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Disney's Polynesian Resort
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"Not as good as I remember"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2012 by MSands1
Rating: 6  
I saw this show when I was very young. From what I remember, it was a blast. This time, not so much.

First the food. The food was definitely good. No complaints there. Plus, they will give you as much as you can eat. The dessert was alright at best.

Now, onto the show. The plot of the show was lame at best. The first two acts both began right as food was being served. Everyone was knee deep in their food, and the "actors" kept looking for crowd participation. Through most of the show, none of the crowd was into it. Plus, over-friendly elderly host got fairly annoying by the end, even for Disney.

The traditional dances were all very good, as expected, and were, unfortunately, the only good part of the show. The Samoan dancer with the fire batons was very impressive. He was the only one to get a response out of the crown, and he deserved it.

All in all, dissapointing. I felt bad for the dancers because unfortunately they all had to participate in the silly plot. I think they were trying to tie some love story into it, honestly I'm not sure. No crowd participation. Annoying host. Don't take this as an angry reviewer, because I really wanted to have fun, but I was just dissapointed.
"You are CRAZY to Miss IT!"
Reviewed on Jun 14, 2011 by IRTSTARS
Rating: 10  
Service 10
Show 10, 10, 10!
FOOD 10,000

By far the best food of any of my dining experiences, fun unlimited for the entire family and what service!

DO IT, you will only be sorry you didn't do it sooner!
"Spirit of Aloha April 2007"
Reviewed on Jul 02, 2007 by GeminiAngel
Rating: 10  
Awesome! Just like a traditional Luau! My 5yr old daughter could not stop dancing thru-out the entire show! Food was fantastic! Service was great. I've read lots of bad reviews, I really do not know how anyone can not like this show. The different island dances were done perfectly! To really enjoy this show I recomend Tier 1, and check in early. You are seated in the tier you paid for, according to your check in time. We were front row center. I could understand not having a good time in tier 3, or in the back half of tier 2.

Afterwards you're let out on the beach. We went to the early show so the sunset was beautiful! We hung around at the Poly, had drinks and then watched the Water Parade. Perfect evening.
"Sprit of Aloha"
Reviewed on Jan 04, 2005 by GregsMom
Rating: Not rated  
We went to this show in February 2004, and you should be aware that on a cool night you will be FREEZING! The food is OK but nothing to rave about. The first two segments of the show are about equal to a high school musical production. The third segment of the show, which features the various authentic dances, is really great. They could dispense with the first two segments and just use this part.

Young kids will probably be bored by this, especially if they are tired from a long day in the parks. My 6-year old only wanted to go back to the hotel to go to sleep.
"Fantastic Third Act!"
Reviewed on Aug 27, 2004 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
The Luau show takes place in three 20-30 minutes acts: Overact, Interact, and Re-enact.

The first act, set against the sparse set, introduces the “characters” in straight dramatic fashion. This part has little singing or dancing and is mostly painful dialogue with a dash of overacting thrown in for good measure.

The second act is not really an act per se, but an elaborate photo opp. A chance for the audience to interact with the performers. Groups of people in the crowd are encouraged to participate on stage, and it makes for good pictures.

The third act is where the real performance takes place. The extremely talented dancers re-enact Polynesian dances in spectacular fashion. Highly entertaining. This act alone is worth the price of admission.

As for my kids, the 4-year old slept through the entire show, the 6-year old was mesmerized, and the 8-year old was somewhat bored. The adults were very impressed with the third act and mildly amused by the first two.

Before, during, and between acts you are served authentic (and delicious!) Polynesian food. The chicken and rice are particularly tasty. The volcano desserts were also a favorite of our table’s.
Spirit of Aloha
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