PHOTOS - 'A Frozen Holiday Wish' castle lighting show at the Magic Kingdom

Nov 06, 2014 in "A Frozen Holiday Wish"

A Frozen Holiday Wish opening show
Posted: Thursday November 6, 2014 10:26am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

We have a new photo gallery from last night's opening performance of the new Magic Kingdom castle lighting show for the holidays - 'A Frozen Holiday Wish.'

Join Anna, Elsa, Fristoff and Olaf as Cinderella Castle is lit in a whole new way. Click the gallery for all the photos.

You can also see a full video of the show from our earlier update.

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FigmentsFangirlJan 12, 2015

I really wish they'd continue at least until the end of January! My parents 47th anniversary is on the 19th and we head down this weekend to see Disney World after so long {since Sept last year} I really wanted to see the show live

BoltJan 05, 2015

Not sure on the shelf life of those lights.

golden jamesJan 05, 2015

To be honest I think this latest two week run of fireworks is a test. I mean why would they put them on for the first two weeks of the slowest month. I personally think that should this two week run prove successful on the gate then this will be extended until the end of the moth or further

Yankee MouseJan 05, 2015

They might as well just rename it elsa's castle and stop pretending. Then they can keep the lights on all year and continue to milk the cash cow. And while I don't mind the decorations too much I really don't want to hear Christmas music throughout the park anymore. It was so nice to hear the classic park music at epcot yesterday.

FantasmicguyJan 04, 2015

Or maybe even an American park could do it

Next Big ThingJan 04, 2015

No, not literally. You obviously didn't get the level of inappropriateness in the comment, hence the ":cool:"

cjk0318Jan 04, 2015

Jan 10 is the end of the Holiday's at the MK

Sped2424Jan 04, 2015

Does anyone know when all the Christmas decorations dissappear?

ToTBellHopJan 04, 2015

Yes, it is. Because my favorite vacation destination is happy to oblige. Perhaps you and the other grinches can wear sunglasses at night to shield your eyes from those hideous, hated lights for one more week.

MagicHappens1971Jan 03, 2015

They're just bluish/whitish lights! They're not illegal to be used after christmas.

Horizons1Jan 03, 2015

Well, good for you.

Horizons1Jan 03, 2015

Boy, TDO loves that mindset.

Matt_BlackJan 03, 2015

That too. Also, the Force will be with you. Always.

note2001Jan 03, 2015

Wait... I was told that the saying was "Keep Disney in your heart all the year round." ;) (probably by a mouse named Mickey)