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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village
Reader rating Reader rating 9.3 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 9.3  
"Great food and service"
Reviewed on Sep 08, 2013 by Annie G
Rating: 10  
We ordered the Indian-style bread service appetizer with all 9 dips/flavors and all was spectacular! We even ordered more bread to finish the dips. Chicken and bison slow cooked was delicious! So tender and flavorful. Tandoori lamb was a huge tasty portion that can easily be shared. Tandoori shrimp was slightly spicy yet very flavorful. The view of the animals made it so exciting and fun!
"Still got it"
Reviewed on Nov 12, 2012 by ptaylor
Rating: 9  
It has been a year or so since I have been to Sanaa, and happy to report that everything is still good at this hidden gem. I started with the bread service, which is always a great opener to the meal. Next up was the black grouper, served with a light curry broth and seasonal vegetables. It was nice and light, ideal for a lunch. Well seasoned, and nicely cooked. For dessert I went with the Carrot Cake, which was a perfect light sweet ending. The dining room was nice and quiet, a great place for some conversation. The views outside were great, with giraffe, cranes, zebras and more roaming around. Highly recommended!
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by Real mad hatter
Rating: 10  
If you go down to Sanaa today,your in for a big surprise.This is one hidden gem I hope remains hidden,we chanced our luck for a walk up table for lunch,and loved the food.From the Indian breads to chutneys,and the tandoori selection.If you love your "Ruby Murray" and need a pick me up,then look no futher.:)
Reviewed on Jul 27, 2010 by tampabrad
Rating: 10  
Had dinner Thursday July 22. Beautiful Place, Great service, amazing food.

Before we ordered, our server explained the menu and let us know that most of the spice is toned down for American tastes, but the chef could spice it up if we wanted. I chose to have the chef prepare my food how he thought it should be done. It did have a kick, but nothing painful.

We started with the bread service. 3 breads available and 6 dips and you would choose 3. We ordered the Red Chile Sambal, Coriander Chutney, and Mango Chutney. It was so good, I told the server I could easily drink a glass of the Coriander.

Appatizers were the mustard scallops and tomato soup. Scallops were perfectly cooked and just the right amount of spice to still taste the scallop. 3 large scallops on the plate.

For dinner my parter had the lamb which he said couldn't be better and was perfectly cooked. I had the Slow Cooked ShortRibs and Shrimp with Green Curry with the Pilaf. The short Ribs were melt in your mouth.

Amazing place and one of my new favorites.
Reviewed on Jul 26, 2010 by Birdflu
Rating: 10  
absolutely amazing.. a must for vegetarian visitors. The food is delicious, the drinks are great, and the scenery is terrific. It may very well be even better than Boma...
"Sanaa for a first timer"
Reviewed on May 19, 2010 by greebomusic
Rating: 9  
Just recently returned from a trip to the World. I know in the past I and a few others asked about Sanaa so, I thought I'd share my "review".

It was our last night and we were celebrating my wife's birthday and college graduation. At 180 days I let her choose where to make our ADR (we only made one for the trip and cooked in most every night). Since our home resort is Kidani and this was our first time staying there, she chose Sanaa.

My wife does not eat red meat and can only have whole grain breads. My son is a typical 6yo (mac & cheese, chicken nuggets and pizza) and I'll try anything once.

I started out with the watermelon, lime and radish salad. While it looked so wrong the combination sounded so right. I loved it! Sweet, sour and a bit of salty heat. I was the only one that wanted a salad.

Main courses: I had the Beef Short Ribs and Shrimp with Green Curry Sauce. The ribs? I have never had meat so tender in my life, and the gravey was perfect. Now I'm not a curry guy... to be honest, it's the smell not the taste. I know that the heat is way down from what our British friends are use to but this may have changed my mind entirely. Green Curry ROCKS! And the Basmati rice was great too. I had the suggested Truchard Cabernet Franc with the meal and it was a near perfect match.

My wife had the Tandoori Chicken and claimed it was the best she ever had. She had one of the cocktails that I don't remember what it was called but tasted like ginger ale with an adult twist.

My son had the flat bread cheese pizza and ate it all. That's a good review from a 6yo.

I was a bit nervous when placing my ADR, but now I can honestly say that we'll be back many times in the future. The food, atmosphere and our server (Ronald) were some of the best we've ever experienced.
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2010 by lukacseven
Rating: 8  
Great atmosphere and decor. Service was very accomodating. Items were a little overpriced, but mix of flavors was somewhat unique and worked well together.
"An great new favorite."
Reviewed on Dec 10, 2009 by JCtheparrothead
Rating: 9  
Let me start out by staying Sanaa is not for everyone. Not because the service or food is bad (it is quite the opposite) but the spices that this restaurant uses are not something you will find every day and may not suit everyones pallet.

Now for the good stuff.

This restaurant was a diamond in the rough this year and i almost didn't go because early reviews were sketchy. The food here was great. I was able to try the bread and salad sampler and I must say that i knew that I was in for a treat when I started with this. Be careful with the bread sauces though there are several that are very spicy but your waiter should tell you which are which. I was able to try 3 of the entree's for lunch lamb keftka, the beef ribs and tandori shrimp sampler, and the angus chuck burger. They were all phenomenal and the biggest surprise was the angus burger. They served it open face with some micro greens with a wonderfully spiced filled mayo....mmmmmmm. I also tried the Chai pudding and Sanna's version of Strawberry shortcake. Both were amazing and made me want to come back for more.

The final piece that made this restaurant so great was the view. The only place to compare it to is the Coral Reef in EPCOT. The restaurant has huge windows that are on level with the Savannah. The animals virtually was up to the window and when they don't you have a great view of them from where you are. Make sure you ask for a savannah view seat when you go, you wont be disappointed.
"Excellent Dining"
Reviewed on Oct 26, 2009 by Bellagio
Rating: 10  

Overall, the dining at Sanaa was top-notch. In more detail:

- Reception: Excellent staff, very friendly and welcoming.

- Food: For appetizer, i had the 'Potato and Pea Samosas'. Serving size was about right, well presented and very tasty without being over-spiced.

For Main, I had the Tandoori Chicken wrapped in Naan Bread. This was absolutely delicious. The chicken was melt in the mouth, and the yogurt really balanced the flavour.

For Dessert, i gambled and had the Chai Cream. This was also a lovely choice, again not too heavy and tasted lovely.

- Restuarant: Lovely restuarant with a very good view outside, plenty of giraffes roaming around outside. Inside was very calm, not too busy.

- Restrooms: These deserve a mention, since they are well themed and very clean, with the restauarant music piped over the speakers.

Overall: 10/10
"WOW!!! Just WOW!!!!"
Reviewed on Oct 06, 2009 by GlenAngl
Rating: 10  
In between Blizzard Beach & Animal Kingdom, we made a stop to try the new restaurant.

And we weren't disappointed.

Start off with the Bread Service. We chose the Chile Simbal, Cucumber Raita, & Coriander Chutney. All were tasty and especially the Chile Simbal.

For the entree, I chose the Tandoor Chicken and the bf had the Red Curry w/ Chicken and Green Curry w/ Shrimp. The entrees were good but not as good as the Bread Service.

Plus you get to see the animals from your seat roaming the Savannah.

Great place!!!
"A great new addition! "
Reviewed on Aug 07, 2009 by tiggerific418
Rating: 8  
I loved Sanaa. It is a little confusing at first because the food is very Indian and it is in an African themed environment. However, the food is great. The menu is unique because most of it consists of mix and match type items. This menu style really lets you customize your meal though. The Indian bread service is a must and worth every penny.

People who have even the slightest interest in Indian food need to try this restaurant.
"They can still do it!"
Reviewed on Aug 01, 2009 by RWilliams
Rating: 9  
After looking at the Sanna menu I had pretty much written it off as something I wouldn't like. I had no intention of ever going there but they were offering a great discount for cast members for lunch so I figured we'd give it a try. I am VERY glad we did!

We had the bread appetizer, you have a choice of 3 breads and 3 dips/spreads. We choose the Naan, Roti, and Paneer Paratha along with the roasted red pepper hummus (excellent!!!!), the Tamarind Chutney (fabulous!) and the Mango Chutney (very light and fresh!)

For the main course we chose the chicken in red curry sauce and the beef short ribs with basmati rice. I've never had curry before so I don't have anything to compare them to, but they were very good. The beef short ribs were my favorite, they tasted like they were in a tamarind bbq sauce and were fork tender. The rice was perfectly cooked as well not dry or sticky. My only minor complaint is that the portion was much too big. I'd love to see a smaller lunch portion, maybe a choice of one meat rather than two for half the price. It was a lot of food, in the future I think I would split the main entree with my husband.

For dessert we split the Cardamon butter cake, here is where I wish I had my own and didn't have to share. It's a very unique dessert comprised of fingers of cake that are dense and almost more cookie-like (but not crunchy) with an almond flavor. It's served with orange slices and a very tasty saffron sauce and cream. It was a nice change of pace and very fresh and light tasting.

The service was very good and the view of the Kidani Village savana was really nice.

Sanna is a testiment to the fact that Disney can still do dining right. I would definately go back and hope to soon! It would be great if we could continue to see such unique and quality dining establishments from Disney in the future.
"Great new addition to the African inspired dining of the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resorts"
Reviewed on Aug 01, 2009 by ptaylor
Rating: 9  
Sanaa is a very nice addition to the more exotic side of WDW dining. Following in the style of Boma and Jiko, Sanaa delivers something unique and very different to what you can find elsewhere.

I had the Indian Bread Service, the slow cooked Chicken and Beef Short Ribs, and Butter Cake for dessert.

Starting with the bread, this was really an excellent starter. So good in fact, I could see myself heading to Sanaa specifically for that course. The choice of breads was excellent, all were very fresh, and the accompaniaments were just right.

The entree was deceptive. When it arrived, it didnt seem very big, but the portion size proved to be big enough! I didnt manage to eat everything. The rice was very well cooked, and the beef so tender it flaked, no knife required!

The dessert was one of my favorites. Very unique, different, and great tasting. It even featured a SANAA stencil on the plate. Presentation was 10 out of 10.

Service was very good, right from the reception, through to the seating and service.

The restaurant wasn't anywhere near as crowded as Boma, so may be a good choice for those looking for something a bit quiter.

Before I finish this review, I have to mention the view. The dining room overlooks the savannah, and it's very neat to have glimpses of Giraffe and Ostrich as you eat. The large windows mean that the view isnt restricted to just those tables by the windows.

Overall I'd very much recommend Sanna. For those who like Boma and Jiko, this is a must do.
"Wonderful and adventourus"
Reviewed on Jun 17, 2009 by 
Rating: 10  
We ate at Sanaa (pronounced sa-NAH) on June 11, 2009 and had the following courses, which shared (and were encouraged to by our waiter):

Sampler for Two - Potato and Pea Samosa, Pulled Duck with Red Curry Sauce, Roasted Cauliflower

Breads: Naan, Roti, Paneer Paratha
Accompaniments: Cucumber Raita, Garlic-Ginger Pickle, Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus

Mustard Seed Crusted Scallops: with a coconut cream

Slow Cooked in Gravy, Simple and Well Seasoned: Chicken with Red Curry Sauce and Shrimp with Green Curry Sauce

First off, the Sampler for Two. The potato and pea samosa was pretty standard and safe. It was a light pastry filled with potato and pea. Good but obviously the safe appetizer for the timid. While the menu I pulled up online has the Pulled Duck with Red Curry Sauce, we were presented with a Pulled Pork with some sort of sauce. It was delicious but unmemorable. The roasted cauliflower was a favorite and didn’t taste like cauliflower at all. It came with a strained tomato sauce that was mildly spiced.

We chose 3 breads at random as we are not real big on the differences and 3 different accompaniments. The cucumber raita was a yogurt based cucumber sauce similar to what you would find in greek restaurants. The hummus was our safe choice in the other two were gross. Nothing to really write home about. It’s pretty hard to screw up mashed peas. The Garlic-Ginger Pickle was unlike anything I have had before and has to be tried. It is not for the faint of heart. It is very spicy and tart. It is such a unique experience I have a hard time putting it in a frame of reference.

The scallops were great. The coconut cream brings out a nuttiness in the mustard seed and scallops.

The two curry dishes were excellent, with the chicken and red curry being the safe choice. The pilaf was some what bland compared to the other dishes.

Overall it was a phenomenal experience not to be missed.
"Overall - A win"
Reviewed on May 31, 2009 by scorp111
Rating: 8  
We ate there just a few days after it opened. Everyone enjoyed their meal, and the atmosphere was nice as well. The portions were actually smaller than many Disney restaurants, but it was nice to actually have room for dessert!

Overall, I would put it in the top 1/2 of the 10 table service restaurants that we ate in on our last trip.
"OMG so good!"
Reviewed on May 30, 2009 by NiarrNDisney
Rating: 10  
I wanted to try something new an different and this place gave me both. The food was DELICIOUS, service was top notch, the views and atmosphere were amazing
If you are adventurous or you like African/Indian food I think you will love this place and will find it to be a new favorite.
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