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Asia, Disney's Animal Kingdom
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"Good food and air conditioning!"
Reviewed on Jun 05, 2013 by Ellie444
Rating: 7  
This restaurant is a great choice if you are spending more than just a few hours in the park and want a break from the heat and the crowds. When you first enter the Yak and Yeti, you will notice that it has a great atmosphere and if you enter on a particularly hot day, you will definitely notice the air conditioning!!! This restaurant consists of two levels, which means a lot of seating, but I would still recommend a reservation just to be on the safe side. The food here reminds me of the type of offerings you would get a P.F. Chang’s, so if you have picky eaters they still might like some dishes that this restaurant has to offer. For people that are looking for a more flavorful experience, I would recommend Flame Tree Barbecue.
"Great Surprise!!!"
Reviewed on Mar 10, 2013 by GrommerMinnie
Rating: 10  
This restaurant had a great theming and food. My DH and I both tried foods we had never had before. We were so surprised how great it was. The service was great and fast. On that hot day the indoor cooled restaurant was just what we needed! We did take pics of our food and I will upload them!
"Amazing atmosphere"
Reviewed on Feb 16, 2013 by ThirtySomething
Rating: 10  
One of my favorite WDW restaurants, Yak and Yeti has an amazing atmosphere, a stellar menu, and great desserts. A nice and varied menu, there's sure to be something for everyone. Be sure to get a slice of Mango Pie! My only complaint has more to do with the parks operating hours, and that's if you're looking to eat dinner here, plan on an early dinner as they close at 6 or earlier along with the park.
"Unexpected Surprise!"
Reviewed on Aug 24, 2012 by Thomas F. Blaszak (doombuggy13)
Rating: 8  
We had never dined at Yak & Yeti prior to last year and we were a little hesitant because of it's Asian inspired quisine (darn kids). Well this turned out to be the gem of our entire trip last year. We had a late in the day dinner reservation, just prior to park closing. When we arrived, we were immediately seated. We were lucky enough to be given the table located right at the front windows on the second floor. We loved the fact that we could watch everyone moving through the park. Our waitstaff was exceptional, and attended to our every need. We had a ball kidding around with the entire staff as they were doing things all around us, my sons really appreciated this, as did I. The decor is amazing, it transports you into that Himilayan frame of mind and feeling, with the authentic statuary and props. The food was excellent. The wife and I both had the Shaoxing Steak & Shrimp which was out of this world. My oldest son had the Baby Back Ribs which he loved, son #2 had the Sweet and Sour Chicken (he says he hates Chinese food but ate all of it) and our youngest had to eat from the childrens menu which he was happy with. I know experiences here vary greatly but, Yak and Yeti were on their A game when we were there!
"Worst Dinning Experience at WDW Ever!"
Reviewed on Feb 22, 2012 by DBZanley
Rating: 1  
After spending an entire day at Animal Kindom, and staying at Kidani Village (DVC Member!) we thought we would round out the experience by dining at Yak and Yeti... what a let down! The restaurant was due to close soon, but we were far fromt the last family in the place.

Before the dessert menu came, cleaning people starting their final cleaning of our area by spraying and wiping down tables all around us - stinking out our space. Then, people starting sweeping all around us - banging and bumping into tables and chairs. With the thoughts of all that dust flying around we couldn't finish our dessert. But the topper was when the waitress went to great length to tell us the best way to leave her a tip while using our dining plan... needless to say, we didn't leave our usual 22 percent!!
"one of the best"
Reviewed on Jul 22, 2011 by kmdisney506
Rating: 10  
we decided to try this restaurant after hearing all its good reviews, and we were not let down. the food was absolutely amazing! the server was so kind and helpful, and i never had to ask to get a refill of my drink. i had the lomein and it was some of the best that i have ever had.the egg rolls were delicious as well as the wonton soup! i would definitely go back to this restaurant in a heart beat!
"A good place to eat"
Reviewed on Jan 12, 2010 by SusanRoss
Rating: 10  
The food is good, but the portions are a little on the small side.
"Great Service"
Reviewed on Dec 20, 2009 by stefan74
Rating: 8  
Me, Mom, sister and nephew (14) all ate here for our first time. Our server, Ivan M., was very helpful, upbeat and the nicest CM we had ever encountered! I let Guest Services know as well as his manager.

Everyone in the pary liked the food, with the exception of my 14-year old nephew. He did not like the way the steak tasted. He liked everything else.

We were on the regular dining plan and the rest of us loved our entrees and everyone loved their desserts.
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2008 by bears163
Rating: 10  
ate at lunch time....perfect service....very nice person....talked to the kids....great food....will eat there again for sure
"Food was good, service was bad"
Reviewed on Sep 07, 2008 by jadecarlo
Rating: 5  
The food was very good, including the appetizers. The service was very slow. It took longer than 15 minutes to get our appetizers, then our food came right on its heels. Our server was chit chatting to every table and not taking orders we were done with our meal before she came back and even asked if we needed refills on our drinks. The food was good just beware the bad/slow service. I may think twice on returning.
"We loved Yak and Yeti..."
Reviewed on Jul 09, 2008 by lisaweems
Rating: 10  
My husband and my parents and I tried Y&Y for the first time last February. I think because we weren't expecting much, we ended up being so pleasantly surprised. The service, food, and atmosphere were wonderful, and that's difficult to do. Our server was a pleasure to interact with, and she was very timely. My parents aren't big fans of Asian food in general, plus they're vegetarians, so I was really hoping they would find something they would enjoy. Well, they did. In fact, we all had the Shrimp LoMein, and we found it to be delicious. The ingredients were extremely fresh, and the flavors really blended well together. We also tried the Cherry Limeade and loved it. The perfect end to the meal was the Mango Pie. It was truly wonderful. It was satisfying and rich without being too heavy. We all said it was one of our best meals that trip, and we can't wait to go back next February!
"Great atmosphere and food"
Reviewed on Jun 23, 2008 by dizniz6
Rating: 10  
We are so glad that we chose to eat at this restaurant. I had the ribs and my mom had the steak and shrimp and both were delicious. This was definitely one of our favorite dinners in WDW. The detail and decorations are also very well done. We will definitely be going back next time.
"Fabulous theming but mediocre food and overpriced"
Reviewed on May 07, 2008 by luckyme
Rating: 6  
March 2008
I'm sad to say I was disappointed with The Yak and Yeti - especially since we had so been looking forward to dining there.
The atmosphere is exotic and certainly worth the visit but the food was just okay.

The server was very pleasant but overworked. It took 35 minutes to get our meals (from the time we ordered) and we had to ask for the ketsup (for my daughter) 3 times. When the food arrived - my husband's was cold.

I love chicken lomein and expected the same yellowy fine noodles that I get when I order it at home. Instead the noodles looked like spaghetti noodles. They were overcooked and kind of "sloppy." The mixture contained very small bits of chicken with carrots, bean sprouts, green onion, cabbage and lots of cilantro. It was strange eating Asian spaghetti with chopsticks.

My husband, Al, had sweet and sour pork over rice. As I mentioned - it wasn't hot and we were amused to find an intact paper bar code label on one of the veggies.

Emily had a small cheeseburger (hence - the ketsup.) What can you say about a cheeseburger?

Lunch for 2 adults and 1 child was $70.00 with no alcohol, no dessert and only 1 shared appetizer (4 potstickers on a plate.)

Next time we'll go back to The Flame Tree Barbeque and dine alfresco - which we've always loved.
"Surprisingly delicious!"
Reviewed on Apr 27, 2008 by MADIZFAN
Rating: 10  
After reading lots of mediocre reviews, I was leery to try the Yak and Yeti. Our family of 5 gave it a try, and it was one of our favorite meals during our stay! We had the lettuce cups and steamed mussels for apps, both were fabulous!! Then we had the beef and broccoli, jasmine rice and lo mein for meals. It was great! DS(7) devoured the beef and broccoli and the lo mein was equally as good. We also got the fried wontons for dessert which were to die for!! I highly recommend this restaurant, the atmosphere was nice, and it was quite uncrowded the night we were there. Loved it! No complaints.
"Delicious and unique"
Reviewed on Feb 17, 2008 by Lostgurl
Rating: 9  
My family does not enjoy any kind of chineese food, but this was the best meal we've had in Disney
"Excellent...Don't miss it."
Reviewed on Jan 23, 2008 by droraback
Rating: 9  
Some of the best meals I’ve had in Disney World, especially outside of Epcot & the Resorts. The restaurant is impeccably themed and the food is simply scrumptious. Ate there twice the first week of January. The second time, we had slower service than the first time. I'm sure it will only get better.
"Very Good"
Reviewed on Jan 21, 2008 by kdbianchini
Rating: 9  
Very good! The egg rolls were the best. We didn't care for the fried rice. Service was very good also. I would recommend this restaurant.
"Skip the Yak and Yeti"
Reviewed on Jan 21, 2008 by Master Yoda
Rating: 2  
The pros- The restaurant itself is beautiful, the staff was up to Disney standards and the presentation was very good.

The cons- Bad food and incredibly high prices (even for Disney).

The food was fair at best. It was no better then an average Chinese take out and is some cases the food was not up to par even with that. Everything was bland beyond words or incredibly overpowered with one particular flavor. I started with the seared ahi tuna and save for the pepper on it it had no flavor whatsoever. For my entree I had the pho ( Lemon grass scented broth, poached shrimp, rice noodles, traditional Vietnamese garnishes) which should have a hint of a lemon taste and smell to the broth. It tasted like the broth was 100% lemon juice.

Lunch for a party of 7 (6 adults 1 child) with no alcohol and 3 appetizers was well over $200 before tip.

Yak and Yeti is definitely added to my very short "skip" list.
"Very good meal and nice decor"
Reviewed on Dec 31, 2007 by docbank
Rating: 9  
My family ate at the Yak and Yeti during Christmas week '07. The food was well above par for the typical Disney dining restaurant (outside of Epcot and the resorts' signature restaurants). The appetizers and entrees we ordered were well prepared and the presentation was excellent. For appetizers, we had the Lettuce Cups (minced chicken breast, chopped vegetables, maple tamarind sauce, crisp lettuce cups) and the Dim Sum Basket (Pork pot stickers, shrimp siu mai, cha su bao, and pork sie mai steamed on a banana leaf, soy lime dipping sauce), both very tasty and could be eaten as an entree due to size of portions.

For our entrees, my shrimp and steak was delicious as was my daughter's ribs and my wife's Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad. Since we were on the dining plan, we got the Fried Wontons and Mango Pie for dessert...great flavor!

The meal exceeded my expectations. We will definitely eat there again, but not on the dining plan since we just cannot eat the portions that we were given. The three of us could have easily split one appetizer, two entrees and of course the fried wontons.
"YAK & YETI Makes Our List of FAVORITE New Places to Eat at WDW!"
Reviewed on Dec 26, 2007 by BRER STITCH
Rating: 10  

I was VERY pleasantly surprised by our meals at Yak & Yeti when we were there! They were honestly the BEST meals we ate all week - and we had the Dining Plan and ate EVERYWHERE!

When we checked in at POP Century, the CM told us Y&Y had just started taking reservations that morning and asked us if we wanted to try it. We dropped Spoodles and added Y&Y. Boy were we ever glad we did!!!

As it was new, we chatted with other diners and the service staff quite a bit to get a feel for how things wree going, and all was positive!

Size and quality of the portions were great and we left there feeling it was our favorite meal of the week! So many different offerings! We want to go back and try them all!

I can personally recommend everything we tried, which was:

Lettuce Cups - minced chicken breast, chopped vegetables, maple tamarind sauce, crisp lettuce cups $10.99

Dim Sum Basket - Pork pot stickers, shrimp siu mai, cha su bao, and pork sie mai steamed on a banana leaf, soy lime dipping sauce $12.99

Main Courses:
Shaoxing Steak and Shrimp - skirt steak, tempura-battered shrimp, jasmine rice, stir-fried vegetables, chili plum dipping sauce $22.99

Crispy Honey Chicken - tempura chicken, broccoli, carrots, honey sauce $15.99

Fried Wontons - Skewers of fresh pineapple and cream cheese wontons, vanilla ice cream, honey vanilla drizzle $7.99

Mango Pie - shortbread cookie crust, fresh whipped cream, raspberry sauce $6.99

ALL of it was truly delicious!

Truth be told, we said next time we would go back and get the Lettuce Cups for an entree so we could eat more Fried Wontons and Mango Pie desserts!! They were AWESOME!

I obviously say give it a try! It's something different, and we found it a very welcome change that will be one of our regular stops on future trips! We're glad we got to try it while it was new and unknown by most visitors, becasue once word gets out about how good the food is, it's going to be tough to get into this new venue!

Reviewed on Dec 13, 2007 by drc304
Rating: 4  
Since there is no Yak & Yeti (counter service) section I will post my review here. The menu is kidn of limited but has the basics. I had the honey chicken and it was just ok. It came in a typical chinese food takeout box over a bed of white rice and some broccoli. Some of the chicken tasted a little funny but overall the taste was alright. The rice was standard and the veggies were a little overcooked. The chicken basically seems to be just like fried chicken nuggets with honey sauce on them. I know that is basically what it is suppossed to be but if you actually order this you will see what I am talking about.
"Yak & Yeti Restaurant"
Reviewed on Nov 23, 2007 by Nana birdie
Rating: 8  
We ate lunch there yesterday (Nov.21). We got there at 11 a.m. and asked for a reservation for noon. I also asked to sit upstairs on the portico - awesome view. There is a lot of "ambiance" upstairs - downstairs too. Our waiter was very attentive. He transferred from the other Landry restaurant and he hopes to open the T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney next year. He did a good job. I had I had a Yak Attack drink - frozen. It is their signature drink - very good ($7.50). My husband had a glass of Beringer white wine. They have kids drinks in a special cups but the cups haven't come in yet so our grandson got the regular plastic Disney cup. My husband ordered the shrimp tempura - Wow! Beautiful presentation and it was good. My grandson ate all of it. My poor husband left hungry. I ordered the chicken breast - very moist, tender. I enjoyed it. My grandson had the kid's cheeseburger meal. He requested french fries - they were skinny and very tasty. They did not take our Disney Dining Card but I could use my cast ID to get 20% off. Yes, we will go back next week when my brother is here. Lot of people don't know about it so we had no trouble getting in. By the time we left it was packed but everywhere else to eat was worse. The line for Tusker House was unreal. We have reservations for that next week also. One of the Landry people told me they will start taking reservations by phone the 14th of Dec. Now you have to walk up to their podium at 11 to make same day reservations. Enjoy - another nice place to eat in the Disney Parks.
"Counter Service offered also"
Reviewed on Nov 20, 2007 by Judy in TX
Rating: 6  
I ate at the counter service side of Yak and Yeti on 11/15. The meu is limited: Sweet and Sour Pork, Shrimp Lo Mein, a beef dish and a chicken dish. There are several sides you can add. I ordered a side of chicken fried rice and the pork egg rolls. They were adequate. The only sauces they had were the standard small packages you find at any other oriental restaurant. A draw back was the limited seating. I was there on a slow week and people were waiting for tables. I don't know where people will sit during the upcoming peak season.
"Good experience"
Reviewed on Nov 16, 2007 by sjnichol
Rating: 8  
Ate at Yak and Yeti on opening day 11/14. Food was good and pricing was a bit high for the type of dishes available (16.00 for beef with broccoli), but in line with other Disney table service meals. We went in at about 12:10pm and they told us to come back at 12:40. When we returned at about 12:35 and our table was ready.
I would recommend thay everyone give it a try.
"Excellent Food, Outstanding Decor"
Reviewed on Nov 15, 2007 by TomorrowlandTyler
Rating: 10  
I had the Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad for lunch and it was delicious! it had a good texture and amazing flavor.
The decor was also very impressive. Be sure to ask to sit on the second floor in the veranda room. Its the one with the big glass windows that overlook Asia. I sat at table 109 and the table to request with the "best" view is 106.
Yak and Yeti
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