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Walt Disney World
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"disappointment @ Hollywood Studios Restaurants"
Reviewed on Feb 02, 2011 by vze1p7pe
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Dear Guest Services,

I am a 60 year woman who has visited Disney World with my 5 children about 20 times over my years, I recently brought my 6 grandchildren down to see Mickey. We visited all the parks and had a great time making memories. On January 24, 2011 my husband and I decided to spend some time in Hollywood Studios and have lunch, shop and visit our favorite rides. Since it was lunch time when we arrived, we decided to have lunch. We walked over to Hollywood and Vine and thought the buffet looked good. So about 2pm we were seated by the hostess and told our waitress will be right over. After 10 minutes had passed, we asked another waiter if we had a waitress,he said I will find her. When 10 more minutes passed, we decided to go up to the buffet and start eating. We had salad and soup and still waiting for our waitress to get a drink. We then went up and served ourselves our lunch.When we returned to our table, our salad and soup dishes were still on our table. Since the table was so small, we moved our dishes on to the booth beside us.We then started eating when a waitress came over and asked if we needed a drink. We ordered our drinks . I told her about the dishes and she said I will be back. We have now been at the restaurant about 30 minutes. We finished our lunch and proceeded up for dessert. AGAIN, we returned with our lunch dishes on the table and our salad dishes beside us on the booth. We did get our drinks though. Now it was time to get the bill. You know the waitress was all over us. She said as she placed down the bill "Oh by the way did u want coffee." We both said no thank you. As we looked at the bill, we both decided not to leave an 18 percent tip as recommended on the bill. We left her a small tip since our service was appalling.I guess I was more desappointed that a Disney restaurant had such poor waitresses since there about 8 people in the whole restaurant.

The story gets worse. We paid the bill and proceeded down the street to enjoy some rides. You will not believe what happened next because I still can not believe what your waitress did.Your cast member Brenda S. left the restaurant and ran down the street after us and grabbed my husbands shoulder. We turned around and she handed him back the tip and said " you can keep your tip." We were so humiliated and stunned by her outrageous remarks, we just stood there. She mumbled something as she turned to walk back, when my husband said"I am going back and speak to your manager." She said go ahead,I do not care." She began to run back to the restuarant and we walked back. We spoke to Eric Dierno who was Brenda's Manager. He was also appalled at this behavior. He repeatedly asked , she chased you down the street. We said YES. He could not have nicer to us. He insisted we take money back for the buffet and told us if we are ever there again stop by and see him.. Eric did try and get Brenda out to the restaurant to tell her side but she refused to face us. I do not think I have ever been treated like this anywhere but especially in a disney restaurant.

After this episode,I could not stay in the park. My stomach was in knots, so we needed to leave and go home to rest for health reasons. Imagine having a waitress yell at you with all these people standing there and listening. We stopped in at Guest Services and told them what happened and recommended us to contact you. Beside all the humiliation and stress, we wasted our park tickets for that day. We hope we hear from you soon and something can be done about this incident. Disney has always been our favorite place to visit and I hope this will continue. Thank You in advance.

Stephen and Eileen Barbuto
134 Cheryl Drive
East Bridgewater, Ma 02333
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