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World Showcase, Epcot
Reader rating Reader rating 7.3 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 7.3  
"Whaurs ma fish ?"
Reviewed on Oct 26, 2011 by real mad hatter
Rating: 3  
What the !!!.we stopped for three fish suppers one night(we live on the seafront in Scotland)and theres fish n chips shops abound.Theres no way Jesus would have fed his following with these portions,unless he came up with another miracle,honest,if i caught this so called fish back home,i would have flung it back in the sea.Now it was three years ago, so maybe Nemo has got bigger,lets hope so.
"Favorite Epcot counter service"
Reviewed on Mar 20, 2011 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: 9  
I have no idea if the fish is frozen or not, but it tasted very fresh, smooth, and melted in my mouth. Sometimes batter from other fried fish can be somewhat bland despite all the oil, but the batter here was very flavorful. Eating by the Lagoon is a plus.
"My Favorite"
Reviewed on Mar 16, 2011 by powlessfamily4
Rating: 10  
I love the fish and chips here! I can't explain it. The flavor is awesome and I literally crave it when I am not in Florida. The fish is crunchy and the chips are perfection. I highly recommend complimenting your counter service meal with a Dragonsfruit Vitamin water! :) I always eat here at least twice when I am at World Showcase. The best! try it!
"Excellent Fish and Chips"
Reviewed on Feb 12, 2010 by Bellagio
Rating: 10  
I completely disagree with the 2 negative reviews of this place. I also live in Yorkshire, and i think Disney have done a very good job at recreating the real thing.

Based on those negative reviews, i wouldn't want people to pass on this venue, try it and see what you think. It gets two thumbs up for me.

In my opinion the only thing missing is the mushy peas, but i can't have everything.

"Good fish and chips"
Reviewed on Feb 12, 2010 by ptaylor
Rating: 9  
Some of the other reviews are a bit harsh. This may not be a world-class fish and chip shop, but it's certainly very good for a theme park location. I would certainly recommend giving it a go. The other option for good Fish and Chips at WDW is Raglan Road and the Rose and Crown.
"Awful, Horrific, nothing like the real thing!"
Reviewed on Jul 28, 2009 by Uk Disney fan
Rating: 1  
First of all, i think I am in a position to comment as we live around 20 minutes away from the real 'Harry Ramsdens' in Guiseley Uk.

Let me tell you...... the fish and chips here are nothing like the real thing, they are of a similar standard to the frozen stuff we can buy that is nothing like real fish & chips.

I think that was the main issue.... it was clearly all frozen, they could at least attempt to make decent chips!

Loads of people come on here saying how graet they are but i think this is for the novelty factor rather than the quality!

Trust me, if you visit the Uk and eat at a fish and chip place in the north of England then eat at Epcot you will know what I mean!!
"Not very good at all"
Reviewed on Jul 17, 2008 by uktony1001
Rating: 3  
Last time i visited epcot i promissed myself i'd have some fish and chip. This was a bad move. Living in Yorkshire (the fish and chip capital of the world) i have very high standards. How anyone can say they enjoyed fish and chips from the "Yorkshire fish and chip" in a mystary to me. Take my advise if you want proper fish and chip.................. visit Yorkshire.

ps the chips were ok
"Never miss it"
Reviewed on Feb 11, 2008 by Baylordad
Rating: 10  
Our favorite counter service. Great fish, chips and beer!!
Reviewed on Feb 05, 2008 by Mybails
Rating: 10  
There were four of us at Epcot for Illuminations and 2 of us were determined to try the Fish & Chips. We ended up buying 4 orders 9they smelt so good that we knew we end up sharing) and everyone ate. A short walk across the bridge to our spot by the lagoon and a wonderful feast and spectacular view.
"Great food, sometimes a long wait"
Reviewed on Feb 07, 2007 by wdwmagic
Rating: 8  
This is a great fish and chip shop. Being English, I know good fish and chips, and this place definately delivers! It's about as good as fish and chips gets, and it's provided the famous Harry Ramsdens company, who have several shops in England.

It is counter service, with not much seating, and it's all outdoors. Be prepared for a queue, as service can be quite slow, and it's a very popular place. The food is always very fresh though, so the wait is worth it.
"Yorkshire fish"
Reviewed on Jul 17, 2006 by aamove
Rating: Not rated  
We try to make this one of our stops every time we go to Epcot. ONe of our favorites
Yorkshire County Fish Shop
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