Winter Summerland Mini Golf reviews

Blizzard Beach
Reader rating Reader rating 9.2 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 9.2  
"Great course for kids but not if you want a real challenge"
Reviewed on Mar 17, 2011 by thetony45
Rating: 8  
The winter course is by far the better one here. Both courses have a replica of Cinderella's Castle that looks like ice and sand respectivly. The summer course gives the impression that imaginers ran out of ideas since many holes are a simple straight putt.

A good course for kids and fo anyone who loves Chirstmas music.

If your looking for better themeing and a little more challenge I recomend Fantasia Gardens.
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
its a great way to take a break from the parks and still have fun
"Wonderful theming and a great time."
Reviewed on May 23, 2007 by DisneyCP2000
Rating: 9  
I got to experience the winterland course and had a blast. The course isn't too difficut and has plenty of things to make mini golf even more fun. Playing a round in the evening makes the experience even more enjoyable. Highly recommended. Only downside was the cost, but given the 1/2 other courses it's not too bad.
Reviewed on Apr 22, 2007 by tiggerific418
Rating: 10  
This is the best mini golf course ever. Transportation is easy, the course is easy, and the theming can't be beat!
"Day time visits best"
Reviewed on Mar 05, 2006 by jamierobins
Rating: Not rated  
OK, by day, this is generally quiet, especially a hot one. By night, YIKES!! Hoards of people everywhere! Lovely attention to detail make this winter themed mini golf attraction a par above the rest...ho ho ho...see what i did there? oh well....nevermind!!

Located next to Blizzard Beach
"Fun, but not Exceptional"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2004 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
This miniature golf course is better than your average mini golf course, but not overwhelmingly so. Most of the holes are fairly standard mini golf fare. The theming of the summer course (Santa and elves vacationing in Florida) is well executed, and I like the Beach Boys singing Christmas songs in the background.

We arrived around opening time when it was not crowded and were allowed to golf as a "fivesome".
"Fun For All"
Reviewed on Oct 30, 2002 by SJTSmith
Rating: Not rated  
This is a easy mini golf course. It has great themeing and is fun if you are looking for somthing different to do.
"Seasons of fun!"
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2002 by orangefan15
Rating: Not rated  
Winter Summerland mini golf is actually two courses. The winter side is themed as santa and his elves at the north pole (no big shocker there). However, the summer side mixes things up a bit and is themed as santa and his elves vacationing at the beach (an interesting concept). Like Fantasia Gardens, it is excellently themed (either winter or summer side). Also like Fantasia Gardens, it comes with a hefty price tag ($9/game?). A bit overpriced for mini-golf, but they do offer a deal where you get your second game in one day for half price (a great way to afford playing both the winter and summer sides of the course...if you call $13.50 for 2 games of mini-golf affordable).
"tons of fun, but pricey"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2002 by Eeyore
Rating: Not rated  
Winter Summerland is a lot of fun. The theming is great! They even play Christmas music. The snow side is easier than the sand side. If you have some extra time and more importantly some extra money while at WDW give winter summerland a try. During the summer months, because of the heat, it's nearly empty during the day, but very crowded in the evening.
Winter Summerland Mini Golf
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