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"New time to go"
Reviewed on Nov 12, 2012 by jharvey
Rating: 10  
This past September, I made my 5th overall trip to WDW and the second with my family (DW, DS8, DD5). This was my first trip during September and I was able to enjoy two new elements to what is always the highlight of my year when I go to WDW. These two things were the lower overall crowd levels and the MNSSHP. Halloween is not necessarily my favorite time of the year, but I do not exactly hate it. I guess I am trying to say you should not read this assuming I am a 32 year old Halloween obsessive. I am not. My wife is, but I am not. First, the decor. They decorate the park, but honestly it was not as if they went overboard. Everything was tastefully done. Even with the decorations not being as in your face as I assumed, you knew you were in for a different night. This was observed in the lighting used for both the Castle and Main Street. The Ghost Host voice-overs were also a nice touch. The characters available during the meet and greets were top notch. The Tremaines are a treasure. I have never seen them on property, though I do believe I have read they are part of a character dining experience. Maybe 1900? Anyway, you have the Tremaines, Seven Dwarves, Gaston, Jafar, Captain Jack, etc, the list goes on. All of that leads to the first of the two "Main Events"- Mickey's Boo To You Halloween Parade. This is kicked off by the Headless Horeseman's ride thru the parade route. I could go on about all the great characters and CMs, and it was great, but I will single out the Gravediggers and Hitchhicking Ghosts from Haunted Mansion. These guys sell it sooooooo well. And when the Gravediggers drag their shovels over the concrete and set sparks to flying, you absolutely realize that the $200+ extra you paid for this was probably worth it, until............ Your 5 year old daughter's legs get tired an hour prior to HalloWishes (the second Main Event) and insists on climbing on to your shoulders. At that moment you remember that after the last WDW trip you walked like an old man for a week because that kid dang near crippled you by doing this. But you wanna make her stop so you give in, and within an hour you are contemplating faking your death and hiding in Pecos Bills (aka the worst restaurant to have never given you food poisoning) until the coast was clear. But you don't do that. Instead you stay and experience a fireworks presentation that is, in my humble opinion, the best show Disney offers. We are already planning our next vacation. As it sits, and mainly due to MNSSHP, we are shooting for the second week of September 2014.
"Best Night At Disney!!"
Reviewed on Aug 15, 2011 by sowardsg
Rating: 10  
Last October was my first experience with the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. It was the most fantastic event we have ever been to at Disney. Not only did we get to trick-or-treat as adults, which was fun, but the parade, fireworks and villan mix and mingle were just the best. There were characters out that you usually don't see and there were many opportunities for pictures. I just can't say enough about the fireworks and the music. It was just the best atmosphere and fun for kids from 3 to 83. We enjoyed the affects at the Haunted Mansion too. I just have no complaints. We enjoyed it so much we are going twice this year. I can't wait !!
Reviewed on Aug 08, 2011 by Big Dog 369
Rating: 10  
If you Love Disney and Halloween this is the event to be at... The two worlds collide for an amazing night of fun. You can dress up in a costume, go trick or treating in the Magic Kingdom, watch the AMAZING Boo to You parade and then the Halloween fire works display.

Last year was my first time going to Disney World and I am 40 years old, wnet there for our 1 year wedding annivesary and it was magical. I Love Halloween so it made the time there even more Special. Will be back in October 2011 for my second trip there, 2 year annivesary, oh ya, and The Halloween Party!!!!

A MUST do event for everyone who Loves the Holiday!!!!! 10 out of 10
Reviewed on Nov 07, 2009 by ILMdisneyfan
Rating: 9  
I went in Sep 2008. All events were fun and engaging. The parade and the fireworks were fantastic! We enjoyed the gravediggers from the Haunted Mansion the most. Good job Disney on a cool halloween party that won't frighten the children into submision.

On another note, it's just a touch expensive. I'll do it again if I go during halloween time.
"cant wait!"
Reviewed on Aug 16, 2009 by hockeychick530
Rating: 10  
Cannot wait to see this on Sept 4.... I will leave my feedback
"Just not a fan"
Reviewed on Jul 19, 2009 by Doug7856
Rating: 3  
Our family is not big on Halloween and the Halloween Party is OK, but just not great for us.
"Well worth the cost"
Reviewed on Oct 21, 2008 by BrownDerby07
Rating: 10  
As a fan of Halloween events such as Hollywood Horror Nights, I was surprised to find I liked this event a lot better. Unlike EMH where only select rides are open, almost all of the rides were open with a short line (the only thing we waited more than 5 minutes for was Astro Orbiter) and you get a TON of candy. Plus you get an exclusive parade and fireworks show. There is also a Villain Mix and Mingle and some Dance Parties. It's a great, fun event. My only complaint is that it didn't last long enough =)

If you're visiting in September/October you should consider going.
Reviewed on Feb 27, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
i like how its not that scary, which is great for little kids. plenty of candy, great safe enviornment for trickertreating ... also you dont have to dress up if you want to, unless your a kid, which is moslty who are dressed up. i useually do if we go and its fun
"Spooky Fun For Everyone!"
Reviewed on Jul 24, 2007 by Garfieldcool
Rating: 10  
Finally a FAMILY Halloween event! MNSSHP is a FAMILY FREINDLY Halloween evnt with much to offer! Most of the attraction are open for the this spooky Halloween treat but, beware only a few resteraunts are open! MNSSHP is fested with endless Halloween decorations, special light fixtures, and much much more! Honest to Pete, it even has Trick-er-Treating and Mickey's dazzling "Boo To You!" parade! (Note: The Haunted Mansion section of the parade maybe a little scary for small ones!) I HIGHLY advise going to this fun and not-so scary Halloween event!
"Fun fun fun"
Reviewed on Dec 29, 2006 by harryk
Rating: Not rated  
Changed our reservations from December to October to be able to take in this event and found that it was well worth it. The adults in costume was a blast. This event is well handled by WDW and shows the care that is taken to assure this fun event. If you have to opportunity to attend this do so.
"Great Fun!!"
Reviewed on Jan 29, 2004 by carvalho63
Rating: Not rated  
It's especially fun if you go in costume! My wife and I come up with light portable costumes. That way we can bring them to the park in a small carry on bag. We go to the park during the day and leave the bag in a rented locker. Once the Halloween party starts we change into our costumes.
Reviewed on Oct 30, 2003 by kaxelson
Rating: Not rated  
We did this event without the kids and we had a blast. We can't wait to go back in 2 years with the kids.
Reviewed on Dec 28, 2002 by happy snapper
Rating: Not rated  
We realy enjoyed this event. The themeing was excellent and the fireworks and parades were very well done. We went on Halloween and yes it was quite busy but the lines were bareable. The haunted Mansion looked more spooky than ever and the lighting effects on the dry ice were stunning especially when viewed from the riverboat. The opertunity to trick or treat should not be missed but be prepared to deal with pushy parents!! One tip if you collect the pins dont hang around cause there wont be any left by the end of halloween. And watch out for that headless horseman.
"No lines = Great value"
Reviewed on Nov 05, 2002 by jpoe
Rating: Not rated  
I rescheduled my family's first trip to WDW from early to mid October so that we could attend MNSSHP one night and I'm sure glad I did. We enjoyed it so much, we bought tickets to go again three nights later and it was worth every penny!!! The best part of this event is the low crowd level. This equates to virtually no lines. My daughter is five and was thrilled to ride every ride in Fantasyland multiple times without ever having to wait in line. At the end of the evening she rode Peter Pan's Flight 3 times in a row!!! Even Buzz Lightyear barely had a waiting line. What line existed was so short that it never stopped moving. Everything in the park was just a little more magical. They had fun decorations, they added a little to the fireworks, I still find myself humming some of the parade music and the Characters were in high supply. Although it was sometimes difficult to distinguish between the CM's and the guests! For example, two (adult male) guests who were dressed up as Cinderella's stepsisters had fun role playing with my daughter who was dressed as Cinderella. We will definitely plan our next trip to include this event!!!
"Awesomely Spooky"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by Buzz Lightyear
Rating: Not rated  
Just wish it could be a couple of hours longer. But you can still get in all the rides. Great Themeing with all the decorations, lights, costumes, etc. Fun for all.
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"MUST DO!!!!!"
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2002 by mktiggerman
Rating: Not rated  
This is hands down, the best event held at MK- period. From the second you walk in to the MK, you realize something is different. There is magic in the air, but not the Magic you get accustomed to at 11am on Main Street. Something is different... maybe its the fact that you are looking at Tigger dressed like a skeleton, or the fact that there are gypsies wandering in Fantasyland. This event is arguably the most popular Disney event w/ the locals, because it provides special Halloween party only entertainment (sorry, XMas party, but I can see that parade on ABC year after year). You can take your kids trick or treating in a safe environment, and have them meet the characters in their halloween costumes. You can see the Halloween parade, and see a witch fly from the castle, before the perimeter fireworks. And you can even do the attractions you love to do. For less than $30 per person, this is the best deal for the MK
Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
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