IMO, this is the type of thing there should be MORE of – not less. If anything, I'd like to see The Great Movie Ride changed to a walkthrough where you can actually walk around the sets of some of your favorite movies and see the actual props and costumes. Especially the Star Wars stuff. So sad to see it go. The only thing I can figure is that the contract came up and the Backlot Tour's days are truly numbered this time. Why they couldn't extend the AFI's contract until that happens is beyond me though. Maybe, sadly, it's just too expensive to continue – which would be a truly pathetic reason.

mahnamahna101Aug 18, 2014

Oh... never thought Bette Midler would ever be the star of a theme park dance party :p must be way too young to remember!

DisneyGentlemanAug 17, 2014

Actually not - it was meant to reflect the loss of the movie that starred Bette in the original tour.

BiffyClyroAug 17, 2014

I swear those dance parties were created i order to make a part of your soul die.

mp2billAug 17, 2014

So cynical...