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"Love Disney But Campground HUGE Disappointment at $140 a Night"
Reviewed on Mar 06, 2015 by MeDaCruise
Rating: 2  
We LOVE Disney and staying at the Fort Wilderness campground was on our bucket list. We first came for our honeymoon 40 years ago and I have been hooked on anything Disney ever since. However, we were very disappointed in the campground. Because the campground was at Disney and we have NEVER paid this much for a single night in our 40 years of camping/RVing, we expected more.

We stayed in the 1600's and had equal access to two restrooms.
1. In the ladies room there was a shower out of order and one of the restroom stalls was missing a door.
2.) In the mens restroom there was a urinal out of order.
3.) No hot water at the sinks in either restroom. My husband was not able to shave in the bathroom. No hot water available for washing hands in the restroom.
4.) Took a shower at 6 am. It took 10 minutes to get hot water in the shower. I got into the habit of turning on the shower water, then making a restroom stop, brushing my teeth, before returning to the shower. Still had to wait. A sad waste of water. It was the same in both bathrooms.
5.) Sand is used at the campsite where there is no pavement. Sand all over the camper. It rained the day before we left and the morning of pickup there was sand all over the electrical cord and water hose.
6.) We were on the yellow bus line and almost without fail the other lines came first and we were the last ones left at the stop. A number of times we waited 20 minutes for the bus from the boat are. It appeared to us that the ratio for the other lines was 2 of them to one of the yellow.
7.) No wi-fi.

It was very nice to see the specific recycle bins, campsite was clean, nice to have lower sinks and paper towel holders for the kids, and sharps box for insulin needle disposal.

I must say that I am very driven to complain because of the high price we paid. I feel very monetarily cheated. Suffice it to say that if the cost of this campground was a third or a fourth of what we paid I would be far more accepting of the bathroom and bus situation
"Worst Disney Experience EVER"
Reviewed on Feb 23, 2015 by T Lynn
Rating: 1  
This was the absolute worst experience I have ever had at Disney. I will be fair and give you the positives about it first. The bathrooms are very clean and comfortable as well as heated. I was pleased with that. The campfire/sing-a-long is very fun as well. Just be prepared that it is a HUGE affair and there are hundreds of people there. Now for the rest of it...which is BAD! First off, the "convenient" drive thru check in is a nightmare. It takes about 20-25 minutes per person to check in. So after driving however many hours it takes you to get there, you will sit and wait 25 minutes PER VEHICLE in front of you plus your own 20 minutes. Sitting in the car for another HOUR waiting to check in after a 9 hour drive was miserable. I had our magic bands sent there and the guy was too lazy to go inside to look for them and wanted to just issue us new ones in gray with no names. I told him that I had taken the time to personalize all of ours, there were 7 of us...and I wanted the ones I ordered. Another worker FINALLY went inside to look for them after I had to get ugly about it and insist on it...and of course she found them. So we almost had to forfeit our personalized bands because someone didn't want to go inside to get them. The layout of the grounds is EXHAUSTING. Renting a golf cart really wasn't an option for us since we had more people than would fit...6 kids and 1 adult. You do not have buses to the parks that come around to various stops like you have at EVERY OTHER Disney property...Here, you have to take a bus to a certain point and then transfer to another bus or to a boat. You have to take a bus to the "settlement" and then transfer to another one just to go to the pool as well. TWO bus rides just to take your kids to the pool! It's idiotic! They do not run to Downtown Disney or to Typhoon Lagoon after 2 pm from this place either. So if you want to go to either of those places you either have to go between 10 am and 2pm or you have to take a bus all the way to Epcot and then transfer buses from there. It takes LITERALLY about 2 hours to go ANYWHERE from this place. I have stayed at multiple Disney properties and this is NOTHING like any of them. I realize it is a campground and is less expensive for camping...BUT there are also cabins in there that people pay over $300 a night to be in, so they should DEFINITELY have the same ammenities as other resorts. The ONLY reason we did the campground was because my kids wanted to bring friends and we could have more people per reservation there. It was only $19 cheaper than the Allstar resorts! I cannot even begin to tell you how miserable we all were...we must have walked a total of 20 miles trying to get around, taking buses to catch buses...couldn't get to the pool, the store or anything without planning an hour worth of travel. Do yourself a monumental favor and don't even think about staying here!
"A busy 2 days"
Reviewed on Dec 30, 2014 by P.L. Hinson
Rating: 10  
The campsite with tent and 2 cots were set up for me and my son when I arrived. It wasn't the same tent, that looked insulated for the cooler weather, in the pictures posted online for the campgrounds when I was browsing the WDW website, but it was okay for an overnight stay. The site was very near the comfort station which I REALLY appreciated having kidney problems. The check in was very fast. And our breakfast on the morning I left was superb to the max in the Trails End buffet restaurant. My son that normally doesn't indulge in a lot of food, he sampled a lot to be had. The fruit, waffles were his fave.

When I come back I am staying in the campgrounds again. Best place for quiet when sleeping in the evening. No strollers or luggage on the walkways at the crack of dawn, or kids or water noise in the walls. Just quiet, and the multitude of stars. Gonna get to a hayride, and a campfire next time, and a horseback ride, and rent a go-cart to get around. The bathrooms were always stocked with tissue, and clean. The shower after a day on the road to airport, plane ride, and day in the park was welcomed much.
"Love Fort Wilderness"
Reviewed on May 24, 2014 by momonshore
Rating: 6  
I have been a member of DVC since 1992 however, prior to my membership I would bring my children, now grown and parents themselves, to Ft. Wilderness. To this day my kids talk about the fun they had exploring and just being there in the tranquil environment of Ft. Wilderness. We sometimes go back with my grandchildren, rent a golf cart, visit the animals, watch the shoeing of horses, see the miniature white horses, wander the grounds, play in the sand, etc. Again,myself & my youngest daughter and her two children are making reservation's for August of 2014 to partake once again on another adventure to Ft. Wilderness. I was happy to see bow & arrow lesson's & horse back riding for my grandkids of age 9. We could go anywhere and we have but this time we are going back to Ft. Wilderness. Oh, and I like taking the boat over to Magic Kingdom. We know how to visit WDW without being upset because we have to wait for a bus. Our expectation's are about enjoying what we can, when we can and yet enjoying just being together vs. trying to capture ALL of WDW in such a short window of time, it's impossible to please everyone. We always have smiles on our faces just being together.
Reviewed on May 22, 2014 by Loved Them
Rating: 10  
We have stayed at the cabins four times now, and I have to say that it is the best way to go with a family of six this way you won't have to split up rooms, and there is still enough space for everyone in the cabin. The buses are really quick, I think the most we ever had to wait, was about 5min or so, not much longer than that. The ferry to the magic kingdom is always fun for kids. It's also very peaceful, I attribute this to not having neighbors butted up to your cabin. The kitchen is great for breakfast before a long day in the park, and although it is a drop down bed, it is extremely comfortable.
"Almost perfect"
Reviewed on Aug 08, 2013 by Jamie
Rating: 9  
My family has stayed in the cabins a few times. What we like most is the privacy, peace and quiet, and the "yard" for kids to play outside. It's also convenient to have a kitchen for our mid-day breaks. Also, very economical. The only reason(s) I didn't give it a perfect score are the limited dining options and the pools. Hoopty Doo is fantastic, but that only covers dinner for one night. A "real" counter service option is the only thing the resort is missing in my mind. And the pools aren't themed like the others, it's just a pool. The internal bus system isn't bad, just depends on what time of day you hit it. If you can beat the rush, it's quick and you're guaranteed a seat.
"FW Transportation Feedback"
Reviewed on Jun 29, 2013 by Jul_Mart
Rating: 10  
We are planning our 4th trip to WDW for February 2014 and are planning to stay at FW Cabins - AGAIN. We did consider a deluxe resort and then changed our minds back to the cabins. We love the seclusion and quietness of the resort. Not hearing loud t.v.'s and room doors slamming at all hours. We love seeing the animals like armidillos, deer, etc. We have been reading other reviews and are disappointed in others opinions about transportation (internal and external). We have been here in November and in February. The most we ever waited for an internal resort bus was 10-15 minutes maximum. The most we ever waited for a bus to go to parks, etc. was 20-30 minutes; and the 30 minutes only happened in February during winter recess time. Again, we don't think this is a bad amount of time to wait. If it is taking hours then people must not be reading bus signs and getting on the correct buses. Also, time seems to be much longer when you are tired after a long day or even anxious at the beginning of the day and wanting to get the the parks. You are on vacation; relax. Not everything needs to be instant gratification.
"Love "The Fort""
Reviewed on Jun 25, 2013 by Pixiesteno
Rating: 10  
We have stayed two times at Fort Wilderness Campground with our 29 Foot travel trailer and full-sized pick-up truck. The campsites are very nice with adequate spacing to the sides of the site. Our first stay in Sept 2010 we were in site 124 and had plenty of space for the rig, truck, and golf cart with room to spare behind the rig. We found adequate camping supplies at the stores, although there was a difference of selection between the Settlement and Meadows Trading Post. If you have forgotten something for the rig or need a replacement I would suggest checking the Meadows Trading Post first. Our second stay at "the fort" was in May of 2011. Our initial assignment for a site was in the 100 loop but due to the length of our rig and the angle of the site there was no way that our rv and truck were going to make it into the site. A cast member observed our difficulties and phoned the front desk for us. We were assigned another site - all without our asking him too! Our second assignment was in the 200 loop with a very nice site that backed up to the canal. We rented a golf cart on both trips, but do find it somewhat pricey. You do not have to rent a cart to enjoy your stay. There are three bus routes that take you from the loops to the settlement and to the outpost for transportation to the parks. These buses run continuously during the day and evening and usually only a few minutes wait. There are walking/bike trails that will get you to anywhere you want to be at the fort within just a few moments. So if you don't mind a few bugs and really enjoy the outdoors Fort Wilderness is the place for you!
Reviewed on Jun 25, 2013 by Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds
Rating: 10  
When regarding the best WDW resorts, we usually hear about the Polynesian or Grand Floridian. However, Fort Wilderness is the ideal resort for a family staying in WDW looking to expand their vacation to more than just parks. With endless activities accompanied by beautiful scenery and fantastic food just a golf cart ride away, this resort is certainly a must. Firstly, you cannot overlook the quality of the cabins at Fort Wilderness. However, you must keep in mind that housing any more than 5 people would most likely not be enjoyable. These cabins somehow make the guests feel at home at the same time as giving the luxurious vacation feel. The privacy is definitely a favorable aspect of these cabins. In addition, the beautiful, rustic decor (that is similar to the Wilderness Lodge) really enhances the Disney feel. Having a kitchen is always a plus. Having the ability to store ample amount of left overs and snacks is very practical. During my stay, my family and I had the luxury of eating a home cooked meal one night including steaks that we made on the grill outside the cabin. The cabin itself was a very positive attribute of our stay at Fort Wilderness. To specify, staying in the cabin was an extraordinary experience. Though this is true, the stay was made by everything beyond the cabin at the resort. To begin, the food options at Fort Wilderness are second to none. First, there is Crockett's Tavern which is an exceptional quick service eatery decked out in westernized decorations that serves delicious pizza as well as wings. This is a very authentic place where you can get wonderful sweet tea in a mason jar. Next, is the all you can eat buffet, Trail's End. Serving all your southern comfort foods including fried chicken and ribs, this attraction should not be missed. Last but certainly not least is the infamous Hoop Dee Doo which is by far my favorite attraction/restaurant in the entire 43 square miles of WDW. With the best fried chicken you will ever sink your teeth into while witnessing the most comical performance you may ever see, THE HOOP DEE DOO CANNOT BE MISSED whether you are staying in the Orlando Hilton or Fort Wilderness. Top that off with a delectable strawberry shortcake and it is an amazing night. Lastly, there are the other activities that can be found at Fort Wilderness. You will have access to a beautiful pool that includes a huge water slide. There are also several recreational activities that vary daily. A personal favorite of mine happens to be the campfire with Chip n Dale. Once it gets dark, there will be a Disney movie projected onto a large screen that can be viewed from log benches around a roaring campfire and kids roasting marshmallows. You will be able to purchase snacks like popcorn and hot cocoa. Chip n Dale hang out and play there as well. It is awesome to have characters right on the resort grounds. All around, this is a fabulous experience. Another fun nighttime experience is being able to watch the Electric Water Pageant while laying on a lounge chair on the Fort Wilderness Beach. I know you must be wondering how big this resort is but there's even more. Fort Wilderness also offers horseback riding. No experience necessary, this is an incomparable experience that is hard to obtain anywhere else. To conclude, the Fort Wilderness experience is unmatched. From renting boats and bikes to resort wide wiffle ball tournaments and three legged races, there is something for everyone. After exploring the many adventures that make up the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground it will be hard to believe that there are four theme parks and two water parks beyond this campus.
"Call me Doc, cause I am not happy."
Reviewed on Dec 04, 2012 by ACM
Rating: 3  
Cabins do not practically sleep 6 because they are much too small. The food at the "quick service" restaurant is great--if you like plain, tasteless bagel sandwiches made with liquid eggs by the same person who rings you out. Lines for buses (usually more than one required) are l_o_n_g. We spent up to 4 hours per day waiting to be transported to and from destinations. This place is for the home body who prefers driving golf carts over exploring the Disney parks.
"Fort Wilderness"
Reviewed on Mar 18, 2012 by clemsonrunnner
Rating: 1  
I reserved a campsite for April 3-6 2012. Well, I thought it got booked but the reservation is not there anymore. I didn't save the confirmation email and now it is filled and I can't get a reservation. :(

So, I now have a camper rented and no spot. Anyone have any ideas?
Reviewed on Aug 15, 2011 by sowardsg
Rating: 10  
Fort Wilderness is a great campgroud. The sites are large and private and there is plenty of nature for everyone. It is great fun to go around and look at all the decorations especially during the Halloween and Christmas seasons. There are an abundance of activities for everyone in your camping party even if you don't go into the parks. We have been camping there for 11 years now and it only seems to improve each year. The transportation that is proviced by Disney is wonderful and so convenient. The only thing I would like to see change is the price to rent a golf cart. That is a major expense and we feel too much. But I would recommend camping at Fort Wilderness to anyone !!
"Great place if you love to camp and have fun!!!!!! Read on to find out more!!"
Reviewed on Aug 10, 2011 by CrazyAndy1
Rating: 7  
Well it is a great place if you love to camp and have fun but be careful if you bring bikes because I my self and other people have had bikes stolen during the night. So be careful and make sure you lock your bike up or you may never see it again. Also be aware that for the cost Disney higher's people to come in and clean the park at night so be careful and not leave anything valuable out others wise that and an unlocked bike won't be the only thing missing. Also be aware that the owners of Fort Wilderness don't really care what's been stolen like your bike for example mine was a 2011 3 series 3500 trek it cost around $300.00 and it was stolen. Well we reported it to the park and they said some kids probably stole it so they didn't have to rent a bike. Really who believes that its was stolen between the times 1 .a.m and 8.a.m and i don't think kids would steal a bike at that time in the morning and then we find out some kid around my same age had his brand new 2011 mongoose bike stolen. How much do you think a brand new Mongoose and a brand new trek same year would cost with no scratches on them? well i would have to guesse some where around $ 500.00 to $600.00. They even said they didn't have a clue who stole them well I don't know maybe the people you higher to clean the park at night. Maybe one of them or all of them are poor and other then there part time job of cleaning places at night they also steal things from there. Also guesse what they never found my bike and we even called the police but who knows where they higher the people who clean the parks from. Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona beach Who knows????????
"Great Value for your $$"
Reviewed on Jul 21, 2011 by Greenkai3000
Rating: 8  
My family and I stayed at the Fort Wilderness Cabins and we had a great time. We arrived quite early in the morning but the staff was very friendly and welcoming anyway, and had a room ready within minutes. The graciously took us , along with our luggage, directly to our cabin on a nice, and comfortable golf cart-like vehicle.

The Cabins are big enough to accommodate a family of 5, or 6 if you count the pull out sofa. They are fully furnished, and equipped with anything and everything you may need,a nice living area, a big table including a full service kitchen with a fridge, dishwasher and microwave, as well as a spacious room, a clean restroom and shower areas. We had a cabin that was only a few steps away from Disney's Transportation (buses), a short bus ride to the Campground, and only a few minutes to the Magic Kingdom via boat. Over all I give it a 8 out of 10, only because it's not a more luxurious resort. Wouldn't object to staying there again.

"Favorite Resort... Only place we'll stay."
Reviewed on Jun 24, 2011 by 
Rating: 10  
Throughout my almost 20 times staying at WDW I have stayed here all but once. One time my family and I stayed at Wilderness Lodge and regretted it. While the Lodge is very nice and enjoyable, to us it was as boring as any other hotel regardless of at WDW or not. Fort Wilderness offers so much a hotel can simply not offer.

First, Fort Wilderness is meant to be out of the way and seem secluded. That is the purpose of being called Fort WILDERNESS! The people who left reviews complaining about that obviously are not outdoors type people and should have done better research and stayed elsewhere. Disney did a great job building Fort Wilderness and has the rustic outdoors theme spread all throughout the resort. The same themes can be found at Wilderness Lodge and in parts of the Magic Kingdom.

Having stayed at Fort Wilderness many times we have had the pleasure of staying in both the cabins and now in our motorhome in a campsite. Both are experiences that you will not find in any hotel. Hotel rooms all are the same: bed, bathroom, some have a kitchen, and if you want to pay extra a balcony. Staying in Fort Wilderness all that is included. The cabins are a home away from home for anyone who wants to get away from the normal hotel experience. And if you own or rent a motorhome, that really is like your second home in which you can bring along anything you want. To me there is nothing better than coming back from the parks and relaxing outside of our RV or on the deck of the cabins, at the pool, fishing, or cruising around on the golf cart. I just don't understand paying to go on vacation and in between going out to places sitting inside a hotel room watching tv.

Finally, for those of you who are experienced RVer's, Fort Wilderness offers a great place to stay. All are full hookup sites and most offer cable tv hookups. The sites are always clean and most offer a lot of privacy between sites. In recent years Disney has begun to expand many of the parking pads to better accommodate larger RV's. There are also 2 pools, 2 stores called Trading Posts, golf cart rentals(you can also bring your own), bike and canoe rentals, and very clean and newly remodeled comfort stations with clean showers, bathrooms, and laundry rooms on almost every loop.

We've been to Fort Wilderness many times and will return year after year.
"Fort Wilderness Nightmare"
Reviewed on Feb 21, 2011 by Mickeysmiles
Rating: 1  
Upon the planning of our vacation, we found that DIsney Resorts was completely unreliable in what they sold us for a package for me and my five children. Being such a large group, I trusted that they would set us up with reasonable accomodations and suggested meal plans for our group. They could not accomodate us at our original destination, the Port Orleans and we were told that we would be better suited at the Fort Wilderness Cabins. The "Cabin" was merely a trailer with fake wood sides, the location was three bus transfers from and to the parks that took over an hour each. Our room was very small and room service/ housekeeping was barely noticeable. When we went to the desk to complain that the room was too small for six people to be stuffed in, they offered us a golf cart and a bigger cabin as a resolution. They never followed through with the larger room and the golf cart. There was extremely poor lighting and unsafe walkways at night. The meal plans were used for breakfasts in the park because there was no other location for us to obtain a quick meal prior to going to wait in line for a bus. There was extremely poor customer service throughout our entire trip. Our comments were ignored throughout our whole stay. We stood a total of 14 hours of wait time for the week vacation just to get to and from the parks. We will never utilize the Disney Resorts group again for vacation planning.
"Great place to stay and relax "
Reviewed on Sep 11, 2010 by kippandnora
Rating: 8  
We have stayed here 3 times now and its a great value , transportation could be a little faster but I guess you cant have it all . The bath houses are clean and head and shoulders above any other campground , free nightly movies , nice pool , plenty of things to do to get away from the crowds of the parks , and at night sitting on the beach and watching the fireworks on the other side of bay lake is a wonderful sight . I will be heading back next year .
"Fort Wilderness Cabins"
Reviewed on Oct 24, 2008 by BrownDerby07
Rating: 5  
Really nice when you have a few people with you. Unless you have 5 or 6 with you though I would stay somewhere else as it is rather pricey.
"Great Place to Stay"
Reviewed on Jun 16, 2008 by MMFanCipher
Rating: 9  
We stayed at FW campground at the end of April, beginning of May in 2007. The place was great. Everything was clean and the CM were very helpful. I thought the pool was fine and the outdoor sing-a-long was fun. The Hoop-dee-doo Review was a blast, but I did feel a bit rushed while eating. The only down side was that the bus schedule confused me for the first few days. They say it comes roughly every 20 min. The problem I had was when did the buses start? I thought it was great being so close to MK for so little cost.
"A Campground a cut above the rest"
Reviewed on May 06, 2008 by emba33
Rating: 9  
Fort Wilderness is the cavier of campgrounds. The FW is a mixture of camping (tent and trailer) with cabins (sleeps 6 -- with modern conveniences). We used the camping with a tent trailer for a week.

We had a regular spot with no need for cable or septic. We stayed on loop 2100 (Spanish Moss Lane). It was a nice spot, but not as shaded as many of the other lots. It wasn't bad enough to justify asking to change spots. For a group of Canadians, this swampy open area was interesting.

You will see plenty of squirrels and wildlife during your stay. The spots are nice ... and extremely well maintained ... Disney manicures all of the sites after the individuals leave -- armed with rakes and leaf blowers. The park is quiet at night following the nightly fireworks shows and the water pagent.

Motor vehicles are not used much at the fort -- so you will walk, take public transport (bus) or rent a golf cart (fun)! There is plenty to drive around and see.

The pool is large and gorgeous ... although heated -- and not necessarily the most refreshing. Since the now-defunct "River Country" water park is no longer going --they could add a few slides to the very large pool. Still ... it is a very nice space when comparing to the hotels in the area.

There is plenty to do at Fort Wilderness ... and it is so quiet and beautiful, it is easy to forget you are so close to the action. The boat ride into the Magic Kingdom is a beautiful ride ... perhaps the greatest way to go into the park. It's a brief, but scenic trip which will provide lots of photo ops.

You might think $50 or $60 is a lot to pay for a trailer park -- but Fort Wilderness proves that you get what you pay for. As a guest of the resort, you are eligible for extra hours passes at the parks ... and the folks at the gate and on the transportation are all really nice.

You would be pressed to find a better camping experience.

/\/\/\/\ Emba 33 /\/\/\/\
"Mixed feelings"
Reviewed on May 03, 2006 by sallyshine
Rating: Not rated  
We stayed in the cabins at Ft. Wilderness in April 2006. The cabins are really adorable. It was very nice to have the extra room. They were well kept and very clean. The food at the Trails End buffet was good and inexpensive. If you stay here you must rent a golf cart. It is very time consuming trying to go anywhere, even with a cart. While the resort was nice and I don\'t have any complaints, I don\'t think I would stay here again. I just like the convenience of a hotel better. Also, the pools are not anything special.
"Camper's Paradise"
Reviewed on Sep 21, 2005 by julieh
Rating: Not rated  
This campground is beautiful from the peacocks strolling around to the sparkling shower houses. We camp quite a bit and this campground is truly better than the rest. The pools are nicely heated which I enjoyed, but my husband thought it not refreshing enough in the summer heat. It is a big campground so be sure to either pick a spot near what you want to be within walking distance to (like the ferry or pool) or rent a golf cart. My only issue with this place during our last visit was that our key card wouldn't open the shower house. We had to be issued new ones. Unfortunatly, we didn't find this out until the middle of the night so we all couldn't get into the shower house until my husband had gone up to the office the next morning to have the cards replaced. From now on I will check my key card first thing. We roasted marshmellows and sang songs with Chip and Dale. That was an attraction in itself.
"For Campers Only!"
Reviewed on Apr 13, 2004 by MKCP 1986
Rating: Not rated  
One night stay - April 8, 2004. Secluded is the word here. Cabins are self contained and private. Buses take you all around the campground, but it takes a while to get from A to B. We felt "away from it ALL" including being away from Disney! Very polite, informative cast members at registration. Most campground activities did not appeal to my pre-teens and teenagers. Ignore my rating for swimming pool, as we didn't see it. Cabins accomodate 6, but with only one bathroom.
"a home away from home"
Reviewed on Oct 26, 2003 by Pumbas Nakasak
Rating: Not rated  
Having a family of 5 usually makes an on site stay expensive or awkward. Thanks to an AP discount and a very good reservations CM this resort was recommended to me and it didnt disappoint. The check in was fast and efficient, despite the computer glitch that indicated I had yet to pay for the lodging. ( Just as well I took a receipt). I was allocated a cabin on the loop I requested, handy for both pool and Bus stops. speaking of buses i have read many reviews that say the system is confusing but to be honest youre given a map and info on how it works and I thought it worked well. It is after all a VERY large resort. The resort itself is very well appointed the only disappointment being the relatively unthemed pool areas. But they do the job they were designed for and it was a regular after park meeting place for many guests. The cabins were well equipped clean comfortable and ideal for a family with teens. Having a kitchen reduced the costs of resort meals and having a car a trip to Walmart was never a problem. The goods available from the two onsite stores were pricy and limited. A car is a good idea as travel between resorts and any park other than MK can be a drawn out process. Getting the boat to the Magic Kingdom was a treat and there was never a long wait. It was also nice to watch the evening light show on the lagoon. Although we only had two meals at the Trails End Buffet, both were good value and filling. The list of things to do at this resort is extensive, my youngest took in pony trecking while I did the boat thang on the lagoon. Its definately worth programming a day in the schedule to nose around and chill. The staff at Fort Wilderness were some of the best Ive come across in all my trips to Disney and they really did make it feel like a stay at home.
"Excellent as usual"
Reviewed on Oct 28, 2002 by Marijil
Rating: Not rated  
The cabins at FW are an underrated resort experience. The campground is like a self contained resort. The people are great. Disney seems to be wrestling with the maintanance at times but its still head and shoulders above non Diz properties.
"Home away from home"
Reviewed on Sep 25, 2002 by ron777
Rating: Not rated  
Fort wildernes homes are a great value for families who can't afford the high price resorts. The homes are clean, roomy, and comfortable, the beds are also comfortable. I stayed in one of the homes in 1998 and in 2000. They are great for people whith respatory problems thanks to air conditioning. I plan to come back to disney world in 2003 i hope my family will stay in fort wildernes again.
"Relaxing & Very Enjoyable"
Reviewed on Sep 04, 2002 by YankeeFan
Rating: Not rated  
Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground definitely delivers a great and convenient place for its resorts guests to stay, whether camping out in tents and campers, or staying in its wilderness homes. It has convenient bathroom/shower facilities, a couple general stores, good transportation (ferry or bus), and is home to Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue, one of the best dinner shows in WDW. It also has the camp movie/marshmallow roast where anyone who wants to can come and watch one of the Disney animated classics and a couple fairly big pools and arcades for the kids. Fort Wilderness also has paddleboats, bicycles, and canoe rentals for those desiring to use them. FW is a great place to stay, I'd definitely stay again.
"It's the GREATEST!"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by scherdin1
Rating: Not rated  
Our family has stayed in Fort Wilderness at least once a year since 1993! Our girls are grown now, and I am taking my grandkids! We love it!
"Best Campground Anywhere"
Reviewed on Aug 20, 2002 by Tink
Rating: Not rated  
We've stayed at this campground several times (most recently July 2002) and every time we find it to be a terrific experience. One plus is that there are loops for guests with pets. The restroom and shower facilities are always clean. The campground shows a different movie outside every night and Chip and Dale make appearances - the kids and grown ups have lots of fun. It is just a neat place to go if you enjoy RVing or camping. And it is an excellent value. I highly recommend it!
"Great WDW Resort!!!!"
Reviewed on Aug 19, 2002 by Lance
Rating: Not rated  
Fort Wilderness is the best campground in the United States. The theming is excellent, I love walking around and just soaking everything up. The campsites are very spacious, you can enjoy water hook-up and even get the television set up. The comfort stations are very clean, best I've seen. Their are always service techs/housekeepers around if you need help. The resort nightly rates are very reasonable, very affordable for RVer's and other campers who enjoy a long stay at WDW. The FW cabins are a great value, they can sleep up to six people. Visitors get one bedroom with a queen size bed and also bunk beds. Their is a murphy bed in the living room and their is also a full kitchen. And the greatest Fort Wilderness perk is renting or driving your own golf cart around the resort during your stay. They are a great way to get around, their are special cart parking lots available throughout the resort.
"Best Campground"
Reviewed on Aug 19, 2002 by atownsend
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Fort Wilderness Campground is by far the best campground in the USA. Located off Bay Lake FW is just a short boat ride to Magic Kingdom, but thats not where the magic comes from. Disney theming for FW is everywhere. Some garbage cans look like tree stumps and soda machines have woodgrain fronts, just alot of every day stuff blending in quite nice with the wilderness setting. Swimming at FW could be little better as there is no themed pool for this resort just two regular pools and a small kiddie pool. A rumor or two about River Country being renovated into a themed pool for the campground sound nice but even with out it I'm still happy to camp there. Service at Trail's End Restaurant both the Buffet and Tavern is excellent.Just a bunch of very friendly people who go out of there way to make you feel at home. I have not tried the Hoop-Dee-Doo or the Back Yard Barbecue as of yet. Value for your money rates quite high with me because I live so far from Florida. For the time it takes to get there I like to stay at least 12 days and camp sites run $34 to $47 Value Season to a maximum of $65 to $80 Peak Season.To me thats pretty cheap for a campground with all that Disney has to offer. For those who don't want to rough it FW has Wilderness Cabins to rent $224 Value Season and $314 Peak Season. The campsites are all pretty much the same with level parking pads for your RV and a packed shell and sand area to set up a tent. Some sites may have a little more privacy than others. Preferred Sites have Disney Cable TV and are closer to Pioneer Hall and the Marina. FW has a Petting farm open by day and Campfire sing along followed by a movie for the kids at night with Marshmallow roasting. The Marina has watercraft for rent and lets not forget about those golf carts you can rent for transportation around the campground along with bicycles,paddle boats and canoes at the Bike Barn. I usually spend a couple days in the campground with out any time in the parks just relaxing. Night time joy rides in the golf cart down to the beach to watch the Electric Water Parade. Disneys Fort Wilderness Resort will always be my favorite.
The Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort
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