PHOTOS - Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame goes behind walls

Oct 20, 2016 in "Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame"

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame closed
Posted: Thursday October 20, 2016 9:42am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame at Disney's Hollywood Studios is now behind construction walls.

Disney has not yet made any official announcement, but it is speculated that the exhibit is being removed.

Dating back to 1946, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame recognizes the outstanding and enduring contributions to the television medium.

Those honored with bronze busts at the Disney's Hollywood Studios exhibit include:

Walt Disney, Lucille Ball, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Newhart, Dick Clark, Andy Griffith, Betty White, Barbara Walters.

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Kman101Mar 25, 2017

So what's going on with Starring Rolls? Still closed? Are they looking at putting something else there?

MisterPenguinMar 25, 2017

That's what folks said at the time, however, since DHS closed down some of their other kiosks and Starring Rolls, that might be a sign they don't need more food kiosks. I know this past Holiday Season, management at DHS were scouting places to put extra food carts for the holiday crowds, but, that's all gone now. Perhaps if they're big summer crowds, they can put the food carts there.

Cmdr_CrimsonMar 25, 2017

Wait....Wasn't their a plan of adding another food Kiosk in this spot at one point?

WDWtravelerMar 24, 2017

Photo update as of Friday, March 24. The overgrown vegetation has been trimmed back to display the original lattice framework.

GoofyernmostDec 03, 2016

Seems likely and reasonably so. DHS has not been a movie studio or even have that full blown theme for a long, long time. Really there was nothing special about that area, nothing exciting or even all that informative. It is a minor loss. A place that most people have just walked by over the last decade. Whatever, theme that the park takes on, probably mostly about movies and sci fy, it is no longer the place where movies are made. This transition is long overdue. But, really, concern about that Academy area is way over done.

MisterPenguinDec 03, 2016

Yes. Yes it is. Without the theme of "the making of movies/TV" and moving to "experiencing and being in the worlds/universes of movies", DHS will eventually become mostly IP Lands. There might be a safe haven for Hollywood and Sunset Blvds to be a "Land" of "Hollywood Magic"... but maybe someday it'll be a "Super Hero IPs We're Allowed To Use in Orlando Land."

The Empress LillyDec 03, 2016

'Nothing...' Is this an exercise in stripping DHS from a general movie park into a Disney property exposure park?

danlb_2000Dec 03, 2016

From bioreconstruct.

RteetzDec 03, 2016

Bioreconstruct on twitter does.

YodaManDec 02, 2016

It's the same as it was, just without the busts or statues or signs. So they could easily add a temporary food stand there as there is now a lot of space. But now there doesn't have to permanently be one in that space.

MisterPenguinDec 02, 2016

It's The Emporer's New Cafeteria.

Ryan H. SerowinskiDec 02, 2016

Boo!!!!!! :(

YodaManDec 02, 2016

Well, the walls are down. And there's nothing there. It's just an empty plaza.

elchippoNov 29, 2016

I would imagine its going to be pretty simple-a glorified cart maybe with seating? It's not much space.