PHOTO - New ground clearing taking place behind Harambe in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Jun 04, 2014 in "Africa"

Construction walls have been visible in Harambe between Mobassa Marketplace and the entrance to the Wildlife Express for a couple of weeks. But a new image from aerial photographer Scott Keating shows just how extensive this area is.

The cleared land stretches all the way along the east side of Harambe, behind the Asia walkway, to a backstage service road. In total, the area being worked on is bigger than the original Harambe. Originally, this piece of land was full of trees.

The park has recently significantly extended Africa with the new Harambe Theatre, and it looks like they may not be finished. Nothing has been announced for this area, nor is there any reliable speculation on what is happening. Anyone know more about the plans for this area?

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Article Posted: Jun 04, 2014 / 1:00pm EDT