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Reader rating Reader rating 8.7 / 10
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"Looking Forward to Another Stay at Pop!"
Reviewed on Feb 21, 2015 by MooMoo
Rating: 10  
We will be staying at Pop Century again this year for Spring Break. Had looked in to staying at AOA, just to be different. I do not need a suite and was booking a Little Mermaid room. Then I received a PIN offer in the mail and found that the discount would not apply to the Mermaid room. Also, I had noticed that the Mermaid rooms looked a little far on the resort map from the main building and transportation. So I switched to Pop. We have stayed at All Star Movies, Riverside (moderate) and Pop. Pop has been our favorite. Always warmly welcomed. Seems like they have honored room requests. I have to disagree with the article at the top. We ended up with a 90's room last year. It was facing the 90's parking lot. When we left the front lobby to go to the room initially, we were told to go a round about way, out the back of the main building. We soon figured out that we could just cut across the 90's parking lot and head straight to the buses! Continuing on, we entered the main building w/gift shop, dining, etc. Not the most picturesque part of the resort, but very convenient. And of course you can always take a stroll around to enjoy the rest of the decor. I plan on going across Generation Gap bridge this time and checking out AOA. Oh, one year I did pay for a preferred room. Seems like it turned out to be right by the 60's pool. Oddly it was a handicapped room. The shower was odd, like it was made to accomodate a wheelchair. So from my experience, no need to pay for a preferred. I will see how it goes this year. I have requested: close to transportation, 1st floor and 90's. Definitely give Pop a thumbs up!! And yes, they do print your boarding pass for you when you turn in your luggage for airline check in at the resort. Super convenient. I did not know this before and went to the concierge desk late at night and they printed it up for me. No need, it will be given to you in the morning when you turn in your bags. Love Disney.
"My favorite value"
Reviewed on Jan 08, 2015 by Maine Mickey
Rating: 10  
Pop Century is an excellent choice if you are looking to do disney on a budget. I cannot justify spending so much more just to stay somewhere with a few extra amenities, especially since most of your day you'll be in the parks. Pop has everything you need.

My family has stayed here on five separate stays over the last 7 years, with the most recent being September 2014. The rooms have always been clean, mousekeeping has been wonderful, bus transportation good. The pools are fun, the kids loved the pool games they do each afternoon.

Food court is average, however an advantage to Pop is that you can walk to the AOA food court for a little more variety.

Pop is my favorite of the values. While I loved staying at AOA, the suite prices are too expensive and the standard rooms are the furthest away and rarely offer discounts. That is why I prefer to stay at Pop.
"Better Than All Stars"
Reviewed on Jan 07, 2015 by Lucas
Rating: 10  
I have stayed here twice in the past two years and have thoroughly enjoyed each stay. I had previously stayed at All Star Movies and found it to be a miserable experience, causing me to swear off Disney Value Resorts until I was encouraged to try Pop by a friend. I really like the place and here is why...

The the theming of the resort is not bad at all. The buildings are done up in a particular decade (50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's) with giant icons and logos form that era. It is bright and colorful. I will be the first to admit it is a little over the top, but I think kids seem to really like it because it is very accessible to them. They also, have fun games and photo ops places throughout.

While this resort has a lot of rooms, it has a pretty good layout. It does not take very long to walk from one end to the other. The only exception to this might be the 80's and 90's sections, that are sort of tucked in a corner. (More in my room recommendations below)

The rooms are a standard design in the entire resort, which is more or less equivalent with your standard Hampton Inn. The only thing that is unique is a framed piece of art on the wall, that shows what Disney stuff came out in that decade. They have a single sink and vanity, and the the shower and tub in the actual bathroom. All rooms have refrigerators, so you can keep snacks and drinks cold. Standard flat screen TV. They have the updated thermostat, as well as a lock and key wall safe. The safe is not big enough for a laptop (you might be able to get an 11 inch in there). I never put stuff in there because I didn't use housekeeping and I was never really concerned with someone breaking in. But there is more than enough room for spare cards, tickets, and cash. My room was well cleaned and maintained, and I had no issues with noise.

Food Court
I cannot say a ton about the food court. I never had breakfast there (one because I wanted to get to the parks early and, two because mass produced breakfast food isn't really ever good). But they have a good mix of options including sandwiches, pasta, ice cream and deserts. I really liked the salmon burger, but that was really the only meal, I had there. I had ice cream on a few occasions and spent the rest of my meals elsewhere.
One complaint I have is that the whole thing shuts down at midnight, which is kinda crazy since the parks are often open later than this. The gift shop is contained within this area as well and as such closes at the same time. That means if you get back from the parks and want a late night snack or drink you are more or less out of luck.

I am going to put this carefully, but when I stayed at All Star Movies/Music, I found that there were far to many kids and not near enough adults (as in mom and dad sent the kid to Disney World with X club/team which had too few chaperones) I like don't mind kids (if I didn't why would I go to Disney World?) but I know, as well as anyone what happens when you put a ton of kids into a hotel with not enough parental supervision. (No really I do, that was a wild student council conference.) Pop however was a very nice mix adults and families and kids, so this doesn't seem to be a problem. Once again, kids are great...but they need supervision.

Pools are very nice, I used both of the secondary pools (Bowling pin and Computer) with the computer pool being my favorite. The main pool (hippie dippie) is nice as well, they have kids activities going most of the day so there is a lot for the kids to do there, although it does get a little loud. They also have a pool bar right there as well. I found that at both of the quiet pools finding a spot to sit is very easy, and when I walked by the main pool there were usually plenty of seats as well. I went at the hight of spring break season, and usually there were not very many people at the pools. This was nice compared to when I have been at Beach Club in the past and you have to get to the pool right at opening to get a decent spot. I will say that the pools are not overly exciting, no watersides or anything like that, but the main pool does have some fun water features for the kids.

Bus Service
I have stayed at of the resorts of varying price points and this is by far the best in the way of bus service to the parks. My longest wait was probably 25 minutes, with most being shorter. Pop is one of the larger hotels (by room count) so they do not share buses with any other resorts. Even at many of the deluxe resorts there is bus sharing which makes getting to the parks much slower.

A comment on the "preferred rooms"
I would personally not do it. The resort isn't really spread out enough to make it worth the extra money. The preferred rooms are all of the 60's. Maybe my opinion of this would be different if I had gotten stuck in the 80's or 90's. What people don't realize it that while the rooms in the 50s look like they are close to the main building, but the food court and bus station are on the opposite side of the main building, they are still better than the 80's and 90's which are in the middle of nowhere. I wouldn't be terribly upset with any room except for the 80's and 90s.

I have always requested a room in the 70s, facing the lake and got it both times. Not a lot of noise and short walk to the buses.
"pleasant stay"
Reviewed on Jan 28, 2014 by alle
Rating: 6  
Just back from a week stay with 4 kids, 2 parents, 2 grandparents. We had 2 connecting rooms on the 3rd floor in the 60's building. Location was great-close to food court, pool & transportation. However it is time for this hotel to upgrade to queen beds. Doubles are just too small for most adults & there is adequate room for them. 2 Pop rooms was an affordable option for our family of 8. Food court & transportation were excellent.

Housekeeping was good with extra towels and pillows brought immediately. The kids were disappointed that no towel Mickeys ever appeared.Luggage assistance upon checkout was also very helpful as was pre-printed airline boarding passes.

Ramp access for strollers or wheelchairs from the main pool required going quite a distance around or dragging them up the stairs to Classic Hall. Don't know why there is not a central ramp right next to the stairs. That made no sense!!
Reviewed on Sep 23, 2013 by Donna
Rating: 10  
We love this resort, it is what I call our Home away from Home. We have been going to the Pop Century with our kids since they were 6 years old or so and they are now 19 and 21. We all still love vacationing there. The rooms have always been clean and fresh looking the staff working there can not do enough for you. We always request extra pillows and towels and within 10 minutes of our call someone is at our door with what we asked for. When we leave the room for the day we always know we will come back to a nice clean refreshed room again. They always leave different shaped figures made from their linen supply and it is too cute puts a smile on my face everytime. We feel safe there and never worry about anything while we are there. Love it Love it Love it.
"Best of the Values! "
Reviewed on Sep 11, 2013 by Brucie
Rating: 10  
Having stayed at Art of Animation if you we're not needing a family suite I would pick Pop as the best Value Resort. Everything is great, close to the main building. I love the food at the cafeteria. Nothing bad to say about it!!
"POP Century review"
Reviewed on Aug 26, 2013 by mhaftman7
Rating: 9  
POP Century is a very nice resort to stay at. All buildings are close to a pool and are in close proximity to main hub (food court/transportation). Certain lake views provide access to EPCOT Illuminations fireworks display (lake view from building 4, "60s"). Pools are generally not overcrowded, but can be well populated at certain hours of the day. Breakfast foods were so-so in the food court, but the pizza was good (a large pie that is big enough for a family of four costs just two quick service allotments) and I also recommend the nachos. (The nachos use the jerk potato chips, but include toppings such as salsa, sour cream, shredded cheese, guacamole, onions, and jalapenos) I had that twice, sharing them once with my wife. Probably one of the best features of POP Century was the lines, or lack there of, heading back to the resort. Never said more than 20 minutes for a bus from any destination. Rides to and from EPCOT, Downtown Disney, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios were generally 10 minutes or less. Only "complaint" would really be lines at drink stations. That should be helped once Rapid Fill is instituted. Large number of guests using multiple water bottles to fill up on Powerade, Soda, or Iced Tea. Overall, a very good value for a resort for guests just looking for a place to rest their head and occasionally swim.
"Overall review of resort."
Reviewed on Aug 12, 2013 by Chris and Gina's Honeymoon at POP.
Rating: 10  
Arrival and check in. We arrived at about 11:30am for our check in at the resort. You will find the lobby very spacious, with an enormous check in desk. There was a short line of maybe 10 families checking in. Check in was swift and completed with 20 minutes, this included a brief orientation to the hotel and WDW, which was not necessary being my 40th trip. We were congratulated on our marriage and given Just Married buttons to wear. They took my phone number to text me when our room was ready. Less than an hour later while eating at Downtown Disney, we received the text stating our room was ready. We had received our early check in as requested. The room: The room was moderately sized, but spacious given we had a King sized bed. We needed extra pillows and towels, and a call to housekeeping solved that within 10 minutes. The room was spotlessly clean, with plenty of storage space for clothing and luggage. We did not spend much time in the room, but it was very nice and the bed was comfortable. Our room was in the 50's building with the bowling pin shaped pool almost directly below it. Even though the pool was there, you could barely hear noise outside the room even with screaming children outside. The grounds: The lobby as stated, was huge, and very clean. The resort shop had your sundries available, and this is where we purchased our refillable mug, and lanyard for our room keys/passes. The restaurant is very large, and while sometimes crowded, never packed even at breakfast time. The grounds were very nicely kept, and clean with many Cast Members about doing regular maintenance, all were extremely polite. The Bowling Pin pool was very nice, clean and well maintained and staffed with life guards during the day. Next to the pool was the laundry area which we used while in the pool during our breaks from the parks. Customer service: While a value resort the customer service we received was exemplary. My main thing to remind is, Concierge is your best friend. This is the place to go with questions and any problems that arise. I had an incident with my meal due to a dietary issue. Not only was the issue resolved quickly, but the dining points were put where they were supposed to have been. This dining point issue, was the only issue we had, and I feel that even though the issue happened, it was resolved in about 5 minutes and done so with speed and skill to rival a 5 star hotel. Location: Really nice. Minutes from Downtown Disney even in traffic. Right around the corner from the Studios and Epcot. Easy access to the highway system as well as the internal Disney roadways. We give it max stars.
"Wonderful place to call home"
Reviewed on Aug 06, 2013 by WDWLOYAL1971
Rating: 10  
We've stayed numerous times at The Pop Century and have never been disappointed. The theme is totally Disney, and we love its whimsical character. The resort has 3 pools of which each is themed for its particular section. There is the Computer Pool in the 1990's section, the Bowling Pin pool in the 1950's section and our favorite, the Hippy Dippy Pool in the 1960's section. The pools seem to be maintained at a very good temperature year round. The one thing we don't particularly enjoy are the hovering bees. Regardless of where we sit by the pool, those little bees come buzzing around and sometimes get too close for comfort. The food court offers plenty of choices and we enjoy the ambience as we have our meal. The rooms are well kept as are the main areas. We love taking a stroll around the hour glass lake. The gift shop is always fun to visit with a decent selection of items to shop for. The bus service is excellent. We definitely feel as we have arrived home each time. It is our resort of choice.
Reviewed on Dec 03, 2012 by D. Wilson
Rating: 1  
Arrived in the room where the floor was dirty and there was used soap and shampoo in the shower. There was left over food in the room. They came to re-clean it while we were out but simply left a new bar of soap. The food court experience was horrible. It took us 40 minutes to get our food and the "Mexican" cafe was out of cheese. The employees couldn't figure out how to give us kids cups for the kids meals. No one seemed to really care about our issues. The only solution was that the "manager" asked if we needed help with our luggage?!?! Overall a horrible experience even for the cheap price.
"We will be back"
Reviewed on Nov 12, 2012 by jharvey
Rating: 10  
I will keep this short. If money were no option, you would have to drag me out of the Wilderness Lodge kicking and screaming. But, for the money, POP is great. The rooms are small but well maintained. The theming is over the top, but that is one of the things I love about the Values, especially this one. One thing I would like to mention is the service. We checked in at 6:15am after a 11 hour drive. We were walking around the gift shop while we waited for the 6:30am open of the food court. We picked a few things out for purchase, and my hyperactive daughter, who at 5, was the only one of the group who actually slept and this made her doubly dangerous, was her usual self. The CM, I am pretty sure her name is Barbara, took the time to speak to her. My daughter, not out of rudeness, was not paying much attention to Barbara. Again, this was the hyperactive part of her kicking in, especially with us being in the happiest place on Earth. Barbara did not give up. She asked Madison if she wanted to dress up Duffy. Maddy jumped at the opportunity and, in a few short minutes, the bear became Jack Sparrow Duffy Bear. Barbara then posted a certificate that announced to all that walked by that Madison was the official costumer for the day. POP has B+ food, A+ service, B- rooms, B+ bus service (awesome having dedicated bus service). Oh, and the CM break into dance twice a day. Come on.... You can keep your monorails and V&A GF. I am staying where the CMs dance to the Hustle...... Just kidding, but it is what it is.
"Lost and found"
Reviewed on Sep 05, 2012 by Jose L Perez Ortiz
Rating: 10  
I contacted the staff of the lost and found department and in less than a "Flickler"I had a positive response .In less than 24 hours I had my items in my hand ,with no negative issues to report .Thank you staff ,you made a real dream come thru.
You are what every client hopes for .I will be returning soon ,Why not ?
"Best Value Resort"
Reviewed on Mar 07, 2012 by KDisney85
Rating: 9  
Disney took the Value concept up a few notches with this resort. Have stayed at All Star Music and Movies, and would prefer never to stay there again. But, I would absolutely stay at Pop Century, even over some of the deluxe resorts. The theming is off the charts! The food court's decor and menu are great! It just feels newer than the old values. The rooms aren't as stark. It's a great value!
"Great Value Hotel"
Reviewed on Jan 24, 2012 by Silver Figment
Rating: 10  
First thing to remember is that a Value Hotel is just that, a value. Those expcting 5 star hotels should spend money elsewhere. Pop was similar in style to the All-Star Resort but the buses seemed to work a tad better at Pop. The room was nice and well themed and the store/food court was wonderful.
"One of Disney's Best Resorts"
Reviewed on Jan 16, 2012 by WDWchick
Rating: 10  
It may not be as "extravagant" as the other, more expensive Disney Resorts, but you're not paying for all the extra decor, which is what makes it so cheap. There are three great pools and an awesome food court! What more could you ask for in a hotel? You're gonna be spending most of your time at the parks, not the hotel anyway! The other plus is that the bus service is great! All in all a great hotel.
"Not That Great"
Reviewed on Oct 14, 2011 by Kallik
Rating: 7  
The price was good. Not too expensive. But the thing that made me the most angry were the busses. They were always so crowded. I couldn't stand them! And my neighbors had pests in their room!
"A fun resort"
Reviewed on Jun 29, 2011 by m steve
Rating: 8  
We stayed in the 50s section from 6/22/11 to 6/27/11. This was our first stay at a value resort and we were pleased with our experience here. The room was nice not as small as I had feared. We had no noise issue that some people have complained about. The grounds were very nice and the theme-ing was fun and very much worth a walking tour of the resort. The shops and food court were more than adequate. If we were looking for a value resort in the future, we would very much consider staying at Pop again.

The bus transportation was mostly fine, especially returning to Pop. There were two mornings where the early bus service was not that great but we were still able to be first in the park. The bus to Typhoon didn't get us there until 10 minutes before opening.
"Didn't feel the "Magic""
Reviewed on Jun 04, 2011 by 
Rating: 5  
Our trip started out easy enough.Check in was a breeze and we got the building we had requested. Even being on the back end of the property it was only a short walk to the dining area. We had dinner the first night at the Magic Kingdom only to find out that our Keys to the World did not have our dining plan loaded on to them, but it was listed on the card that we had the service. The restraunt manager had to call POP and get the credit for the meal then we had to go back and get new key cards with the dining plan loaded on to them.

The next day I made a HUGE mistake and left behind an envelope of money at the register when I finished paying for lunch at their QS location. We reported the money missing. The management in both the Hotel and Food Service areas went out of their to retrace what we thought had happened. After an hour the hotel mgmt. filled a stolen report and gave us a "good faith credit" in the amount of the missing money. That was FANTASTIC. All we had was go to the lobby and let them know if we wanted it on our key card or in cash.

We took the cash option as we did not have charging on our card and I did not want another new card. The represenative argued with me that I could not get cash as the credit was already put on my key card and he refused to check with manager that had authorized the credit. "The manager does not have the authority to give you cash." He says. So I had to recap what all had happened, what all the phone calls that took place with both managers then he pulls out a key and gives me the cash and says we should never have carried cash in the first place and don't expect them help out again if it were to happen again.

On top of the horrible service in the food area and the pool area being trashed everyday(not POP's fault as they did do a great job cleaning it every morning)We were happy to go home when it was over.

Reviewed on Oct 26, 2010 by SerenityinPA
Rating: 10  
This was my family's first visit, and after doing some research Pop seemed to fit us best, and I was correct. My travel agent messed up my reservation, and the CM at the front desk, after apologizing even though it wasnt his fault, quickly fixed the issue and (after finding out it was my daughter's birthday) got Goofy to call her on the phone and sing Happy Birthday to her. These are the kinds of things that make a difference, after being on a plane all day, to come to a place that is so welcoming and friendly. In no time we were in our room, and then off to the parks.
We got a preferred room in the 50s, which I SO recommend as we were only a few steps from the pool and Classic Hall. The rooms are very small, but good for a place needed just to sleep, and families with small children. I thought the food court was wonderful with a great variety of food. I liked everything I got. The only draw back were the crowds! If you came at peak time, the lines at check out were long and slow. We had the free dining plan, and again SO recommend it, as we ate like pigs!
I would def go back to POP!!
"Pop Century Resort: So Much Fun!"
Reviewed on Jun 27, 2010 by jenn6786
Rating: 8  
We just returned from our trip to the World and stayed again at Pop Century. The staff is very helpful and eager to please. We stayed in the 60's building which is a preferred room. On the first day, I actually felt the room could have been cleaner upon arival(Saturday). Sunday the room was cleaned when we returned from the parks around 3pm. On Monday and Tuesday I had to call Housekeeping to tell them the room was not serviced by the time we returned, which was between 3-4pm on both days. On Tuesday afternoon before heading out, I stopped at the front desk to ask if in fact rooms are cleaned everyday....the front staff was very apoligetic and did tell me that yes the room should be cleaned each day of a persons stay. They told me they would contact the manager of housekeeping and let them know of the situation. Upon our arrival back that evening our room was maticulously cleaned! And each day afterward the manager from housekeeping called our room to make sure we were satisfied..which we were! That's the beauty of Disney...any request is attended to with such professionalism. No matter if you are staying at a deluxe resort or a moderate one, you are treated like royalty! The food court is ok for a quick meal and the kids enjoyed the food, but I don't think my husband and I could eat there everyday! But nice for a fast meal and/or lunch. There are many selections in the gift shop and our daughters enjoyed trading pins with other cast members. The buses are super fast and we never waited more than 10 minutes for a bus. Over all, we enjoy staying here for the price and would return again.
"Love it ! Love It Love It"
Reviewed on May 04, 2010 by disney74
Rating: 10  
My family and I have stayed here three years in a row. Evrything about Pop is wonderful !!1 From the time you check in untill the time you check out!. The food court has evrything you could ever want.The gift shop also has everyting.
The rooms are clean and have enough room after all your at Disney all you need your room for is to sleep.The pool are clean and are a nice size.
Transportation is fast and easy and the staff is very friendly.
This is a wonderful place to stay!!!!!
"Awesome POP Century!"
Reviewed on Apr 17, 2010 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
I love POP century because of the decades of the past! We did stay in Pop for two times and it's awesome! The food court and everything Pop together looks great! and those rooms looks like all in the past! Oh! one more thing that POP is awesome!
Reviewed on Apr 16, 2010 by tweenie
Rating: 9  
We have just returned from WDW decided to book into POP due to all the reviews that we had read up prior to going. What a GREAT choice! Spent 5 nights, check in was a breeze, within 5 minutes and we were provided with our room keys, my daughter was awarded with her little personalized "birthday badge".
Room was on the small size, but as we were at WDW to see the parks and do so much, the room would only be for sleeping! Clean, well laid out, mousekeeping had made a special gift for the kids and had this hiding by the window along with a personalized note.
The grounds are HUGE! Well maintained and with 3 good sized pool, my youngest daughter would have been content just to spend all her time in the pool!
Food court I was worried as I had read that there was not much choice...proved to be wrong. Sure, if you are expecting fine dining, well, the food court will definitely not suit, but it offers what the parks generally offer as "counter service" so I think so long as you are not a picky eater, then you should find something half decent to eat!
We brought 2 re-fillable mugs, which proved to be a godsend as coming from the UK, we would be up in the early hours of the morning due to jet lag, roll down to the food court and fill up on endless coffees and wait for the kids to wake up!
We returned from our first day to find that Micky had left a Birthday card for my daughter, this of course blew her away as he had signed it also.
Bus service was super, never waited more than 5 minutes for a bus, don't know why we bothered to hire a hire as we did not use it at all! Coming back from the parks was also no worries, any commute was only 10 minutes.
The staff in all corners were simply wonderful, cannot be faulted, one lady in particular helped with some last minute dining reservations which allowed us to have breakfast with the Princess over at epcot and dinner with pooh over at the Crystal palace, both locations I would like to add, I did not manage to book weeks before our departure!
We loved our stay and would recommend this hotel hand on heart to anyone, especially if you are wishing to fulfill some dreams on a budget...we did it for our family!
"Totally fun."
Reviewed on Jan 22, 2010 by Semitide1214
Rating: 10  
Very cool, nothing but fun for my two kids. Loved the dances at the food court. Great value for the money.
"Amazing Time."
Reviewed on Sep 18, 2009 by CrazyEm
Rating: 9  
our first trip to POP was back in April of 2004 when pop was new. It blew our minds away. the food was delicious and every CM was willing to help. Mousekeeping was amazing our hair dryer didn't work and by the time we returned to our hotel 3 hours later it was fixed. I would recommend pop to everyone. the best value hotel out there.
"Pop is the best value resort."
Reviewed on Jun 22, 2009 by Disneydudett
Rating: 9  
The Pop Century is the best value resort. It has 3 pools, a cafe,lobby, gameroom, giftshop, and a friendly atmosphere. Along with twister boards and larger than life decor this is a must for the value motels.
"our stay"
Reviewed on Jun 10, 2009 by dawnf
Rating: 10  
we just got back from a 10 day visit and it was amazing. it was our first visit and we found the people very friendly even in the parks. we would diffently go again and stay there.
"Disney's Pop Century is the best! "
Reviewed on Jun 08, 2009 by ramonaromano
Rating: 10  
My sister and I visit WDW once a year and have stayed at
the Pop Century six times since it opened. We just love
the restful atmosphere. We always request a room in the back
of the sixties overlooking the lake. It is so nice to wake
up and look outside to see the water. We are always amazed
at the wildlife. On one trip, we awoke to a strange noise
and walked out on our third floor balcony to see two big
birds below in the grass. Found out later that they were
sandhill cranes.
While feeding bread to the fish we also saw a large turtle
and a snakebird flew into the water.along the lake
path in the morning and evening you can see many waterfowl.
"Pop is a magical place!!!!"
Reviewed on Jun 02, 2009 by Breeziegirl
Rating: 10  
On my daughter and my first trip together to Disney we decieded to take Grandma. After an accident at our home airport I was worried about her getting around the resort and the parks. Upon arriving at Magical Express check in they saw that she was in a wheelchair and took over from there. When we arrived at the resort the cast members had a wheelchair on hand and waiting for us to use. I asked about renting it for the week and they quickly told me that it was for us to use anytime we needed it and that they would be happy to store it for us after we got back everynight and bring it back to us in the morning. Wow, wait a weight lifted off my shoulders as not to have to worry about that all week.
In general the cast members made our stay magical in everyway poosible. We were already planning our next trip back before we ever left. Of course because of the great service in never even crossed our mind to change resorts for our upcoming trip.... Thanks for everything the staff at POP did to make our trip truly magical!!!
"would definitely stay here again"
Reviewed on Apr 19, 2009 by leafs fan
Rating: 9  
Loved this resort and would definitely stay here again. If you're on a budget, this is the place to stay. I'm sure there are nicer resorts on the premises, but the rooms are clean and spacious, the restaurant is quite good, and, of course, transportation directly to the parks.
"POP Century Is Awesome!"
Reviewed on Apr 02, 2009 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
POP Century is Awesome in my book! perfect 10! I can't wait to stay there again! I hope our family love to stay in theme of the 60's, 70's and 80's that's why! Everything POP is awesome shop and dining in the same place! I love to buy the dvd of BOLT on DVD in Everything POP!
"Had a great time at Pop Century...."
Reviewed on Feb 09, 2009 by 
Rating: 9  
First, the decor from the time you check in to the furthest hotel room on the grounds is amazing. It seemed like we found something interesting everytime we went out. We stayed in the 60's complex and could not have picked a better area to be in. The pool was great, it was close to the shops and food, and even had a bar.

Second, the room itself was a little small but big enough to hold a family of four. The beds weren't that comfortable and a queen sized would have been preferable, but that's nitpicking. We had a few issues with a broken fan in the bathroom and non-working hairdryer, but they were all fixed the day we reported it to maintenance. Housekeeping also responded to whatever we asked for, which was nice.

Third, the kids loved the pools, arcade, and shopping in the hotel. The lifeguards were always on the lookout and cleanliness was of most importance both outside and inside the pool. The pool shut down one afternoon due to one child's "accident". While the shopping wasn't as exciting an experince as in the parks, our store had a fair representation of what you could get in greater varieties in the parks. While a bit expensive, we also had any essentials we may need while on vacation available, which we ended up needing, anyway. The arcade had a decent selection of games and the kids had a blast reloading their cards and picking their gifts, using the tickets they had "won" there.

Fourth, the food we had there was pretty good. The muffin I had tasted fresh and the hot food my wife and kids ate was indeed hot. The selctions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seemed fair, if not a little pricey. That's Disney, I guess. The $13.99 refillable mug seemed popular at our resort but they used to be $8.99 and 4 ounces bigger a few years ago. We ended up getting our drinks in the machine on our floor. I'm sure it's still not a bad deal for the mug.

Finally, everyone we dealt with was friendly. I spoke to a Vacation Club lady who very pleasant and didn't spnd any of our time trying to sell me anything or get me to go on a tour. While the food area got a bit messy by midday, the entire complex was very clean and well kept. They were even doing some outdoor painting during our stay.

While I probably would not stay there again to try a different hotel, I would recommend anyone else with kids head over to Pop Century. You will have great time.

"Great Value for the Price"
Reviewed on Dec 16, 2008 by 3disprincesses
Rating: 10  
I have stayed at POP twice - once with my then 15 year old in 2006 and most recently with my 4 year old in 2008. Both of my kids had a great time staying there. We had the "preferred location" each time and were just around the corner from the food court and the bus stops. Previous visits we stayed at the Moderate Resorts and prefer POP over them due to having only one bus stop. Having to make several stops when you get back to the resort after a LOOOOONG day at the parks and then having to shift around so people can get off at their stop was very irritating at the end of the night. The rooms can be quite noisy but we never let it bother us. And besides, we were usually so tired in the evenings we all went right to sleep and never heard anything! I would probably never go back to a moderate resort and would only leave POP to stay at a Magic Kingdom resort on the Monorail just for the experience of waking up to seeing Cinderella's Castle every morning :).
"How much room do you need to sleep?"
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2008 by Mister Marbles
Rating: 9  
Take the money you save staying at Pop Century (rather than a mid-priced resort) and up-grade your Disney vacation package to include Dining Plus. We’ve made NUMEROUS trips to Mickey’s World over the years and always paid for meals as we went along and it can prove to be a skosh spendy. Last year for our annual father and son trip we upgraded to meals, ate like royalty and saved a kings fortune, our meal in France alone would have been $118.00 and the gratuity was included, AMAZING! As for Pop Century, it’s always clean, safe and convenient. Two tips however if you enjoy silence, request a room that doesn’t face the pool and one that’s located on the second or third floor as the luggage trolleys’ do tend to run late and right past rooms, the flashing lights and engine noise can be a tad disruptive to sleep, as a side bar to noise, the toilets are like jet engines making the need to set your alarm for 7am hardly necessary. Over all the Rooms are smallish but quiet and more than adequate for 4 adults who just need to shower and sleep, for two adults and one or two (well behaved) children they’re perfect. I also prefer Pop to the All Star Resorts as it’s a much quicker bus trip to all the parks except Animal Kingdom (Disney Hollywood Studios is practically across the street). Staff is as would be expected at any Disney hotel friendly and quick to assist with any matter. The maintenance and maid staff’s are exceptional. The food court and gift shop are fairly priced and unremarkable although not a bad place to pick up a tube of toothpaste, last minute gift or to grab a quick snack at the end of another rewarding Disney adventure!
"One of the best resorts on property!"
Reviewed on Sep 05, 2008 by SunsetGrill7
Rating: 10  
Having stayed at the POP over a dozen times after staying elsewhere on property, I have to say I enjoy being here the best. The grounds are immaculate and almost always on the quiet side (not including the pool area). We have spent many hours walking around all the buildings, admiring everything to see. POP Century is also conveniently located, less than 10 mins to Hollywood Studios. A nice boat ride takes you from there to EPCOT, where the monorail can take you to the Magic Kingdom.

While the rooms are on the small side, I would hate to be traveling with the group that vacations in their room. Everytime we go to WDW, we only use our rooms to sleep, shower, and hold our stuff. Room ammenities are pretty much the same as other WDW resorts, except their are no interior corridors (as in some of the Deluxe Resorts). The main lobby has an great gift shop, arcade, and dining facilities, and the decorations are a blast for looking back throught he years.

While everytime you go to WDW there will be new cast members throughout, so I don't think it's fair to comment on direct experiences with them, good or bad, when giving a review. Every one has their days, and not every guests "needs" can always be accomodated the way they would like.
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
great budget hotel with all the disney ammenties, rooms are small, but you really dont spend much time in your room now do you
i must say the bathrooms are small and hard to move in and out of the tub
great for history buffs, can be boring for kids
awesome pool and food court
"A good place to sleep.."
Reviewed on May 08, 2008 by Trishnh
Rating: 7  
We just stayed at Pop Century for 10 nights. There were 7 of us so we had 2 rooms. The kids loved the resort and all the bright colors and the pools--we were worried they would miss the water slides since we usually stay at moderates but they didn't. The rooms were a little small and got cramped at times but we didn't spend a lot of time in the rooms so that was fine. We brought along a single air mattress for my daughter and that fit without a problem--but there was no walking room once it was in place for the night.

The thing that bothered us the most about Pop is the walls are paper thin!! We were located in the 50's section right by the pool and it was SO loud!! Kids were screaming all night it seemed and I am a light sleeper so it made it very difficult for me to sleep. We also got a lot of noise from people walking by our room or above us at all hours of the night. The showers/toilets are also very loud! We would definitely request a room away from the pools in the future. The air conditioner was very good and noiseless--I almost wish it made some noise to drown out the outside noises!

We also missed the 2 sinks and privacy curtain that they have in the moderates. With 3 adults, 2 teens and 2 kids we were always fighting for sink space!

We did not care for the food court at all. We thought the food was terrible and it got quite crowded at peak times. This seems to be the trend throughout the World, though--the food quality at counter service locations is going down hill. The burgers are disgusting! We also noticed they did not have any resort specific merchandise at the store--every thing is generic in all the stores now.
"Pretty close to perfect"
Reviewed on May 07, 2008 by ToEarIsHuman
Rating: 9  
For being as cheap as it is, it gives you as much if not more of the Disney experience than the more expensive hotels. It's cheap enough for myself and my cousins (who are all in college) to go down every winter for a couple of weeks. The theming is excellent and the rooms are decent (not great, but decent). The big bonus here is that you have a dedicated bus line. When leaving the parks at the end of the day, its great to know that the bus you are on takes you directly to your hotel without having to stop at others. This and being that it is pretty much in the center of the 4 parks is great (the magic kingdom is the farthest away, and that is still only about a 10 minute ride).
"Can't wait to Stay in POP"
Reviewed on Mar 30, 2008 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
Awesome!!! Mom,Dad,and I are planning to stay in the PoP On April!
I can't wait to stay in the 80's or others in the POP! I wish that everyone can stay
in this hotel! Disney Castmembers keep the magic!
"Can't wait to Stay in POP"
Reviewed on Mar 30, 2008 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
Awesome!!! Mom,Dad,and I are planning to stay in the PoP On April!
I can't wait to stay in the 80's or others in the POP! I wish that everyone can stay
in this hotel! Disney Castmembers keep the magic!
"Wonderful Visit; will return again."
Reviewed on Mar 04, 2008 by LoriMistress
Rating: 9  
DH and I stayed at Pop Century from Dec 8th to 19th 2007. We faxed our room requests three days before our arrival and we got every request we asked for. Everything about POP was wonderful and we'll stay there again!
Reviewed on Mar 01, 2008 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
I REALLY LOVES TO STAY IN THE 80'S THAT YEAR OF EPCOT! I love it the food courts and shops too!
I love to stay in this hotel again!
"Motel 6 with a theme"
Reviewed on Jan 20, 2008 by bandchaperone
Rating: 8  
It is a nice room...just the basics...like a Motel 6 with a theme. It was fine for my husband and I for a few days and we were a short walk from the food court. I loved the themed pictures on the wall in the lobby with the 50's stuff being my favorite. Hey, it had Annette in it and MM Club!!

The staff was very pleasant. We were there during the time my husband turned 50. I made buttons for him to wear that day. When they lobby staff saw them, they gave him another one saying it was his birthday. It was great.

We talked to one of the managers about the Legendary resort and all the cool ideas that could be used and he gave us the web site for us to send those ideas into. Unfortunately, the address on the card never worked.

For the money spent, I would stay here again.
"Great...just not amazing"
Reviewed on Jan 10, 2008 by jarey91
Rating: 8  
When I first entered Pop Century I loved the scenery and everything. My family and I stayed in the 50's which was very cool. But I have one mild complaint. On the very first day we went to eat at the Pop Century Diner(Which has the best chicken strips), while my cousin was ordering the people serving us seemed impatient and obviously annoyed. Other days the service was great. But Im not going to forget those ladies. Other than that, the pools were amazing, the buildings were fascinating. Im sure Walt Disney himself would of loved Pop Century. I also hope that Disney continues to finish the other half of the resort from the 00's-40's. Im really anxious to see how it looks like.
"Great time at POP"
Reviewed on Jan 06, 2008 by jben24
Rating: 8  
I just have to say, that Pop century is great for kids. Our trip in March of 2006 was great, not as fancy as Carribean Beach, but very nice for the time you are actually at the resort. Our trip was so much fun, we are going to stay there again in March 2008.
"Absolutely Stunning"
Reviewed on Nov 17, 2007 by masonp
Rating: 10  
We have just returned from 2 weeks at Pop Century ( we did not eat there though ) We all thought the hotel was superb for both us and the kids, we stayed in 80's building and the pool ( computer one ) was really good lovely and warm no matter what time you decided to go swimming ( open 7am till midnight ) lifeguards on duty 10-10 and some where really funny playing with the kids in the pools,
The rooms were also okay we only used ours to sleep in though as we were at the parks most of the time till late.
Using the buses was easy enough running about every 15 mins
"This was the best Disney Resort I stayed at without breaking the bank!!"
Reviewed on Sep 07, 2007 by dpunky
Rating: 10  
Since I am an annual passholder, I was able to take advatage of discounted rates Disney World had for the days after Labor Day Weekend. My stay was from 9/2 to 9/5. I chose to stay at Pop Century because I wanted to give another value resort a try. Last year, I tried All-Star Movies. I did not like this resort because I found the front desk unprofessional, and the bus transportation so overly crowded. I heard good things about Pop Century, so I decided to give them a chance.

I was not disappointed with Pop Century. The front desk staff was professional and very helpful. They put me in the 50's building, which was close to the food court and buses. I found the room clean and roomy. It was away from the pool, which is good since the rooms near the pool get quite noisy. The food court had very good selections for breakfast and dinner. I liked the table layout of Pop Century's food court better than All-Star Movies. The wait for buses were never long, and the buses never had to go to other resorts before going to the parks. I would definitely go to Pop Century again.
"Going Back June 2008"
Reviewed on Aug 01, 2007 by vickym
Rating: 10  
My boyfriend and I stayed in the Pop Century in August last year, i've stayed in all of the All Star Resorts before, this is my fav value resort, with all star movies a close 2nd.
We had a room overlooking the parking lot in the 90's section. We didn't find that the Food Court, busses were that far away as we used to cut across the parking lot and were there. The buses were always regular and i think we only stood twice!!!! Buses came more regular than when i've stayed at the All Stars, as i have found that you tend to have 1 bus for the 3 All Star resorts!!!!!!!
Rooms are the same as All Star Resorts, and you get what you pay for, more than enough room for 2 adults.
The decor at pop century was excellent and the food served at the food court was lovely.
We liked it so much that were going back June 2008.
"The best value resort"
Reviewed on Aug 01, 2007 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
I love Pop Century. Because the Pop Century is the best hotel.
Our family will love the Pop Century..
"1st Timer!!!!"
Reviewed on Jul 15, 2007 by mofrazier05
Rating: 8  
May 15, 2007. I must say we were thoroughly impressed with Pop Century from the moment we arrived! When I made our reservation, I told the Disney travel agent that my mother was ill. When we checked in, they asked how my mother was doing! Not only that, it was my daughter's 2nd birthday and Cinderella hooked her up!!! We had the Dining Plan which I recommend to EVERYONE! The only draw back was the room is a little over 200 sq ft and my husband and sons are really tall. Other than that we had a ball! So much we're going back @ the end of July!
"Okay for the Price"
Reviewed on Jun 23, 2007 by EpcotGrl
Rating: 7  
I stayed at Pop in January 2007.

The transportation was excellent, and I don't think I ever waited more than 10-15 minutes for a bus while I was there. I visited the food court a couple times and found it clean and well-appointed. The rooms were also clean, nice, and new, which was a plus.

The only problem was the absurd amount of noise. I'm fairly used to sleeping through noise, but between the wailing children in nearby rooms and the people in the pool until all hours, I was fairly miserable. A word to the wise: don't get a room facing the pool. Any pool. You won't get any sleep.
"Fun Place To Stay"
Reviewed on May 27, 2007 by LilMommyBug
Rating: 9  
We just got back from a week stay at Pop & we loved it! We were put in the 80's building - facing the water, so we had a little walk to the busses, but it wasn't bad. The housekeepers were great - they did a great job with our rooms everyday.
Reviewed on May 12, 2007 by tiggerzgirl83
Rating: 10  
This is my favorite Resort...Its fun, colorful, themed well, easy to get around, clean, etc... I can go on and on. I just love its atmosphere. It is the best value resort by far. It has its own buses unlike the All *"s. Im actually staying at Riverside this year and I feel like a trader but it wasnt my decision. My family wanted 2 try something different:( Other than that, I love pop more than anything!
"pop is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Reviewed on May 03, 2007 by nordstrom50
Rating: 10  
we just got back from a 4 night stay at pop century. april 26th thru 30th. i had been reading alot of these reviews prior to our trip. needless to say i was a bit apprehensive to stay at pop. ANYONE WHO HAS WRITTEN ANYTHING BAD ABOUT POP CENTURY in my opinion, has mental issues! we had the most wonderful time !
great service, food, sights & sounds. we saw rabbits running about the court yards how cool is that!!!
room was nice & cool slept well ---- not a problem. i do not like a dirty room---- not a problem. do not like standing in long lines, the buses were great ----- not a problem. we had 3 full days at the parks, got 3day ticket w/ park hopper. the only thing i would have done differently is get the extra hopper that includes disney quest in downtown disney, its 36.00 ea to get in so the 5.00 extra for that add hopper would havew been well worth it. also if i am not mistaken that also includes the water parks. really did not care for mgm or animal kingdom. they are really nice parks just my opinion. would find other itinerary next visit. extra magic hours at night were great however you better go back to your hotel & get a power nap our lounge at the pool in mid day so you will have the energy to enjoy those extra hours later that night. when you get to the parks in the morning you should go to the main fast pass attractions 1st! we did this & never waited more the 30 min
to go on any of them -- got them done so we could put ourselves in a lower gear to enjoy the rest of the attractions. i purchased a 60 qt. cooler before leaving for disney's pop century. it really did its job. we also brought our coffee maker, what a life saver that was! WE HAD A MAGICAL TIME. I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"pop century is fine"
Reviewed on Mar 20, 2007 by Cnrtygirl
Rating: 9  
We stayed at pop century 12-05. it was my daughter and I first trip, my husband has been to Disney many times with his family, but has never stayed on site. Would not have wanted to be anywhere else. We stayed in the 50's building right next to the bowling pin pool. The water in the pool was warm, and there was a life guard there that would throw balls around. My husband and daughter played in pool till late at nite and usually had most of it to theirselfs.

Food court was not to bad to walk to. And you HAVE to buy the refillable mug, we used it so much more than I thought we would. My daughter loved that she could get a frozen coke when she wanted one. Coke products only, didn't know that before we went, would have liked to have had a Mt Dew.

The buses ran quite regularly, and we didn't have to wait to long to get to the parks. But PC bus stops from the park (where they pick you up) are a long walk. And if you just miss a bus to get back to hotel, there is no place to sit and wait for next one. This is hard to do after a long day in the parks.

On the plane realized I still get motion sickness, and the shopping place next to food court carried motion sickness items, Made enjoying the parks easier. Got a lot of little items to take home there also. Was able to find the autograph book my daughter had to have, Pen didn't write they exchanged with no problem.

Loved this place so much that evan though we thought we would try different resort for our upcoming trip, we are going back to Pop Century

"Awesome theme, good value for $$"
Reviewed on Mar 19, 2007 by laturner1
Rating: 7  
Yes, I gave it a 7/10, but not because it's not good. While you don't get the conditioner and lotion like you do in the deluxe resorts, the service is Disney-level. I gave it a 7 because it is lacking many of the amenities and conveniences of some of the other resorts, but in its price category, it's an easy 9. Shoot, you can get a standard room for $79 a night at the local yocal motel, but here you also get some Disney magic!

We have been to DisneyWorld about 8 times since 2002 when I went for the first time with my husband. We have stayed at Yacht Club resort (expensive, but convenient, convenient, convenient), All-Star Movies, and Pop Century. We are preparing to return to Pop Century for our 2nd time. The theming of the decades is wonderfully done. You MUST walk down memory lane along the lake and read the signs for each year. The colorful and oversized statues and exterior decor are the best - our children LOVED the big wheel and the Mr. & Mrs. PotatoHead and they're just 5 and 3 years old. The themed pools are neat, too - the bowling pin (50's) and the Hippy Dippy pool (60's) were the 2 we swam in. Both are excellent.

As for pricing - if you do not NEED (medically) to be near the Classic Hall where the transportation, food court, check-in, etc., are, do not pay for a Preferred Room. Our room last time was on the backside of the 50's building facing the lake, and the view was AWESOME. The walk is not all that bad, either. We are traveling in a week and a half with our two children (5 & 3), and my parents (59 & 60), and have requested a preferred room so my dad doesn't have to walk as far.

Transportation has been reliable. The food court can be crowded and a bit inconvenient (if you want burgers, you stand in one line, if you want spaghetti, another line), but it's not unlikely you'll see many people carrying their trays back to their rooms. It's a very common practice, especially for breakfast when part of the family is sleeping in or getting ready.

If you even think you are going to make a return trip to Disney in the future, keep a copy of the map you get showing you the layout of the resort. It will come in very handy when you try to decide where you want to stay next time. This is good advice, regardless of which resort you choose.
Reviewed on Feb 07, 2007 by DisneyFaNatic1
Rating: 7  
It has a cute theme, but I find All Star: Movies better overall. The food court is very far away from sections such as 90's or 50's. The beds, I swear, are less comfortable. It does have a really cool theme: the decades, and all. If only they would complete the early years: 00's, 10's, 20's, 30's, and 40's!
"Enjoyable Value"
Reviewed on Jan 26, 2007 by scorp111
Rating: 7  
We have stayed at the POP on two different occasions. Once for a weekend visit, and once for a single night.

Transportation was fine, and theming and upkeep of the resort solid.

It is easily the best "value" level resort in my opinion.
"Pretty good"
Reviewed on Jan 04, 2007 by scbb11Sketch
Rating: Not rated  
We went there over New Year\\\'s and had a great time. The theming was fun, the food court was great and not too much of a ripoff. The buses came very regularly and we never really had to wait. The only thing horribly wrong with the rooms is the faucets. For the love of god get faucets that actually spit out water. It was like I was trying to rinse off my toothbrush in the rain, hoping a drop would hit it. Otherwise, the resort is great. They just need to finish the legendary years already.
"po century oct 06"
Reviewed on Oct 13, 2006 by tricia321
Rating: Not rated  
We just got back and were disappointed. We were able to get connecting rooms and King bed, but the king room had been smoked in. It was disgusting. After first complaint, they brought air freshner and a air machine. The next day, I complained, nicely, and they changed all the linens and shampooed the rug. (Bathroom floor was moldy too)It was much better after the linen changes. We would have liked to change rooms, but nothing was available I was told. CN at food court not very personable, but check in was wonderful.
"Disappointing 2nd Visit"
Reviewed on Sep 25, 2006 by CSmith2006
Rating: Not rated  
Our first visit to POP CENTURY was in May of 2005. The level of service was so wonderful, that we were very surprised when we returned in May of 2006 to find that the service level had dropped considerably.

It started at check in. The person behind the desk operated in almost a robotic fashion, though she did tell us our room was ready (even though it wasn\'t check-in time yet) which was a huge relief since we had driven through from NJ. We unloaded everything from the car, got it to the room, and discovered the room hadn\'t been cleaned from the previous occupants. After two trips to the desk, we were told to come back in a few hours, even though all of our luggage was on a cart outside of our room!
My husband found someone from the cleaning crew that was able to get the room cleaned ASAP thankfully, so she allowed us to put the luggage in the room and we went and walked around the property for a bit and got something to eat.
We also noticed the employees at the food area were not as nice as they were the previous year either. One consistant thing that carried over was the lack of organization at the hamburger section. There are never any burgers ready and as the orders pile up, so do the people an nobody knows what food belongs to who.
Another thing we noticed was how long trays and trash sat on the tables while many of the staff were standing around.
Of course we will be returning to Disney in 2007, but I think we\'ll be trying a new hotel this time around.
"good but not disney great"
Reviewed on Jul 05, 2006 by hrmom26
Rating: Not rated  
i went to pop in march 2006 we loved the hotel it self the rooms were great, the pool was great, it was nice to have a bus to take us back and forth to the parks that didn\'t stop at other hotels like at the all stars but i didn\'t like the food court. the food wasn\'t as good and i thought people working there were kind of rude. the food court at the all star movies was much better.the check in process was quick but the woman checking us in was not rude but just seemed like she wanted to be anywhere but there and didn\'t explan where my room was or what building she just handed me some papers and looked at the next person and said next. she didn\'t greet us or talk to us or anything. i love the value resorts but i will probably go back to ASMovies next time.
"June 2006 Visit"
Reviewed on Jul 04, 2006 by djrichar
Rating: Not rated  
It\'s a little noisy, but I would rather stay in a Disney resort than stay off site.
"We LOVE Pop Century"
Reviewed on Apr 27, 2006 by jrsyfuncpl
Rating: Not rated  
Our first experience with Pop Century was before we even arrived at the hotel. Our reservations were to start a day after we had arrived in the Orlando area, and we had arranged the first night at a Days Inn, which fell through due to an error on their part. We called WDW Reservations and they got us a night early, not promising that we would be able to stay in the room.
We arrived, parking was ample and the line wasn\'t bad at check in. The front desk person couldn\'t have been more courteous. She put us in a preferred room and arranged it so we didn\'t have to change rooms the following day.
Before going to the room, we checked out the decor of the lobby area and the nostalgic items on display are worth the time it takes to walk the length of the lobby!
As with most resorts, there is a food area (with many different stations for a great variety of food), a game room, and a gift shop. Also a wonderful ice cream shop with the best sundaes we\'ve ever had!!
Our room was located to the right of the Hippy Dippy Pool on the ground level. It was a standard room with two full size beds, a desk, TV and bathroom with the vanity area on the outside. Nothing spectacular, but who spends that much time in the room when you are here?
Being close to the pool wasn\'t an issue - once the doors were shut and the curtains drawn, it was quiet and comforatble.
There are two other pools in different areas of the hotel. By the Hippy Dippy, there was a bar, a temporary tattoo station, and a laundry area, which I utilized before we left.
The transportation area is well organized outside of the front lobby entrance, where you can catch a bus going to any Disney park.
I also wanted to mention - do take a walk around the grounds and check out the larger than life displays of the Rubiks Cube, Big Wheel, etc.
"We like the POP"
Reviewed on Jan 22, 2006 by Lakermouser
Rating: Not rated  
My two adult daughters and I stayed here in May of 2005. This resort is amazing in it's attention to detail. We spent a week here and never saw all of it. The rooms are minimal in size (We knew this beforehand), but it met all of our needs. The in-room safe held my laptop and other valuables. The bathroom was sufficient and the separate washroon area was a nice touch. The small shelf above the sink held our toiletries.
There was adequate closet space and enough drawers for the three of us.
Housekeeping did a great job and we had a towel animal in our window the second day.
We will definately stay here again.
"First and Last time!"
Reviewed on Nov 08, 2005 by PigletIsMyCat
Rating: Not rated  
This was our first stay at a Value Resort, from 9/28 to 10/04. We had a king room in the 50's building, fourth floor facing the bowling pin pool. The room was immaculate, and didn't seem too small with a king size bed, but I think it would seem very small with two double beds. The vanity area was cramped, and the bathroom was tiny. The food court was great, and seemed to be kept very clean. For the money, the actual resort is a great deal! The bus service is not. We continually had to wait over twenty minutes at a time for buses to the parks to arrive, and usually would have to wait for another bus! Coming home from the Magic Kingdom, we counted (yes, we counted) over 300 people waiting in line for a bus to Pop Century. Since we do not rent a car, we will never stay at another Value Resort.
Overall, the smallness of the room, the motel-like set up, and the horrible bus service convinced DH and myself that we would rather spend more money for more conveniences.
"Pop Century"
Reviewed on Oct 17, 2005 by sheenaxena
Rating: Not rated  
We stayed here 09/29-10/04. The rooms were small, but that didn't bother us. We got around just fine. The food court was always crowded, but they have great breakfast and Italian dishes. The pool was nice. We stayed in the 60's building on the right, room 4268. It was located in front of the kiddie pool. Not a whole lot of noise, from the outside. I'm not going to stay at another value resort again. I'd rather save my money and spend more on the moderate or deluxe. We heard everything in the other room next to us. We heard the wake-up call every morning, and I even heard the guy coughing!!!!! I value my sleep, and I didn't get a whole lot with all the noise going on. If you're a heavy sleeper and don't mind some noise, this is the place for the $. I have nothing bad to say. I just won't stay there again because of the thin walls. But I did have a blast and I'm glad I stayed.
"fun fun fun"
Reviewed on Sep 21, 2005 by yellowangel
Rating: Not rated  
this is such a fun hotel its got everything you need there . it is a very clean hotel and everywhere you go there was music it was really good would recomend big time
"Overall VERY GOOD"
Reviewed on Jul 25, 2005 by DisneyFanLS
Rating: Not rated  
My wife and I stayed there in Sept. 2004. Overall I was very pleased with the resort..however, two things stick out in my mind. One, even though the pools had "themes", I was not overly impressed, and Two, we had to walk a LONG way to our rental car. We were in the sixties section and where our bldg was located, it was a LONG walk to the parking lot!! We were very comfortable in the room, however, I could see if a family of four tried to stay there, they would be extremely cramped!! We've stayed many times at the All-Star Movies Resort, and quite honestly, I liked it better than Pop Century, even though I loved all the "memorabilia" that was at Pop Century. I'd probably stay there again.
"POP is a LARGE property"
Reviewed on Jun 27, 2005 by hollyberries
Rating: Not rated  
i really enjoyed our stay at POP; however, one thing to make really clear is the vastness of the property. our room was in the 90's building, which felt like it added an extra mile onto our walking each day!! it would be nice if guests could use carts like the employees are dropped off from in the mornings when they are staying in the farther away buildings (which we were in the very last building!). it feels like an ENDLESS walk at the end of a long, hot day at the park.
otherwise, housekeeping was pretty good, though it didn't feel like the floor was vacuumed each day when walking in bare feet. we did get prompt delivery of towels for use at the pool.
the concierge was helpful with dinner reservations and currency exchange.
we did have a problem with the dining plan and an employee who was unfamiliar with what constituted "snacks" on the plan---but the manager was very helpful and it was quickly corrected.
the food we had at the counter service was very tasty as well....all in all a good experience
Reviewed on Apr 09, 2005 by wdwmagic
Rating: Not rated  
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"A Fun Time at Pop"
Reviewed on Apr 05, 2005 by DisneyMarg
Rating: Not rated  
Our family enjoyed our stay at the Pop Century the week before Easter 2005. We were on the second floor of one of the 80s buildings. We were very happy with this location - not too far from the parking lot, and not too far up the stairs.

The rooms are a bit small, but we have two teenagers and had no trouble rearranging the room so that one could sleep on the floor (moved table to bed by bathroom and chairs to various places). I didn't particularly like the way the door opened right into the bed, but got used to it and it wasn't really a problem - more of an aesthetics thing. The TV cabinet was exceptionally cheap looking. We've stayed at some really cheapo places that looked better. But once we had loaded it up with books, clothes, and Disney shopping bags full of junk, no one noticed!

The room had an ironing board, but no hair dryer or coffeemaker. I brought both, thanks to reading reviews like this in advance. It also had a safe that we could use at no cost. It was the shallow but wide and tall enough for a laptop and a couple of wallets.

The computer pool had eye-catching accessories but was basically a square pool. It is neat, though, in that the pool is shallower around the sides and deeper in the middle. Also, it had a handicapped entrance, which I have never seen before. Having bathrooms, shower and lockers by the pool is a nice touch that was also a new one for me.

We washed clothes one morning and by 10:00 there was a line of grumpy people waiting for washers - only 6 or 7 for several buildings. Considering that it's a value resort, you can expect lots of people who need to wash - they should have made the laundry rooms bigger. Take our advice - go early to wash!

We loved walking around the grounds and looking at the icons - all so fun! We also enjoyed watching both Wishes and Illuminations from the bank of the lake near the 80's parking. we loved the food court - ate there three times. It was one of our favorite counter service places.

Mousekeeping was excellent. They always managed to come when we were gone - no matter when - it was, well, like *magic*! We also got the cute animals in our window and "good job" stickers on our toothbrushes, which was funny since they were Mom and Dad's.

One final note... on check-in we borrowed a luggage cart (after $250 deposit). This made carting our stuff from the car to the room much easier.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, wish we were there now, and look forward to going again as soon as possible!
"Disney's Pop Century"
Reviewed on Feb 18, 2005 by MY_NAME_STITCH
Rating: Not rated  
Outstanding value!! I would recommend this resort to everyone!!!
"Great value for $"
Reviewed on Feb 17, 2005 by debbie
Rating: Not rated  
This was my first time trying a value resort. All 12 of us were pleasantly surprised and very pleased. The rooms ARE small, but well appointed. The whole property, while intimidating when we first pulled in; was easy to navigate. The food court had a nice variety, the kids loved the arcade and the pools. The overall cleanliness of this resort, along with nice theming, and a very cool Classic Hall make this a great value for your money.
"Well worth it"
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2005 by Fbullock
Rating: Not rated  
The wife & I like Pop Century. We've stayed at Music and Movies and while they are nice, the central food court and being a little away from the other value motels cuts down on the traffic congestion. We are coming back again in May (no kids) for her 50th Birthday.
Reviewed on Aug 08, 2004 by signerdreams
Rating: Not rated  
I loved it! My dad and I stayed here for my graduation present! It was AWSOME. We had stayed at the all stars before and there were some differences. One of the differences is at PC you don't have a dispenser on shower wall (you do have disney soap though). I personally like the dispenser on the wall b/c i can take a bath and get a bubble bath. PC is a little more fancy and luxurious than AS. I loved it! We stayed in the 80's section. It was great. We had an awsome view of the lake.
"The new fish"
Reviewed on Aug 07, 2004 by comeoneileen999
Rating: Not rated  
I stayed at the pop century resort back on spring break and i thought it was a little hard to find your way around the place but it was very cool. the overall theming was awesome they did a very good job. i thought the rooms were a lil plain but then again with a hotel that size you cant get too elaborate
"great value"
Reviewed on Apr 06, 2004 by drgjr61
Rating: Not rated  
We stayed at the Pop Century this past January.We had a great time,the rooms were nice, a little small but we got by. Staff was more then friendly.I would recommend this resort to any family who is trying to save a little money.The food court had an decent selection of various foods. We can not wait to go back!
"All-Star Upgrade"
Reviewed on Mar 02, 2004 by TrendyMagic
Rating: Not rated  
I have already stayed there twice, Once on opening night and the other a few months later. Very nice resort. Many of the known problems with the All-Star resorts were fixed when designing this resort. Be careful when walking in the Rubix Cube stairwells, they will give you the sensation that you are moving side to side.
"Great Value"
Reviewed on Jan 22, 2004 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
I was lucky enough to get a room in the 50's section that overlooked Hourglass Lake and provided a clear view of the fireworks from Illuminations (trees blocked any lower element of the show). While the rooms are small and the amenities few, Pop Century is extremely clean and has a wonderfully kitschy exterior. The CMs are friendly and helpful, the food court is good, and I believe it worth the (relatively) low rate.
"it's different all right!"
Reviewed on Jan 21, 2004 by bet-c
Rating: Not rated  
My husband & i really enjoyed our visit and while the rooms were nice, it was very small. If we had brought our kids (ages 11 & 16), we would have been on top of one another. The food court area is nice and has a huge selection of different foods to choose from but we found that very late at night, the selection is diminished because they start closing the food counters one at a time. The buses seem to have been running appx. every 15 minutes or so, but they were never really crowded either. Our room was looked near the end of the 80's building right by a parking lot but it was amazingly quiet. We heard very little outside noise and no noise from the other rooms to speak of. Housekeeping seemed to be doing it's job; when we left for the marathon, we had left the "privacy" sign on the door & when we returned, they had left a bag with fresh towels on the door knob. As I jogged around the complex the morning we were leaving, I noticed that across the "Hourglass Lake" there seems to be another building going up. We enjoyed ourselves so much that for the 2006 marathon, we might try to stay there if it's available!
Disney's Pop Century Resort
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