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"Kids place"
Reviewed on Apr 09, 2014 by cathy
Rating: 10  
Kids place for good food. YOU don't need a TABLE. 2 hour wait usually for dinner. We sat at the bar and our 2 girls loved it. The T-Rex is impressive. It's very similar to Rainforest Café.
"amazing atmosphere, cold food"
Reviewed on Dec 10, 2012 by JMagicFink
Rating: 5  
I love the dinosaurs and the decor in this place! The aquariums are some of the best around. The french onion soup and the tomato soup are absolutely delicious. However, during this visit I got a slightly warm burger and cold french fries. We were in a hurry to see some more stores in Downtown Disney before catching our plane out of Orlando, so I didn't make a fuss. However, my wife didn't like the seasoning on her fries and they weren't hot either. The service was extremely slow so we found ourselves looking for our waitress a lot. We got to see the asteroid attack thing at least three times. The child at the table next to us got so scared that she took her food outside and ate with her mom while her dad finished his meal inside at the table. We ate at this location back in 2010 and enjoyed it. This time we did not really enjoy ourselves nearly as much. Seems like it is hit or miss. We may or may not try again.
"Great Food, Great Atmosphere"
Reviewed on Nov 25, 2012 by PUSH
Rating: 10  
T-Rex is one of my favorite restaurants on Walt Disney World property. The service is spectacular. Their burgers are the best I have ever tasted, and it's more than enough to fill you up! Their fries are also delicious, much better than the generic ones you will find at other places. The atmosphere is great, especially the ice cave. Overall this is one of the best places to eat at Disney World.
"Welcome to Jurassic time."
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by Real mad hatter
Rating: 7  
We knew this wouldn't be fine dining but were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food.Yes it's loud,but hey! Who wants to whisper when there's dino's flying overhead.From the surf & turf to my DS New York strip to my giant T-Bone,all superb.Then there's our cocktails,well that's another story.Did I fly back on a terra dactyl.Great food,great fun. :)
"Food is incredible and environment is amazing!"
Reviewed on Feb 16, 2011 by 
Rating: 10  
I went to the T-Rex Cafe with some of my friends the month it opened. I knew it would be amazing when I heard it was owned by Landry's, the same company that owns the Rainforest Cafe and the Aquarium Restaraunt. What shocked me was the quality of the food. While I love the environments of the other Landry's restaraunts, I have always been disappointed by the food. T-Rex was a whole new world in that realm. The food and drinks are delicious, particularly the mammoth musrhoom pasta!
We also took our son there for his 4th and 5th birthdays. He loves being around all the dinosaurs and the meteor shower that happens every 20 minutes! We even went to the Build-a-Dino workshop (owned by Build-a-Bear) and made dinosaurs for him and his sister.
If you're at Downtown Disney, this restaraunt is a MUST, even if you don't have children! The food alone is worth it!
Reviewed on May 09, 2010 by RAIDER
Rating: 8  
The portions are enormous and i would recommend the pork shank it was excellent ... Enjoyed the theming,but this is not a place to go if you want to have a conversation as its very loud when the dinosaurs do there thing
"The T-Rex Cafe is T-Rrific!"
Reviewed on Feb 05, 2010 by montie329
Rating: 9  
We were at Disney last May and ate at the T-Rex Cafe. My son, who just turned 7 and loves dinosaurs, absolutely loved it! We went earlier than our reservation so we could look around the gift shop, which has anything you could even want that has to do with dinosaurs. Of course, he had to do the build-a-dino workshop (like build-a-bear), which suprised me because he doesn't like stuffed animals very much. But he got a purple T-Rex.

The T-Rex at the hostess stand is awesome. We asked to sit in the herbivores section, which was pretty cool. My son hardly talked thru the entire experience because he was so busy looking at all the dinosaurs and waiting for the meteor shower that happened every 20 minutes. The food was expensive but pretty good - last time I checked, they had discount coupons on their website (www.trexcafe.com) for $10.00 off. My son liked it so much, we went back the next day for lunch before heading home (no reservation necessary - we sat at the bar under the octopus). My only complaint is that the desserts are made for 4 or more people. Since it is just the 2 of us, I couldn't justify paying for it.

I would say this is a million times better than Rainforest Cafe, especially if you have kids who love dinosaurs. Expensive but worth it if you are there on vacation. My son loved this just as much as the magic kingdom! Remember to make a reservation early - we called 3 days in advance and couldn't get in on a Sat. night until 9pm (for 2 people). Late, but it was worth it!
"A Must!"
Reviewed on Jan 12, 2010 by SusanRoss
Rating: 10  
Has a fantastic atmosphere like Rainforest Cafe. good food espically the Triassic Tortellini, I get it everytime. and the Apple Cotton Tini's are sooo Good as well. a little pricey but so worth it.
Reviewed on Aug 07, 2009 by tsingleton4
Rating: 9  
We have always loved Rain Forest but T-Rex is on a whole new level. We went to the T-Rex on our latest trip for my nephew's 6th Birthday. He loved it! The decore is fabulous! The Ice room really feels cold. My 2 year old was a little frightened though. (just a warning for those with little ones) The food is great too.
"excellent theme with excellent food"
Reviewed on May 28, 2009 by 
Rating: 9  
I've always been a fan of the rainforest cafe but t-rex absolutely blows it away. I was there in December and my whole family loved it. Very big and diverse menu that has something for everyone. I will definately be going back on my next trip in september =)
"Excellent "
Reviewed on May 22, 2009 by 2Siamese
Rating: 9  
The T-rex was a delightful suprise.

They do not take reservations at all and depending on the time of yr and time of day the waits for a table would vary, but our group of 6 went around 8pm on May 18/09 and waited less then 15mins (just enough time to get our daughters build-a-dino in the gift shop).

The themeing, the food and the service were all excellent, everyone in our party enjoyed their food.

The only trivial negative i could think of would be:

1. It is a VERY noisey and busy place, so don't go if your wanting a relaxing chance for some conversation (but we were not expecting it to be so it was not a problem for our group)

So if you are wanting a FUN place to eat, with very good food I would highly recommend the T-Rex.

Oh and don't forget to wander around the place and explore. Everyone does it and even the Bathrooms are interesting :)
"Loved TRex"
Reviewed on May 22, 2009 by disneynut4u
Rating: 10  
We had an early dinner at T-Rex. We LOVED it!!! The dinosaur animatronics were fun. Every few minutes they had a meteor shower on the ceiling. It was just a fun atmosphere.

2 of us split the Rib & Chicken combo. My sister had the lasagne, my son had the chicken fried steak. Everyone said their food was great. My sister got a pina colada "cotton-tini". They brought out a martini glass with a "scoop" of cotton candy. They had a shaker of the mixed drink and poured it over the cotton candy. It just disintegrated! That was a REALLY GOOD drink!!

We decided to splurge on the big dessert. It's big enough for 4 people. They brought it out on a square platter. On each corner was a big scoop of ice cream topped with whipped cream. In between each scoop was a 2-layer piece of chocolate cake. There was a caramel filling with crushed Butterfingers. In the center was a shaker with (apparently) dry ice to make a fog overflow onto the platter. This was wonderful!!!

Highly recommend this restaurant.
"Thought it was great"
Reviewed on Jan 09, 2009 by pacochran
Rating: 8  
We ate there last month. We thought the atmosphere was great a lot better than Rainforest. The food was good. Our only complaint was it seemed the servers were a little mixed up, at first didn't know who our server was (didn't affect timing) and then other tables meals were first brought to ours. Thought it was a little pricey, but kind of expect that with Disney or touristy area.
"Dinner on 1/2/09 & 1/5/09"
Reviewed on Jan 08, 2009 by 
Rating: 10  
So nice we did it twice!

I will be the first one to tell you that I feel used and sort of 'unclean' every time I eat at Rainforest....quality is down and prices are sky high.

I wanted to build dinosaurs with my 4 and 6 year old sons and I was willing to suffer a night in this restaurant to complete the experience....I was pleasantly surprised.

I'm pretty sure the menu is quite similar to Rainforest ..perhaps some different names.

The first night my 18 year old son(who also managed to get a box with a dino in it complete with caveman outfit)and my husband both scarfed down boneyard buffets with complete joy on their faces, I had ordered a Omnivore Salad and onion soup...they brought me the wrong salad(something with chicken and chopped egg) but I ate it anyway since I'm not that fussy and it was good the onion soup didn't have a lot of depth to it's flavor but I understand that they need to make it so it is palatable to the majority. The little ones had a pizza and chicken nuggets and both plates were clean by time we left.

The second night we invited my BIL and his family to join us as well as a family friend and it was just as good. They placed us in a large booth that faced the iced cave and bar and the meteor shower was much better from here than on out previous visit sitting just past the Octopus bar. Our server this night was AWESOME...I was mad at hubby when I found out he didn't add on to the 18% automatic gratuity. Over the course of 2 visits we spent more than $500 and I have no regrets.
"Unpleasant experience @ T-Rex"
Reviewed on Nov 30, 2008 by csiegel
Rating: 1  

I undestand that this is a new and busy restaurant at Disney, but without a doubt usually Disney goes to a great exent to serve quality and perfection for fulfilling people's dreams!
This was not the case last night 11/29/08; here is what I ordered Mahi-Mahi tacos' (Tribal Taco's), water, and a glass of cabernet wine.
To start off no one cleaned to table at the bar...it was vial and sticky. I asked to have it cleaned and the waitress said she would. I ordered my meal, wine and water.
The bar area seemed understaffed, and the floor area was not clean. I did not have to wait too long for my glass of wine, shortly there after my water came. I did not taiste it, due to the fact it was really there to wash down dinner after I finished my wine & food.
My dinner came, and the appearance was fine, but the Tribal Taco's did not have all the items that the menu had stated - no sour cream and avocado. Also, the dish only taisted like salt, no fish flavor, and the portion was very small in each taco.
Finally, I finished my meal & wine, then went to wash it all down with the water. Oh my, tolet water would hewv taisted better. It was minerally, bitter, and smelled bad! So, when the waitress asked if everything was OK - I told her about these issues and she stated that others had complained before me and that she has told management. But, she made no offer to make it right - this is usually Disneys first move - to gain satisfaction, or make it right!

Charles Siegel
"Fun for First-timers and Kids"
Reviewed on Oct 21, 2008 by GrannyJill2
Rating: 6  
We've had a T-Rex Cafe open for over a year now, and the first time we went, it was fun for all. The atmosphere was chaotic but the grandkids LOVED it. We were placed in the Extinction Room where the noise level was almost painful, and conversation was impossible. The next time we went, we asked for the Ice Room. Much better.

Food was comparable to Applebee's or Chili's. Apps included chicken (Pterodactyl)wings, mozzerella sticks, and quesadillas (T-Rexadillas on the menu). Usual complement of salads, sandwiches, two soups, pizza, pasta dishes, burgers, and some seafood. Desserts were cheesecake, donut holes or chocolate cake. Portions were generous, so splitting entrees is a good idea.

I think if you view the restaurant as entertainment, you will not be disappointed.
"A pleasant surprise"
Reviewed on Oct 16, 2008 by RWilliams
Rating: 7  
My husband and I decided to give T-Rex a try on their second day of operation. It was very busy, we had to wait over an hour for a table for two. We were expecting a long wait so we weren't too bothered by it.

The restaurant is very well done and the service was very good. They did a great job with the theming. I wouldn't call the dinosaurs animatronics, just moving figures. They aren't Disney caliber, but they would cost millions each if they were and that's just not practical, so I can't fault them for that.

T-Rex is divided into different themed rooms. I don't know the names for all of them but there is: the Shark bar- with a giant octopus and very cool aquariums. The fire room, the ice cavern, the sequoia room, and the fern room. My favorite was the ice cavern because're completely surrounded by "ice" and cool lighting effects. The room changes color and really looks icy.

The restaurant is very loud and I wouldn't recommend it for very small children, children who don't like loud noises, or who are easily scared. I heard quite a few screaming little ones. But overall I think kids would LOVE T-Rex. Every 20 minutes or so, like at Rain Forest, there is what I would describe as a storm. It gets very dark and even louder. The dinosaurs all go crazy and the lighting changes color rapidly. It's not a place where you can carry on pleasant dinner conversation very easily.

I went in to T-Rex with low expectations for the food, but I was pleasantly surprised. The food was simple, not gourmet by any means (why would you expect gourmet food in a place with giant dinosaurs?) but good. The portions are HUGE! I would recommend splitting your main course. I had the panini, it was a bit on the dry side and I was expecting it to be grilled but it was a cold sandwich. It was good though and I would have it again. We were too full for dessert but probably would have skipped it anyway- the dessert menu consists of only 3 uninspired desserts. Overall I'd say that T-Rex is better than the Rainforest Cafe and a MUCH better choice than Planet Hollywood especially for families. I think its a great addition to Downtown Disney!
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