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"NOJ surprises"
Reviewed on Feb 19, 2010 by tinks_dust
Rating: 8  
Night of Joy is great if you have your evening planned out. If you don't know what stage you want to be at, then you'll be stuck in the back. The large roups of teenagers are just that-teenagers. I've never had that bad of an experience, and will continue to go to Night of Joy. The lines for the rides are still long. I'm happy to know that NOJ 2010 will be back at the kingdom.
"night of joy"
Reviewed on Nov 08, 2009 by loulou2
Rating: 10  
i have been to the night of joy 2009 and it was great.If you never went to be at the show and went on rides instead you were not there to see the show.what a bunch of dumd reviews i have read about roud teens.what a crock.not every one at shows were christians .i love the rides but i never went on any as i went to see the bands.vandalism yeh sure mack you are on crack i think.i am going again this year if able my air is already booked.every type of person goes to any event i will go any time not just on my wonder the world is in the mess it is sounding off on every little thing.get a life or stay home.
"Anything but Night of Joy"
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2002 by mktiggerman
Rating: Not rated  
Sigh, as much as I want to give this event a positive review, I can't. Night of Joy was anything but that. What could've been a relaxing night listening to contemporary christian acts, turned into a night of "avoid the teenagers getting into a fight." After speaking to several chaperones, I came to the realization that NoJ is nothing more than an excuse for local area parents to unload rowdy children in a "supervised" event under the pretenses of Spiritual Enlightenment. The ones who need to be enlightened are the parents. On every single attraction, teenagers were cutting in line, cursing, and doing god-knows-what. Several times CM's removed the kids from the lines, only to have them replaced with a worse kid. I quickly left to city hall and demanded a refund (a first for me!) As much as I love Disney (and I do!), I do not suggest that anyone go to NoJ, and sadly have to put in a plug for Rock the Universe at Universal... at least there you know to expect the cursing.
Night of Joy
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