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"The place for toys"
Reviewed on Oct 03, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 9  
Of all the souveniers that Disney has to offer, this shop focuses on the toys and games, and plenty it has. There are numerous sections to it and the shop carries everything to board games to lightsabers. The selection is almost unmatched. The outside theming and surrounding area is impressive as well.
"the kid in you"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2004 by fanofdinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
I love being a big kid in this store! disney themed games, stuffed animals (my husband got two ewoks from the star wars series. I have never seen him so amused.) and other such fun. it is quite fun to see the set up monorail system, and the 'life' game pieces on the celing. a must go for any kid of any size.
"Toys R Us is jealous"
Reviewed on Jun 22, 2003 by trendymagic
Rating: Not rated  
A great store to get almost any toy you want. As well you can create many toys and sets to meet your own personal needs.
"Great Theming"
Reviewed on Mar 13, 2003 by SJTSmith
Rating: Not rated  
This is a great place to go if you like Disney toys. The theming is great and there is always something to look at. The prices are typical disney prices.
"Too creative!"
Reviewed on Nov 10, 2002 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
While this store is one of the best I've seen at Disney, I am **extremely** disappointed with the price of the items. Planning to buy a few games, I couldn't even purchase the Haunted Mansion Clue (40 dollars is a bit too much for me). So I enjoy to go in to watch models and great theming, there is creativity at its best, but I usually exit grumbling at the prices.
Reviewed on Oct 25, 2002 by Minnie85
Rating: Not rated  
When i went this was one of the newest store in DTD. I think this was the store that you can print stickers to put on packages that you but and sent it back to your room without having to cart them around WDW. I think that was also the place that had Haunted Mansion clue and all the ride minatures!
Reviewed on Sep 20, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
If your tired of every disney store being the same this store is for you. It has 5 themed rooms with something for everyone.The crowds can be tiring but hopefully they will thin out as the newness of the store wears off.
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by tmp
Rating: Not rated  
We went to the store the first week it open and loved it. I thought it was going to be just another toy store, but I was wrong. The selection is great from the Disney themed board games to the Make a Mr. Potato head doll makes this one of the toy stores I have seen.
"The best new store!!"
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2002 by mktiggerman
Rating: Not rated  
Go here! Spend money! Do it Do it Do it! This store is a refreshing alternative to the latest batch of WDW merchandise location, which all seem to offer the exact same things. In this partnership with Hasbro, WDW Guests can purchase most Hasbro and WDW toys, as well as many specially themed Hasbro classics (Disney Park Monopoly anyone? How about Wilderness Lodge Lincoln Logs?). It is a breath of fresh air in the oversaturated WDW Merchandise department. I hope most, if not all new WDW stores are this original.
"not just for kids"
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2002 by Eeyore
Rating: Not rated  
Once Upon a Toy is the newest addition to Downtown Disney. They carry some Disney themed merchandise that is only available there: Haunted Mansion Clue, Walt Disney World Monopoly, Disney theme park Mr Potato Head, and more. One of the biggest draws of this store seems to be the build your own Mr Potato Head station. Good luck if you try to do this, I've never seen people so cut throat at WDW, LOL. Right now there is a novelty factor with this store and, in my experience, it is packed at all hours, with crowds centered in the first two rooms. These two rooms contain the Disney themed merchandise. They have some really great stuff, brave the crowds and check it out.
Once Upon a Toy
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