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Downtown Disney Resort Area
Reader rating Reader rating 9.4 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 9.4  
"Great resort!"
Reviewed on May 12, 2015 by hull327
Rating: 10  
Absolutely wonderful moderate resort. Main dining area and pool are within walking distance of every room. Bus service was great.
"Wonderful, exceeded all expectations"
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2014 by Konor
Rating: 10  
With a family who thinks change is bad I really had to sell us moving from one of the All-Star resorts to French Quarter. With that being said the kids are now the ones who are pushing to make sure we stay there every time we go back to Disneyworld.

The atmosphere was wonderful, it was quiet, it was scenic, it was...well you get the drift. The rooms are not 5 star suites but who actually goes to Disneyworld for the rooms? The big selling point to me going into our last trip was the more central location to the four parks compared to All-Stars and that didn't disappoint as well. We shared a park bound bus with Riverside exactly once in our 10-day trip, we did share it many times on the way home but French Quarter lets off first so it didn't matter.

Food is another thing that is possibly lacking but with the parks, especially Epcot, so close and Riverside a relaxing walk away you can get anything you want in minutes.
"Loved it!"
Reviewed on Jul 07, 2014 by LT - Canada
Rating: 9  
Loved the resort, would go back any time. My only (small) complaint is the size of the rooms. They could be a little bigger (but all the other good things make up for that).

Loved the atmosphere, service, the pool, the convenient restaurant, the grounds (next to the river with the river boat-taxi). Loved the background music (dixie-land/jazz).
"Amazing Resort!!!"
Reviewed on May 25, 2014 by Shane St. Pierre
Rating: 10  
Let me begin this review by stating that I actually am for the city of New Orleans. With that being said I found this hotel to be absolutely amazing. I stayed here during my summer 2013 trip during late July. It was fabulous. The decor of the entire resort is almost an exact replica of what you would get in the French Quarter of NO. When you walk into the lobby you are first hit with that classic new orleans style architecture and decor. Truly amazing. But the hotel doesn't stop there. It follows the architecture up with the laid back atmosphere of the crescent city. I was shockingly surprised to see the quiet and relaxing vibe of the entire resort. The resort also aces the test in the food department. To me it offers a step above the average hotel food court with its fantastic big easy inspired dishes. It was especially good to me because I could get a piece of home at the food court while I was away. The rooms are the same as pretty much the rest of the moderate/value hotels. Which isn't bad as I have never been uncomfortable at a Disney Resort. Overall I found this hotel to be excellent. It gives you the feel of being in the French Quarter ( without all the partying of course ;)), it is a very peaceful and relaxing hotel, and the you cannot go wrong with most of the food selections and the food court. I would recommend Disney goers to at least experience this hotel at least once. It has become my hotel of choice.
"Fantastic Resort!!!"
Reviewed on May 12, 2014 by Hayden
Rating: 10  
This is a Fantastic Resort. This resort may be a moderate resort but it is just as good, if not better, than its next door neighbours Saratoga and Old Key West.

French Quarter is a lovely, friendly, pleasing resort which wont disappoint. Stayed here in Summer 2013 and the resort made me and the family so happy it truly is a great place to stay. The size of the FQ makes it great for accessibility, even at the furthest room it took around four mins at a brisk walk to get to the food court and pool area, compared to Riverside which is a good 10 mins brisk walk.

Staff are friendly, great rooms, fantastic location and atmosphere. Everything you expect from Disney.
"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this resort!!!"
Reviewed on Apr 30, 2014 by Stephanie
Rating: 10  
We stayed here in November 2012 and can't wait to go back again. The resort is very small, so it is easy to walk around - you will NOT get lost, as is the case with a lot of other resorts. We stayed in Building 4 and it is steps away from the main building and quick dine restaurant. My husband would go and grab food for us each morning and supper and he was back in minutes.

Did I mention the beignets? OMG the best tasting thing you've ever had.

My kids loved the dragon slide pool. It isn't huge, but it does the trick.

The bussing system is great. Sometimes shares with Riverside, but mostly devoted to FQ. When it does share, FQ is usually picked up and dropped off first, so there's a plus (I've also stayed at Riverside so I can attest to this from both perspectives).

The boat will take you to Downtown Disney which is handy, although give yourself some time. The boat drives pretty slowly, so if you have a reservation to get to, keep this in mind.

The rooms are spacious and have everything you could need. The housekeeping did a nice job every day of cleaning the room and leaving special little 'towel' objects for my kids. We stayed for almost 2 weeks and not a problem in the whole time period we were there.

Overall, this is our favorite Disney resort. We've stayed at all of the Moderates and this is by far our favorite. Food, location, price, small size, bussing, we loved it all.
"One of the best"
Reviewed on Jan 23, 2014 by Konor
Rating: 9  
There is nothing that will disappoint you about this resort. It is smaller, has a wonderful dining, gorgeous scenery, and best of all it is centrally located in the WDW resort complex. Once in a great while you would share a bus with POR but for most part you had your own bus and are no more than 15 minutes from any of the parks.
"We would stay there again."
Reviewed on Jan 07, 2014 by Ray Nashville
Rating: 9  
Friends recommended French Quarter on the basis of being quiet, secluded, and much smaller than some of the other moderate resorts.

They were right. Compare a map of French Quarter to the other moderate resorts and you will see that everything at French Quarter is very convenient to all the rooms. I would not want to stay at a larger resort with long walks to the lobby, pool, restaurant, and bus station. Nor would I want the morning crowds at the bus station and restaurants that a larger resort would have.

The rooms, architecture, and landscaping are attractive (so much better than the ugly value resorts) and immaculate but nothing spectacular. But this isn't the Polynesian or Animal Kingdom Lodge. We had a pleasant view of a sunny courtyard garden with a fountain.

My kids loved the dragon slide in the pool. The restaurant served a good breakfast with lots of choices. The staff was very helpful.

(My only complaint is the quality of the mattresses; they seemed to sag and I ended up being more comfortable on foam egg crates on the floor--but this is a frequent complaint for me at hotels of every price point.)

Overall, I believe the other reviews when they say this is the best moderate resort at Disney. If you want something better on property you're going to have to more--much more--for a deluxe resort.
Reviewed on Jul 17, 2013 by DisneyLemons
Rating: 7  
Nice theme - very quiet resort. Grounds were beautiful and relaxing.
"Best Moderate- Felt Like Deluxe!!!"
Reviewed on Jun 01, 2013 by Jake Ryan- Forum Member
Rating: 10  
The Port Orleans French Quarter is a very nice moderate resort that feels like a deluxe resort. It has very great bus service and a nice and cute dragon themed pool. I stayed in building 5 on the third floor with a pool view and it was never loud and was in a good location to the stunning lobby and delicious food court. The buses run on a good schedule and have 2 stations in the front of the resort lobby. Station A serves the Water Parks, Downtown Disney, Animal Kingdom and Epcot, and Station B serves Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. The room was clean and stunning. If you want quiet rooms, I would recommend buildings 1, 6, and 7. The resort is so small and intimate resort , so every building is close to everything, but buildings 3 and 4 are closest. I have stayed here two other times and it has always been great! Never doubt staying here! Don't think twice about staying at one of the best WDW resorts!
"Best moderate and almost a deluxe."
Reviewed on May 26, 2013 by Lucy
Rating: 9  
POFQ is by far the best moderate resort out there. Rooms are excellent and recently renovated, the grounds are breathtaking with lovely gardens between each building. Being a small resort everything is closer and from the farthest building to the lobby you're looking at a 3 to 5 minutes walk tops. Transportation is a breeze with only one bus stop and the service is excellent, never waiting more than 10 minutes for a bus. It has a boat service to DTD which makes the trip to a Earl sandwich or some Goofy candy an experience in itself, it's a lovely way to expend a evening. I miss a table service restaurant but with POR and Boatwright being nearby it's not a major flaw. The quick service restaurant is good but lacks a bit of variety. There's only one small pool and the slide is nothing to write home about so if swimming is a priority I'd look elsewhere.
"Far and away the best moderate resort"
Reviewed on May 22, 2013 by RonAnnArbor
Rating: 10  
Far and away the best moderate resort, especially for adults traveling without kids -- but really for anyone -- and in some ways even BETTER than most of the Deluxe resorts. The smallest resort by far, nothing is more than a 3 minute walk from the main building and bus stops. It has frequent and very good bus service to the parks, and a wonderful boat down to DTD. The "secret is out" though -- and its become the hardest moderate to book with the least discounts offered. Nearby Riverside is better for larger groups or families with many kids. This "used" to be known as the "adult resort at WDW" -- not anymore, its now filled with strollers and families traveling with grandma, grandpa, and adopted others in tow, so you'll need to pack your patience at the bus stops. On a recent trip, not one single bus that I took all week was able to load up without waiting for the handicap loading to take place first and without people jostling to figure out where to put their strollers onboard. Still, its the only resort I book anymore.
"Fun on Bourbon Street"
Reviewed on Jul 09, 2011 by mickeysbl1988
Rating: 9  
I absolutely loved everything about POFQ, except for one thing, but I'll get to that later. Our newly remodeled room was beautiful and was a corner room so we had 2 windows to view this quaint little resort. We stayed ion Building 3 closest to the arcade, so the food court wasn't very far away, nor was the pool. Arneil was awesome, every morning greeting us as we headed to the buses. The transportation ...that was the only downside. It seemed anywhere we were going the buses would take 20 minutes to show, we would see every other bus but never ours. In fact, one time the survey taker at the bus stop said there was a traffic jam so there weren't any DHS buses. When one finally came it was packed and we stopped at Riverside. All and all a wonderful place to stay. Already planning our 2012 trip. Gotta go one more time before the end of the world...LOL!
Reviewed on Jun 05, 2011 by jon79
Rating: 10  
"Christmas at POFQ!"
Reviewed on May 06, 2011 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
POFQ is now my favorite hotel because of the Jazz! I hope to stay in POFQ for Dec 2011!I really hope!

Reviewed on May 05, 2011 by notslim99
Rating: 10  
My wife and I love this resort! We stayed from March 26- April 2. We arrived at the front desk and checked in. From then on there was not one problem I can think of. We had a recently refurbished room with the new vanities and flat screen TV. We were in building 1, which is the farthest from the food court and bus stop. However, it was never more than a 3-5 minute stroll. The grounds are perfectly maintained. The only thing I can pick at is the food. While the food is mostly good, we took exception with the preparation of the beignets and poboys. Being from Louisiana, we had experienced the real thing (end of bragging.) Also, I can't say enough about the staff. Our concierge, Gerry, was a delight and was extremely helpful with ticket upgrade, dining reservations, etc.

Overall, this resort is perfect if you want a small, quiet resort with exceptional staff and comfortable rooms. It was an oasis and a home for the week we spent there.
"Awesome Moderate Hotel!"
Reviewed on Oct 09, 2010 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
POFQ is now my favorite hotel because of the Jazz! I hope to stay in POFQ for Dec 2010!I really hope!
"Overall good"
Reviewed on Mar 28, 2010 by DisneyKnowItAll
Rating: 9  
amazing but the pool needs a bit work
""Fantastic in everyway""
Reviewed on Mar 24, 2010 by ToddLee
Rating: 9  
Spent a week there in December 08 and am going back July 2010.

The moment the bus pulled up out front I knew I made a good choice. I made all the plans for this our Trip and was a little worried about keeping a wide range of ages happy.

We walked in the front door and were greeted By Chris who became my kids favorite. They looked for him everyday and asked him for help planning our days at the parks.

the Guy is a real sweetheart and we hope to see him when we return in july.

We got there by 10:00 a.m. and were told that the rooms were ready for use already..we were thrilled.

Okay, We stayed on the side that hadnt been updated But it was still really nice and they managed to get us adjoining rooms.

The streets and the buildings were Just beautiful .

The pool is amazing..even on a cold day it was inviting.

The outside Bar by the pool was great and The Mango Margaritas are fantastic.

The bus stop was a no-brainer and The Boat to dtd was just the icing on the cake............We used it often and Loved it.

I have never stayed at the Deluxe properties But Id be hard pressed to considering how much we enjoyed POFQ
"No Complaints"
Reviewed on Nov 20, 2009 by WDW 3
Rating: 10  
The room was always clean. The shower was great (I like a good shower). Plenty of towels. Our room was on the first floor of building 5 facing away from the pool and we had no noise problems it was nice and quiet.
We only ate breakfast and had one pizza so I can not comment much on the food court but what we had was good and the Gentleman from Wisconsin working the evening we had the pizza was really nice.
Bus service was good.
"Excellent Hotel"
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2009 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
POFQ is my favorite excellent hotel with waterslides and some awesome food courts and those buildings looks cool and fresh! For My Birthday on January 14, 2010! POFQ will be the place for my 38th Birthday!
"Excellect Hotel!!!"
Reviewed on Jun 16, 2009 by 
Rating: 10  
My family and I recently stayed at POFQ (June 8 thur June 15 2009). We loved the resort!! The resort was beautful with the fountains and lavish gardens. The staff was very helpful with our needs and our room was always clean with fresh towels and each day a new towel animal which my four year old niece loved. The resort is very quiet which is good after a long hot day in the parks. It makes you think it is your own private resort. The food court is also excellent. My sister loved the beignets!! Each day we would order a dozen of them to start out our day. The last two rips to WDW our fam was always stayed at a vaule resort (all star movies July 2006 and pop century July 2007). The extra money we spend to stay at the modrate resort is well worth the money. We are planning a trip in 2012 and we will be staying at POFQ.
"Amazing stay at POFQ!!! My new favorite WDW Resort!"
Reviewed on Jan 21, 2009 by tinkgrl1685
Rating: 10  
My mother and I took a trip together in November 2008, and I decided we should try POFQ...something new, haven't been there yet but have stayed at Riverside. This resort is the one I'll be coming back to every year. It is beautiful...the pastel colors, the gardens, river, everything. No matter what building they put you in, you will be close.. we were in Building 1, first floor, corner room...love the corner rooms for the 2 windows! The rooms were very clean and they even left us towel animals a few times throughout the week! The foodcourt was never crowded, so waiting was never an issue..LOVED the Beignets yummmm!!!!! We never really shared busses with POR at all...maybe twice and both times it took foreverrrr to get where we needed to be. It was a very slow week of the year, and we had our own busses the majority of the week, which was fantastic! The boat to DTD is a great perk for staying at Port Orleans...so relaxing to get away from the busses and just hang out at Downtown Disney. All in all, I love this resort and will be definately coming back this year in November. From the moment we stepped off of DME, we were greeted by a nice man who gave us beads and made sure everything was ok prior to checking-in... it really was wonderful. This is why I come back to WDW every year. See ya soon French Quarter!!!!!
Reviewed on Jan 15, 2009 by Disneylover1302
Rating: 9  
I loved this resort it was nice and spread out not with buildings right next to you which was great! Walking at night was beautiful and peaceful walking through the gardens getting to your building. the beds were slightly uncomfortable though. If you stay there look at the bedspread closely and u will find hidden mickeys! My friend found 15 and I found 10! The only bad part was waiting for buses. We waited a while and the annoying part was a Epcot one would leave and about a minute later another Epcot one will come! So it can be annoying having to wait! The food was Great and so was everything else about the place!
Reviewed on Nov 23, 2008 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
I love the POFQ! This hotel is our family wanted to stay!
Shops and Dining looks cool!! Scat Cat jazz is awesome to hear the blues!
"Port Orleans French Quarter is OUTSTANDING and I highly recommend it :-)"
Reviewed on Nov 12, 2008 by mlittig
Rating: 10  
My 26 year old daughter and I stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter from August 4th to the 11th. It was absolutely perfect in every way!! We loved everything about our stay and will go back in a heartbeat!
We got the exact building I requested with a gorgeous river view. We enjoyed watching the boats go up and down the river. The boat to Riverside and Downtown is a fabulous, relaxing way to travel.
Our "Mousekeeper", Ely, was wonderful and we loved getting her adorable animals. Having a refrigerator and safe in the room was terrific but the safe was so well hidden I had to ask where it was!
We arrived around 12:15 and our room was ready for us. The beds were extremely comfortable. My daughter and I loved having the curtain separating the sink area from the beds as it made a great place to change. Our room was very clean as were the bathrooms.
The grounds are magnificent and so beautiful to stroll around. It is a very peaceful, serene setting which is small enough to easily get around without feeling overwhelmed. My daughter and I saw several bunnies hopping around and they were so cute. There are fountains, courtyards, flowers, palm trees and shrubs everywhere you look. All the cast members were pleasant and helpful.
The location is convenient to all the parks. Buses are another story ~ you just have to be prepared to wait, sometimes more than others. We have stayed at the Polynesian twice before and we both prefer the French Quarter hands down :-)
"Small resorts can be better"
Reviewed on Aug 04, 2008 by wickedsoccer22
Rating: 9  
I love the great atmosphere of the resort! The food is terrific, so much more of a selection if you compare it to somewhere like the Polynesian. The pool is great and I love how everything is so close and yet it isn't on top of one another. Great layout but this past year the rooms were a little dirty.
"Great Value"
Reviewed on Jun 21, 2008 by Silver Britches
Rating: 7  
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of both Port Orleans resorts. The cleanliness and quality were great, and theming was better than expected (although not nearly as cool as some of the deluxe resorts). The only negatives are that waiting for buses and travel time is a bit much, and the rooms are a little smaller than deluxe rooms. But for the price...can't beat it!
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
great hotel, reminds me of new orleans and the french quarter. great pool and food, but i love por better
make sure to have a bengiet
it is just like cafe dumond (SP?)
"Great place to stay"
Reviewed on Jun 06, 2008 by EvilQueen-T
Rating: 10  
My daughter, neice, sister, and I stayed a week at this resort. We loved it. We had a double room that was very clean. Frig in room helpful. We reallly liked the set-up in the room, the bathroom/dressing area and sink are seperated by a curtain. Nice when traveling with a group like we did. Loved the food court. The grounds are relaxing. Would stay there again anytime.
"Crescent City Never Looked Better"
Reviewed on May 07, 2008 by MouseWorshipper
Rating: 9  
Fr-1/4 is one of my favorite resorts. It's sultry and laid back. The designers really captured the spirit of the Big Easy. The cobblestone streets and azalea trees are a lovely combination. And - as everyone has already said - the pool is sure to elicit smiles from all ages.

The jambalaya in the food court is a must for any person staying at this resort!
"It’s Amazing how loud quiet can be."
Reviewed on Mar 25, 2008 by gnorth
Rating: 10  
Absolutely the best place to stay, the last two times we stayed the resort was booked full and it never felt like it . It’s a quiet, peaceful and beautiful place to relax after being in the loud parks all day. The kids (ages 3 & 5) and adults (grandparents) love the boat ride to Downtown Disney it’s a great alternative after taking the bus everywhere else. The pool is great the bus stops are awesome because it’s the first stop to pick up, always a seat, and first off. Bus serves Riverside and French Quarter sometimes we got lucky and bus did not stop and Riverside (but don’t count on it). Having stayed at the All Stars, way to crowded and very very loud, and Contemporary, way to expensive for what it is and pretty boring also especially if you have kids. PORFQ best value for the money the rooms are great the service was excellent and the food court was really good. Going back ASAP.
"Great theme, relaxing resort...wonderful after a long day in the park!!!!!!"
Reviewed on Feb 19, 2008 by jennkemp22
Rating: 9  
My husband and I, along with our two girls (5 & 7 y.o.) stayed at POFQ from October 23-28, 2007. This was our first visit to Disney World and after much research and reading reviews we chose this resort and were not disappointed at all. The resort was so quiet and peaceful. It was heaven to come back to after a long, hot day in the parks. The pool was a hit with the kids and we all enjoyed the boat ride to Downtown Disney. Despite some negative reviews concerning mousekeeping our room was very well maintained and we had towel animals on 5/6 days. We did tip $3-$5 a day. The only reason that I gave a rating of 9 instead of 10 is due to the lack of a nice sit down restaurant. The bus situation was GREAT!!! Longest wait was approx. 8 min. I liked being picked up first and dropped off first. We never had to stand on the bus. We are planning another trip for October 2009 and considered staying at the Polynesian, but have decided to return to Port Orleans French Quarter.
"First Time in a Moderate"
Reviewed on Jul 08, 2007 by BSikor
Rating: 8  
Having stayed at a Value resort and a Deluxe resort in the past, I was surprised by the quality of the resort. It was much quieter than the Riveside. It looked and felt like a town that I was renting a townhouse in. Having lived in the south for a large part of my life my wife and I though the resort even though it is themed to the Big Easy it captured the southern feel. While walking around the grounds I felt like I was back in the south from the large courtyards complete with covered walks to the quiet fountains and detailed building designs. The pool is nice but is covered with kids. I don't mind kids but if you are looking for a quiet pool, you won't find one here. I would recommend walking over to the Riverside and using one of their smaller pools.

My wife and I highly recommend this resort and would visit it again and recommend it to anyone.

8/10 due to the lack of a table service dining room and the limited pool options. Other than that for a non-deluxe resort it is fantastic.
Reviewed on Jun 08, 2007 by DisnFanatic10
Rating: 10  
More compact than Riverside, one of the more relaxing resorts great boat ride.
"Port Orleans - Best Moderate Resort"
Reviewed on Jan 27, 2007 by Computer Magic
Rating: 8  
We really enjoyed this resort. Our first time staying was 2005. It doesn't have a sit down restrurant, but you can take the boat to Boatwights. There is a nice boat ride to Downtown Disney.

Not as much walking as PO - Riverside, plus the bus drops you off here before Riverside.
"MY Favorite"
Reviewed on Aug 11, 2006 by shane6294
Rating: Not rated  
My favorite resort at Disney. So relaxing and laid back.
I love taking the boat to DTD.
"Deluxe in All But Price!!"
Reviewed on Apr 22, 2004 by BeachClubVillas
Rating: Not rated  
I have stayed at the French Quarter 6 times, and I must say that I preferred it to the Grand Floridian, where I stayed twice. FQ is absolutely beautiful! The landscaping is stunning, the wrought iron adds a touch of whimsy, and the buildings are very festive. The lobby is beautiful and airy, and they have a great store and arcade. The food court is huge and has wonderful food (gotta try the M&M cookies!!). The staff is unbelievably wonderful. The last time we were there, we got towel animals every day, complete with sticker faces. One day, a stuffed Winnie-the-Pooh I had bought was sitting in bed with the remote in his "hand" and the TV was actually on!!! How cute is that? The boat ride to Downtown Disney is so relaxing and pretty. The bus service is great, and you always get a seat because you are the first stop. The laundry services were great, I used them many times. The pool is wonderfully themed, love the slide. In my opinion, it competes with Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club. The only drawback is that they took out Bonfamille's, the only full-service restaurant, when they merged the two resorts. Other than that, the resort is picture perfect. I haven't been there since the room renovations, but I have seen pictures and they are beautiful. This is definitely my favorite hotel and it is VERY romantic for couples as well as being very kid friendly. I highly recommend it.
"Great Value"
Reviewed on Feb 03, 2004 by goofynmickey
Rating: Not rated  
Great resort, great value, short lines for the buses makes for an enjoyable ride to and from the parks with children of younger ages. The short boat rides to downtown disney are quiet,pleasant,and fun for the kids gives them a time to unwind. The staff was very polite, and accomdating.The food court is very kid friendly includes a large screen tv for the kids to watch disney shows while they eat. The lounge is small and quaint for those evenings away from the kids.
Reviewed on Jan 13, 2003 by feenie
Rating: Not rated  
We have stayed at the Port Orleans (french quarter) twice now. we love it! The rooms are nicely decorated, the grounds are beautiful, and the pool is awesome. We love to take the water taxi to Downtown Disney in the evenings. It is very relaxing and peaceful. Although it can get a little chilly in the cooler parts of the year. Because of the smaller size of the resort we have never had long lines checking in or out. We have also found any requests for housekeeping to be done in a timely and pleasant manner. We would reccomend this resort to anyone who is looking to get away from it all!
"Jazzy Little Resort"
Reviewed on Oct 05, 2002 by DMC-12
Rating: Not rated  
"Great Value"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by MaryJo
Rating: Not rated  
We have stayed in the Port Orleans (now French Quarter) four times and have enjoyed ever minute in the resort. It feels relaxing and peaceful for older visitors yet offers plenty to keep the younger set occupied.
"It is fine"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by Daannzzz
Rating: Not rated  
This is my least favorite of the Moderate resorts. Still it is a plesent place with nice gardens and a more orderly layout. The room decore was real nice though and I enjoyed the place. The food court was okay but not memorable, except for the giant faces hanging from the ceiling!
"Mardi Gras Celebration"
Reviewed on Aug 19, 2002 by DisneyInsider
Rating: Not rated  
Port Orleans French Quarter is a beautiful Moderate resort located in the Downtown Disney area of Walt Disney World. As soon as you walk in to the resort you will feel like you are in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. When you check in, you will notice that the Cast Members are all very friendly showing the southern hospitality from the past. Your room will be in 1 of 7 buildings. Since the resort is nice and small every building is conveniently located to the resorts main areas. The rooms are all the same size as the other moderate resorts and should comfortably sleep 4 people. Each room has 2 double beds (or 1 king. There are 2 sinks located outside the bathroom. There is also a small area to hang clothes, a table and chairs, and a small wall safe to hold valuables. Be sure to look at the pictures on the wall. They are the relatives of Cast Members who work at Walt Disney World. The main area of the resort houses the check-in area, arcade, gift shop, food court and lounge. The Sassagoula Food and Fun Factory is the food court at the French Quarter. They serve meals such as burgers, chicken fingers, and various other sandwiches and meals. There is also a breakfast menu for the morning. The French Quarter also has a small bakery next to the main food counters. Unfortunately there is no sit down restaurant at the French Quarter. Scat Cat's lounge is a good place to relax in the evening. On some nights they even have a live entertainer. The Dubloon Lagoon Pool is nice, but has a very small slide. If a pool slide is important to you, then you might be dissapointed. Otherwise it is a very nice pool complete with fountains. The pool is also quite large which makes it seem less crowded than it is. One of the best perks of staying at Port Orleans is the complimentary River Cruise to the Downtown Disney Marketplace. The cruise which takes about 15 minutes will pick people up at the Riverside section first and then pick people up at the French Quarter. All together the French Quarter is a very nice resort. The theme is excellent and you will be immersed through it during your stay. The resort is definately one of the nicest Moderate resorts Disney offers. Enjoy your stay!
Disney's Port Orleans Resort French Quarter
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