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"No business center"
Reviewed on Oct 01, 2014 by Paul
Rating: 7  
I went with family and we had a great time. Grounds, staff, rooms all fine. My issue is that I knew I had to get some important work done. I called ahead and I was told that of course the hotel has a business center. After family was asleep I went to the lobby to find the business center and get that work accomplished. There is no business center. I was told that the nearest is at one of the convention centers (not in the hotel) which of course is not open at night (closes at 4:00). I spent my evenings at the open-all-night casual restaurant where I found a table and outlet for my laptop, next to the video arcade. Next to the LOUD video arcade. The rooms have wi-fi but I couldn't work in the room while others slept. Very disappointed in something so simple. The main building was being renovated; maybe they will have some forethought and build a real workspace/business center.
"Amazing but Outdated"
Reviewed on Nov 02, 2013 by RMicheal21
Rating: 8  
Disney's Grand Floridian was great! It was in the prime location from the Magic Kingdom. A short monorail ride to the park and a short ferry ride back from the park. The pool area was ok, but the zero-depth entry was great for some of the little children around. The rooms were doable. If they were kept cleaner in-between guests' stay then I would be more satisfied. We found random balloons hanging from the ceiling when we got to our room. But, the layout was nice, it was spaced out to feel secluded but close enough together to feel like you are still a part of the magic. Overall, Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa fell just short of maximum stars.
"Beautiful but not for us"
Reviewed on Jul 17, 2013 by DisneyLemons
Rating: 5  
It has been a few years since we have stayed at the GF and although it is a beautiful resort it just wasn't for us. We stayed at club level and the food was a tad too foofoo for us - maybe we are just too redneck? Would rather eat at other resort restaurants also.
"...and now we're spoiled."
Reviewed on May 28, 2013 by Ariel484
Rating: 10  
We stayed at the Grand Floridian in January 2013 (Conch Key building) and had a WONDERFUL stay. From the moment we entered the resort the cast members were so friendly and welcoming. That set the Grand apart right away for us. Our room was HUGE and so comfortable. We had a great view - really loved being able to watch the Electrical Water Pageant from our window each night. The monorail and boat transportation was SO wonderful - we've never had that before and might be spoiled now. Gaspirilla Island had great counter service options beyond the typical counter service fare, and Citricos is one of our favorite restaurants on property. Pool was being refurbed, so we didn't get to try it out. Can't wait to return to the Grand!
"Enjoyed SENSES to the Max"
Reviewed on Mar 10, 2013 by Holly
Rating: 9  
I couldn't wait to go and enjoy the spa at the Grand Floridian this past week... and I really cant say enough. I chose to do the Bubble Bath, which was amazing! I arrived on time, and was escorted back.. no kids or noise to notice... and my first stop was a spot where I was handed a Mango drink... and then off to the locker rooms! You are given slippers, and a robe with a locker... then you can go to the steam room, the jacuzzi or the sitting room. All three are lovely. These are seperate for men and women... so bring the swim suit! *** I was put off by one thing. In the jacuzzi area...there was a woman laying in one of the lounge chairs loudly talking on her cell phone. Everything echos in there so I am not sure how on earth she could hear the other person.... but I dont think she really cared that we could hear everything... Adorned in sneakers and all her shopping bags.. I couldn't help but wonder, why hadn't someone said anything to her. So I mentioned to the staff how I felt (FYI it is posted EVERYWHERE no cell phonesand for the $$$ you shell out it should be an automatic GET OFF THE PHONE)... and they must've said something because the next time I saw her, she was texting rather than chatting away... So I give cudos to the staff for nipping that! Ok back to the fun... tiny muffins (carrot zucchini) and apples are left out for you to dine on, as well as cucumber water and hot tea, of your choosing.. the waiting room is very nice, quiet... with reclining leather chairs... Oh and the showers... they are huge! There is a complete station to do your hair afterwards that has gel, hairspay, curlers, you name it..... The room where I was escorted to with Johanna was gorgeous.. quiet... and perfect. The scrub down smelled heavenly, and the bath, even better... with jets everywhere... the end came to soon... and I was massaged with a mimosa lotion. I am not writing too much on the experience since it will be different to everyone, but this was FANTASTIC! Oh, and if you are a DVC member... mention it... worth the discount! Total for my excursion $174 (included the 20% tip and the discount). Worth every penny, and I will go back for more!
Reviewed on Jun 14, 2011 by IRTSTARS
Rating: 10  
We stayed here for Christmas one year and it was simply magnificent!

The service, decor and amenities were perfect. It was also a great place to stay with adult children, who might need a "different" Disney experience.

Worth every penny!
"Excellent Service"
Reviewed on Aug 05, 2010 by kenzwife94
Rating: 9  
My family and I were very impressed with the quality service of the GF. We stayed at the Sugar Loaf with concierge service. The staff was friendly, the rooms were immaculate, and the servive was great. My only issue was having to wait for about two hours for our room to be ready. Thankfully the lobby served food and beverages, so our wait wasn't too bad. I loved the character dining at 1900 Park Fare, and enjoyed being greeted by such beloved Disney characters during breakfast. We had an excellent view of the Magic Kingdom park from our balcony, and could watch the beginning of thewater parade the resort dock. It was a wonderful experience, and we will definitely stay there again.
"gorgeous, pleasant & relaxing...."
Reviewed on May 31, 2010 by Tomi-Rocket
Rating: 10  
We stayed at the GF last Sept. '09. We stayed for seven days and six nights. My DH and I married at the GF 15 years ago in Sept. so this was our anniversary trip and the fact that we were married at the GF also made the trip extra special to us. We absolutely LOVE this hotel property. It is beautifully maintained and the staff was great. We had a bit of a wait for our room because it was one that had been refurbished and when we got in the lights in the dressing room weren't working nor was the phone. They sent someone up within ten minutes to fix both. The room was lovely and we had a fabuous view. We splurged on this trip and had a view of the MK which we all loved. We even had a "magical moment" on this trip when we heard you could see the fireworks at the MK from the marina dock. We had been swimming at the pool and were leaving because we thought somehow we had missed the fireworks. As we were walking back to our Sago Cay building the fireworks started and there were exactly four chairs left for us to sit in and watch the whole show! You couldn't ask for a better moment. Another aspect of the GF we all enjoyed was being on the monorail line. So very convenient. We will defintely stay here again but it's only going to be for our "big" anniversaries to keep it special, so 2014 we'll be back! The only problem we encountered was the bathtub had a tendency to get clogged up while we showered but we notified a CM on the day of check-out. It wasn't much of a problem, so we decided to wait till we were leaving to let them know. We also enjoyed the Zero entry pool. It wasn't crowded and my boys loved the water slide. The GF is so impeccably maintained and you see the evidence of this - painting the outside of the hotel doors, powerwashing of the buildings and then the landscaping - it all added up to a wonderful and practically perfect stay for my family.
"Very nice resort! Stayed there 10 times in 20 year."
Reviewed on Feb 09, 2010 by DeltaPhiPunk13
Rating: 9  
A little pricey, but not too bad when the parents are paying for accomodations. Main building is amazing and rest of the resort is very nice. Staff is very friendly and polite. Very crisp, clean smell and feel in all buildings especially on hot days. Definitely worth the price as long as you can comfortably afford it. Stronly recommend 1900 Park Fare for breakfast and/or dinner - breakfast is great!
"Love this Resort!"
Reviewed on Dec 14, 2009 by stefan74
Rating: 10  
Everything at the Grand Floridian is just fabulous! The service was great, the location of our room was superb and the resort was always clean. The staff was fantastic. Will stay here again!
Reviewed on Sep 07, 2009 by bia5ngo
Rating: 10  
This hotel is so beautiful and will make you feel as far away from home as possible. I have stayed here with my family most of the times i have stayed at Disney. The workers are very friendly and take care of the place very well. There is a lot to do including the pool, Gasparillas, a spa, tennis, boating, and much much more! It also has convenient transportation including buses, the monorail, and ferries. I would definitely come back again and I can't wait to do it.
"Beautiful Resort"
Reviewed on Aug 03, 2009 by WishIWasAtWDW
Rating: 10  
I really loved the Grand Floridian. My parents and I went in February 09 and it was wonderful. We had a lagoon view room with a private balcony. The room was beautiful and the overall theming of the resort was great. Transportation to the Magic Kingdom was the best with the monorail and ferry. We never had to wait too long for buses to the other parks either. I would absolutely stay at the Grand Floridian again.
"truly amazing"
Reviewed on May 30, 2009 by mickeymck
Rating: 10  
I have stayed at the Grand Floridian twice now, each time was amazing. The service is incredible the rooms are elegant the lobby really is breath taking. I have never seen that grand of a lobby in my life. The food here is to die for. The only problem is the prices, because though I feel it's worth the price, that is still a lot of money!! But I really love this hotel and HIGHLY reccommend it for whoever is undecided on where to stay at Walt Disney World.
"Fantastic!! Simply Breath Taking"
Reviewed on May 29, 2009 by NCFire1
Rating: 10  
We stayed at the Grand Floridian for the week of July 4th 2008. We had a Fantastic time. The rooms were great. The weather was awsome not to hot. We love the atmosphere of the Grand Floridian. Every Staff memeber went out of their way to make our stay the best. We will return to the Grand Floridian in 2010 for the 4th of July again! Can't wait.. it's just amazing and breath taking.
"A "Grand" Experience!"
Reviewed on May 12, 2009 by 
Rating: 9  
We stayed at the Grand Floridian for the first time from 4/13-4/18 and it was fabulous!

We had always dreamed of one day staying there, and when we found out that our entire 5-Night Stay would be only $150 more total than the Polynesian we said Yes!

The entire trip itself was Grand, beginning with being upgraded on our Flight to First Class.

The hotel was great looking even from the DME Bus going in ;)
We did have to wait 2 hrs from after we checked in until we got our room, but it was well worth the wait and we also got to just take time and "smell the roses" that we normally might not have done if we didn't have time.

When I first saw the Grand Floridian Map at home, It appeared as if Boca Chica was miles away from the main building and I almost freaked out when I found our room was in that building, but the layout of the hotel is great. It wasn't more than a 2 minute walk from the Boca Chica lobby to the main building (and the Grounds are so well kept it was very enjoyable) We got upgraded from a Standard View to a Pool View and had a great view of the Courtyard Pool.

As for Food, we only had a chance to Dine at Gasparilla's & The GF Cafe as we didn't make Breakfast reservations. Gasparilla was very convenient and nice, if not maybe a little slow when ordering pizza or burgers. The GF Cafe had great views, along with nice views of the Courtyard area outside from inside. Again, Food Service was a bit slow, but the food was great and the meal was relaxing.

As for Transportation, The Monorail outside was so convenient. We were able to leave our room at 9:50 and be at the Magic Kingdom just in time for the Opening Ceremony...can't do that anywhere else!

Busses - We experienced none of the problems mentioned with the Busses. We visited in Peak Season and the busses coming were Empty & private, and since only 3 routes service the resort they were very efficient. One day 3 busses arrived at once going to AK, so we actually had a private bus the entire time! Even if there was a larger crowd waiting for the busses, the bus stop was completely shaded and probably had 10 benches for guests to sit on while waiting...very convenient also.

We never used the boat system, but it seemed very efficient. I saw boats arriving at the MK the same time as us taking the monorail, departing at the same time.

Being Tonga Toast People, we loved eating at the Polynesian for Breakfast...and it is a scenic & quick 10 minute walk from the GF Tower Building to the Great Ceremonial House which we loved.

Our Room was great...Looked newly refurbished, Everything was Spotless. We had a brand new LG HD TV (plagued by a finicky remote, however). The Staff was so helpful and courteous. We accidently put one of our Bathrobes in the hamper with the towels and the front desk said they would make sure they wouldn't accidentally chargeus for it. The H20 Toiletries were great...I heard that their Spa line (which the GF Carries) is great and it definitely was. I left a note for our Mousekeeper asking if she could leave some extras so I could take them home and we were surprised with Complimentary Full-Sized H20 Spa Shampoo & Lotion bottles....We were thrilled!

The beds were turned down every night and chocolates were left on them, and the Balcony was very nice.

The Pools were also very refreshing after a day at the parks. (The only bad thing were covers for the lights in the bottom of the Courtyard pool that hurt your foot if you stepped on them .. watch out for those!)

Overall the experience was probably our best Disney trip yet, out of about 10 we have done. It was the most we ever payed per night for a hotel, but it was well worth it and we can't wait to return!
"Excellent room and resort. Bus & dining experience a disappointment."
Reviewed on Aug 26, 2008 by PADDIO
Rating: 7  
Excellent accomodations at the Grand and this is our second stay at the Grand.
Previously stayed at the Yacht Club, Polynesian, Port Orleans.

Bus service from the Grand was disappointment when the Bus arrived on two different occassions, it was overcrowded and standing room or no room . The bus had first stopped at the Wilderness lodge and then the Polynesian before the Grand. I would expect that the Grand should have its own Bus or the first stop since it is the premier resort at the World.

The resort and accomodations were excelent but the dining service at the Grand Floridian Cafe for the evening meal was a disappointment. The service was slow, it took over 30 minutes for desert, probably due to waitress already guaranteed the gratuity from the dining plan.

Disappointed in the No Smoking Policy and statement of FINE for smoking. Believe that smoking should be permitted on your room's open air balacony, which is separated from the adjoining rooms, as it was in Jan 2007 and before.
"love it"
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
amazing,one of my fav. hotels. i love the victorian vibe. great pool and food. great shopping as well.
reminds me of the hotel del coranado in california which is where we stay when we are in the area
dont miss the parade of mousekeepers in the morning
even if you dont stay, you have to explore it
"GF stay A-"
Reviewed on Jun 06, 2008 by EvilQueen-T
Rating: 9  
We stayed at the GF July 07 over the 4th holiday for our anniversary in a honeymoon suite on the 2nd floor. Had a GREAT view of the castle but was a little bit out of the way to get to the room although private. Hot tub in room appropriate size for a 6y/o and mildew came out when jets turned on. Otherwise concierge level service excellent. Room nice size. Fantastic service at check-in. Nice sitting on water watching fireworks over the MK. Have stayed at 2 other deluxe resorts (polyn & wilderness ldg) and 2 other moderate resorts (port orl & carrib beach) and don't have anything negative to say about those experiences. Had just expected a little more for the GF being their flagship hotel but would stay there again.
"One of the nicest places to stay at"
Reviewed on Jun 05, 2008 by redkoala245
Rating: 10  
When I visit WDW every year I go to the Grand Floridian. When you stay there it feels like you are at home. The rooms have nice views and has a lot of space and nice furniture. It has a great 24 hour food service with the game room. And this hotel is convienant to all the parks and other hotels, if you want to check out the other hotels. So next time when you come to WDW stay at the Grand Flordian.
"An excellent choice for a WDW visit"
Reviewed on Mar 06, 2008 by steven_newyork
Rating: 9  
My family stayes at the Grand Floridian over the 2008 Presidents Day holiday. We were very happy with our choice and we would stay there on our next visit.

Room: Not huge, but an ok size for 2 adults and 2 8 year olds. The room was spotless and all the decor was in perfect condition. The room was very comfortable with 2 queen size beds, a couch (which opens to another bed), a sitting chair and a desk with chair. There was also a dresser with drawers to store your clothes and a mini fridge inside. Dissapointingly there was no mini-bar with the opportunity to purchase water, beverages, snacks, etc. in the room. The decor was rich with lovely fabrics and wallpaper and carpet. The bathroom had a closed area with the tub/shower and toilet. There were double sinks in a dressing area across from the closet. The bathroom was provisioned with a nice assortment of quality H20 brand soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Curiously there was no hair dryer available, but there was an in-room coffee maker with a small supply of tea and coffee. The room was a garden view room in the "Boca Chica" building and it had a partial water view of the lake, and a nice, but small porch with 2 chairs. The room was quiet and the AC system worked well. The ceiling fan was a nice touch as well. There was a nice flat screen TV with a good selection of channels including lots of Disney branded choices of course.

Public Spaces: Everything was lovely to look at and clean and in perfect repair. The hallways outside the room were quiet and attractive. The lobby, with its soaring space, was a treat to walk through or just relax a few minutes waiting for the family to show up. There was plenty of shopping opportunities to pick up anything from batteries and newspapers to a complete wardrobe of higher end clothing.

Staff: Everyone was friendly and helpful as you would expect at a Disney property. Service was attentive and there were enough people on duty to minimize or eliminate any waiting for checking in or obtaining any assistance you might need.

Food: A wide array of choices ranging from Gasparillas which is a cafeteria style quick dining choice open 24 hours a day to Victoria and Alberts, the highest end dining option in WDW. We were unable to secure a reservation for V&A, but Citricos, another deluxe choice on the property had wonderful food and service. The Grand Floridian Cafe was a nice choice to eat with the kids but service, especially at breakfast was on the slower side. One thing that impressed me at The Grand Floridian, and indeed throughout WDW, was the attention and concern for guests with special dining needs. Both my children have a severe peanut and tree nut allergy which can be life threatening. Upon mentioning this to our server the head chef came to our table to discuss our needs. They were without fail, polite, charming, concerned and extremely knowledgable about food allergy issues. This was the best service on this dimension we have ever experienced. Even at Gasparillas and other snack options throughout WDW there were special nut free / food allergy specific choices available. Bravo Disney!

Location: About perfect. The monorail stops at the hotel for a short ride to the Magic Kingdom or the Transportation center to get to Epcot. Frequent bus transportation is available to Animal Kingdom and the Hollywood Studio. There is also a boat option to MK. The Magic Express airport service was great as well. We liked being able to see the MK castle and fireworks from the hotel property.

Facilities: Our kids loved the pools, especially the beach pool with the water slide. The health club facility was spotless clean and had a nice array of exercise and weight machines available. The grounds were well landscaped and it was a pleasure to walk around the resort. The Grand Floridian also offers lots of business, wedding and other special facilities which we did not utilize.

Overall: A great hotel for WDW. Even though it was rather expensive, we felt that we recieved good value. Of course outside WDW the same money would buy you a stay at a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton property with a higher level of luxury and ammenities, but naturally without the WDW location! Service compared well to those higher end hotels however. A great property which is comfortable for families with children as well as adult guests without kids.
"Did not feel the magic"
Reviewed on Dec 05, 2007 by flagen
Rating: 5  
Were were at the GF For our honeymoon from Oct 30th/Nov 2nd.

For this being the Flagship hotel..its was a major disappointment.

I will compare the GF with the Grand Cali at times.....When we first arrived we arrived a little early. Went to check in such...it was about 2 pm. room not ready.....TWO hours later we called to check on the room..it was ready. They told me where it was and I was like Um?? This is our honeymoon we res a honeymoon suite (using our DVC points) the has us two building away on the 7th floor. No flowers in the room as ordered...no nothing.

Now the Grand Cali...No wait...concierge level as requested...and we told them were there for our Anniversary..Room was AMAZING...View was amazing!....sigh the GF view was of the pool....anyway I went down to the desk...They say sorry but no rooms are available as it Jersey week...day goes by still not flowers...nothing...next day again the front desk. I get a manager and tell him so far this has not been very magical...he apologizes and that night a Bottle of champaign and A few flowers where in the room.

We also went to Victoria and Alberts...Food was GREAT...the downer was the Greeter complaining to a Waiter about her 7.00 per hour and she was going to quit. Sigh
We had visited the GF many times before while staying at other hotels at disney at all times of day and night. It was just not the same as other Deluxe Hotels we have stayed at.
The "flagship" needs to goto the Grand Californian as that was truly magical!

""GRAND" in every way"
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2007 by BONDQ
Rating: 10  
"Grand" is really a great way to describe this resort. To start the buildings and general layout of the resort are all very well done. We stayed in concierce in the Sugar Loaf building and were greeted outside of the hotel, as we got off the DME bus on our way to the front door. The greeter confirmed our last name and walked us privately thru the main building directly to our room in the Sugar Loaf building. The concierge services were described to us, she gave us our room keys, asked if we wished to leave a credit card on file for room charges, explained our DDP meal plan and gave us a brief overview of how to get more information about the parks. That completed our check-in in only 5 minutes and we were already in our room-No waiting in line, no going to the hotel desk. That was it! Absolutely brilliant!

The room was excellent, very clean (and I'm picky), all the linens were spotless, the carpet appeared brand new. There was no musty scent in the room that some here speak of. The TV was a new flat screen(though it was a cheesy LG with a slow remote control), the room included a refrigerator a nice desk with network data jacks, and nice sleeper sofa, nice chair and ottoman. We had a nice balcony facing the marina, as requested. The room had two confortable full size beds, though I wish you could get two King size. The bathroom had two sinks, a hair dryer, coffeemaker, iron, ironing board, a safe, and a separate toilet and shower area. The soaps and shampoos are quite nice. Two robes are also included.

As some have mentioned here, we had issues with Hot water, most notably that our showers were lukewarm to almost cold. On morning 1, I thought maybe the hotel was just busy and waited until Morning 2 to say anything. The same thing that morning, no hot water. Literally the kids were shivering in the shower and it was turned all the way to Hot and so I knew I needed to say something.
After getting ready for the day, I went downstairs to the Conceirge desk in the Sugar Loaf and told the lady there that the water was quite cold. I explained to her that everything else was great. She immediately responded that that was unacceptable and that "we needed to be provided hot water". She said she would have someone address it immediately and told me that she was granting us a credit to our bill to compensate for the trouble. She did provide us a sizable credit, and I didn't even request or expect one, though it was very nice and I was happy to be treated so nicely. I went back up to the room, and not 10 minutes later a repairman knocked at the door. He spent 10 minutes working on the shower and told me he had fixed the issue and asked me if I wanted to check it. I did check it and it was perfectly hot. I was really happy to see the immediate attention from the staff, they were excellent. This is best way for any resort to respond (by exceeding your guest's expectations)--BRAVO.

For those of you considering the Concierge Option (and we also took some time to consider it if it would be important for us), I have to say it was excellent. In the mornings there are cererals and muffins, fruit, coffee, milk, juices toast, cappuchino, teas. In the afternoon there are snacks, though we did use it then, and then in the evening there are meats, beers and wines and after-dinner drinks thereafter. Cokes, water and other sodas are there too. This is a nice thing when you come back from the parks and don't want to go to the cafe or the grill to get something. I think a cappuchino is $4 at the Gasparilla Grill, so that alone adds up quickly. Moreover the best part about Concierge at Sugar Loaf, is that it is more private, it's detached from the main building and if you need anything the front desk is right downstairs and you get immediate attention. The concierge did not replace us dining out for lunch or dinner, but most mornings we were happy with the simple breakfast and coffee. I would have liked to see some egg items and more protein, but I still think it was nice.

The hotel is arguably expensive and it's still Disney. This is not the Ritz Carlton, nor will you mistake it for such, but it's absolutely the best alternative. It's ultra convenient with the monorail and nearby Magic Kingdom. The attached marina is fun for taking out the boats, the resort features 5 restaurants plus the Gasparilla self-serve grill, plus your concierce ammenties (if you decide to get that), so you have plenty of close dining options. Also you are close to the Poly and Wilderness Lodge resorts if you wish to dine there for a change.

The staff in the restaurants, housekeeping, the staff in the concierge, at the marina, even the groundskeepers and bell services were all excellent. The staff is on their game and knows what fine hotels are about.

Despite the hotel being very busy over the Thanksgiving holiday all of the castmembers were excellent and served to provide a relaxing vacation for our family. We can't speak more highly of the resort and really enjoyed ourselves.
"a favorite"
Reviewed on Jun 17, 2007 by Jake Massoni
Rating: 10  
A great resort for the whole family great theme its one of my favorites
"Class Act"
Reviewed on Nov 28, 2006 by adevereaux
Rating: Not rated  
This is a beautiful, well-run hotel in the heart of Disney. If you can afford it, this one is my favorite. It\'s not easy springing nearly $300 per night!
"Pricey but nicey!"
Reviewed on Sep 30, 2006 by Tara Stone
Rating: Not rated  
We arrived at the GF on 9/17 stayed for a week and loved it! This was our fourth time at GF. We have also stayed at the Contemporary which I love but does not compare to GF in luxury at all. We stayed in the Sugar Loaf concierge bldg and the staff was terrific! Ready and willing to assist us with anything! Mousekeeping was exceptional no matter what time we came back to our room for afternoon naps, to swim etc the room was made up. I requested turn down service to be between 7-8pm as we have young kids and it was done promplty
each night. The selection of snacks and cordials in the concierge lounge was excellent as well...always grabbed a drink or a little snack when going to of from our room. There was also no noise to be heard..I read reviews in the past about the noise level but we had no problems at all..and our littlest one has ears of a bat! Our kids loved the beach pool with the waterslide and waterfall.. and while it may not be as elaborately themed as say, carribean beach, they didn\\\\\\\'t care because we also did waterparks. Loved that the other pool was 24 hours! Spa is fantastic..you can have your massage at the poolside cabana!! exceptional resturants, great shops...M Mouse Mercantile has it all, A very nice room service menu (24 hours). I would never stay anywhere else.
Downside: It is very expensive and I have to wonder with all the resturants and kids activities they offer (tea with alice, princess tea party) if during the peak season the place may be mobbed! It is very congested near the entrance 1900 Park Fare and the GF Cafe..even in the off season, you have to fight your way thru to get to the doors.
Also nice, when we checked in at 9am..our romm was READY!
"No Magic at all."
Reviewed on Sep 12, 2005 by moonshadow1
Rating: Not rated  
My basis is on service only. After being left down stairs for half an hour (they forgot to come get us), scolded like bad children for going to the front desk, by the concierge when our keys did not work and conceirge did not answer the phone, told we needed to pay extra for a honeymoon room when we already had, and no apology when the mistake was pointed out, all dinning reservations were wrong (GF had made them and would not fix them), and three room changes all the while being made to feel the problem was us, we left and went to the poly, the first night.
"An Amazing Experience!"
Reviewed on Aug 27, 2005 by mountainmaster1
Rating: Not rated  
We got the Cypress Suite in the Conch Key building for 7 nights, and although paying more than we would have liked, I must say it was worth every penny. We had 4 balconies, all of which looked upon the Magic Kingdom, Seven Seas Lagoon and Contemporary. We watched Wishes from it and were able to hear the music as well. The room had every convenience imaginable, and I loved the mints and personalized notes left on your bed upon returning at night. The room also had an itinerary, and I was able to write a letter home using it. The swimming pools were great, one was just a standard pool and hot tub open 24 hours, the other had waterfalls and a water slide. The white sand beaches were very nice, as they are always quite and a great place for a stroll. The health club and spa were great as well, but were VERY far from our rooms. The monorail made getting around easy, with the busses right underneath the monorail station. The marina was also nothing more the a short stroll away, and featured many different types of boats and activities. The grounds are very well kept, and I enjoyed being able to sit down and watch the world go by in this picturesque setting. I would highly recommend the Grand Floridian to anyone who is able and willing to spend a lot on their accommodations, but not to those traveling with small children. I have been to many of the Disney Resorts but this is easily the most luxorious and charming of all of them. Disney aptly named this hotel, as it is indeed grand.
"Excellent Resort!!"
Reviewed on Mar 22, 2005 by Siege898
Rating: Not rated  
this was my first time staying at the GF and i loved every minute. we stayed in concierge and the food and service was spectacular. we got a phone call from the concierge every night with the next day's hours, weather, etc. Also, i loved the conveinence of being on the monorail, one stop from the MK. It also has a great spot for viewing Wishes!
"not for kids"
Reviewed on Nov 10, 2002 by brooke
Rating: Not rated  
i think this hotel is more for adults. it doesnt really have a fun themeing or anything and the kids may be board. but for adults it is great and it is on the monorail line which is the best!! amazing lococation
"Elegant hotel!!!"
Reviewed on Sep 29, 2002 by animegirllover
Rating: Not rated  
This hotel looks elegant & luxury!!! I can sit outside to see the night & have fun watching stars!!! Having a massage or a spa? You can take a break by having it.
"Dissapointed but still ok"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by atticus
Rating: Not rated  
We were able to get a great rate and expected to have the time of our life. Well we were very dissapointed. From check-in we experienced numerous problems. Throughout our stay we never really felt that "welcome" charm. The cast members never went out of their ways to do anything special. The rooms were decent size and in o.k condition. The new pool is good but nothing special.
"Elegance & Luxury Abounds"
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2002 by Tramp
Rating: Not rated  
The Grand Floridian is Charm with a capital "C"...a step back in time when elegance was king and chivalry was a way of life. As you enter the hotel, be sure to take special notice and say 'hello' to the long-time greeter at the front door who tips his hat, smiles and welcomes you to the Grand Floridian. This older gentleman, whose name slips my mind, is very much part of the charm you experience and is the first indication that the hotel wreaks in luxury. The hotel's Victorian architecture is stunning, the rooms are tastefully decorated in period pastels and the maidservants are beautifully costumed right down to the parasol and, they keep the hotel spotless. Being a monorail hotel, it's location is convenient to the Magic Kingdom. Since the hotel is the last stop on the Monorail before the Magic Kingdom, it is faster to ride the monorail into the Magic Kingdom but take the refreshing boat shuttle to return. The Grand Floridian's first-rate restaurants covers the entire spectrum of a family budget from the romantic Victoria and Albert's to fast food at Gaspirilla Grill. The staff goes out of it's way to accommodate all special dietary requests. 1900 Park Fare offers the character breakfasts and dinners and is a real treat for the kids and those of us young at heart. There are several shops within the Concierge building for those inclined to exchange their dollars for Disney souvenirs. In this building, you can usually find a piano player tickling the ivorys with tunes from Disney movies, a real elegant touch. Or, at certain times, you might find a small orchestra entertaining guests as they sit in the well appointed lounge. I've only stayed in water view rooms. The water view rooms face the Seven Seas lagoon and most have views of Cinderella Castle, a welcomed site when first rising in the morning and a beautiful site at night. These rooms also allow you to see the nightly fireworks show over Cinderella Castle and view the 'electric water show' on the lagoon each evening. Besides the two pools, there is a game room for kids in Gaspirilla's and there are watercraft to rent in the hotel harbor. You can easily fill your day just hanging around the hotel if you desire. Have fun.
Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
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